ABC cancels Roseanne yet keeps The View and Jimmy Kimmel. Let's not even go through the infractions from those shows and how long it took for the host of either show to apologize. All I will say is play fair with the race card. #Roseanne #ValerieJarrett #RaceCard
Word to liberal white people stop telling black people how black should feel.
If liberal white people were concerned about black people and their feelings they would stop giving Al Sharpton and BLM a platform and realize we don't all listen to Snoop Dog or have rap in our music library or are unable to get an ID card. Nor do we think all police are bad.
And black people can and do obey laws so we don't need special laws created for us because we don't understand that smoking pot or selling it is against the law.
And NeNe Leaks of Real Housewives isn't representative of all black's even if she has a place in the African Museum in DC. PS: While some blacks like watermelon & chicken (so do white, red, brown & yellow people), we also like caviar & steak. Just thought I'd put that out there.
We must keep it real. Stop making black people the victim when we know some of you are hiding a gun behind your back. We sit and read all day the nasty remarks against President Trump and family. It's simply WRONG!
As for @RobertIger saying it was the "right thing" to cancel the show, I ask right thing for whom? Right think for crying liberals? or His buddy Obama's friend Valerie? If he want's to do something right for blacks hire more blacks.
Keeping it 100% real.
I guess #Disney will now require all shows to take sensitivity classes created by Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Snoop Dog. Did I mention blacks should be excluded and get free coffee from #Starbucks? Oh, the insanity! #StarbucksEffect
Ok, all I am saying, perhaps Roseanne's tweet went too far because now #ValerieJarrett will be dragged out on every liberal show like a hurt puppy to tell her story and promote more Obama liberal agenda.
Now mark my word Jimmy Acosta or April Ryan will burn the midnight oil tonight and be prepared to ask Sarah Sanders if President Trump will denounce Roseanne Barr. What the hell does a denunciation have to do with politics? Nothing but liberals will take it there.
#FakenewsCNN (with that giggly Cooper kid) and others on the left will spend hours dissecting this story 6 ways to Sunday. Aargh...
Wanda Sykes was looking for a way to leave the Roseanne show and this was it. She was not taking the higher grounds as she wants it to seem. #WandaSykes
A point of clarity...I don't know what Roseanne meant nor her intentions with the Valerie Jarret tweet. That said I do not think she was referring to "all" black people being seeds of apes. This is the typical waiving of the race card to say she was referring to call blacks.
I am not an ape so I did not read Roseanne's tweet as such. Was the tweet in bad taste "perhaps". I say perhaps because I don't get comedy and making fun of people or saying the joke is on you. I'm not a huge fan of raw comedy or comedy.
Continuing on comedy. Perhaps it should be censored, with rules as to who can say what and what is or isn't funny. If it goes too far we just all agree it was said for the sake of comedy or laughs. A no-win situation.
I am more concerned with the negative lyrics in rap music that many people bop their heads to and repeat. In rap music, the lyrics make generalizations of "all blacks". Some rap music bolsters stereotypes and people believe it's real.
I still remember when liberals celebrated Roseanne when she sang the National Anthem in 1990 and spat on the ground. Now she is a Trump supporter they hate her. SMH.
Once the dust settles a black comedian will make the same comparison (or even worst) about Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama at a black comedy club and the rood will come down with laughter. I just don't get comedy.

• • •

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