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I have written a short book called DIRTY RUBLES: AN INTRODUCTION TO TRUMP/RUSSIA, released today.

It’s a #TrumpRussia primer, similar in tone to my summary threads on here. I hope that it will be a useful resource.


Writing a book about Trump/Russia is like jumping off a moving train.

Trump is a locomotive, hurtling down the tracks, spewing filth a mile a minute.

Instinctively we try and keep up.

But it’s necessary sometimes to stop, look around, and take stock of the situation.
#DirtyRubles is my attempt to do just that. It is a short book that presents an OVERVIEW of Trump/Russia.

Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just a primer.
It is designed for people who've not been following the story closely, so they can be brought up to speed. But #DirtyRubles is also a handy review, for those of us who HAVE been following the Trump/Russia saga, and thus know the difference between Sergei Lavrov & Sergei Gorkov
(#DirtyRubles is also a great gift for the #MAGA devotee in your life, who will need an overview when he realizes his Emperor is buck-naked & hung like a gerbil).
You can listen to me read the first chapter of #DirtyRubles here:…
Here’s a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of #DirtyRubles:
1/ Introduction
In which I present my bona fides, such as they are, and explain the purpose of the #DirtyRubles book. We reflect on the impossibly long odds of a Trump victory.
2/ The Russia Lie
We discuss Trump’s use of the “Big Lie” strategy so eloquently explained by Hitler in Mein Kompf. We present a litany of his lies about Russia. We discuss the 7 most important Trump/Russia meetings. #DirtyRubles
3/ Conspiracy Against the United States: A Plot Summary
What is “Trump/Russia”? We quickly break down the crime, the criminals & their motives. We finger the troika of most important villains of the story: Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn & Jared Kushner. #DirtyRubles
4/ Boy Wonder Meets the Count: The Turning of Jared Kushner
In which I put on my novelist hat and tell the story from Jared Kushner’s POV. How he went from young, wealthy New York royalty to Kremlin asset. #DirtyRubles
5/ Sexts, Lies & Videotape: October Surprises
How in God’s name did the Access Hollywood tape not end Trump’s presidency? Because of the Comey letter. Why did Comey do such a thing? We explain. #DirtyRubles
6/ The Brainy Don vs. the Not-so-Brainy Don
This is a chapter about the Russian mob, which is more like SPECTRE than Goodfellas. These are NOT people we want to cozy up to. We also delve into Trump’s mob ties. #DirtyRubles
7/ The Fourth Estate Craps the Bed
The MSM failed bigly, especially the NYT on 31 Oct 2016. We discuss this failure, its causes and consequences. We talk Steele. We laud brave journalist heroes like @NatashaBertrand, @DavidCorn, @20Committee & @LouiseMensch. #DirtyRubles
8/ Lame Ducks & Pink Slips: #ObamaFail and #ComeyFail
We all now love Comey and have imbued Obama w/almost mythological goodness. But we have to be true: both of these great men screwed up royally. Bonus: our election take. #DirtyRubles
9/ Witch Hunt: Collaborators Gonna Collaborate
Trump has tweeted that phrase over THREE DOZEN times. We name his collaborators in his administration, in Congress, in the media. We finger the @GOP, @SpeakerRyan & @DevinNunes. #DirtyRubles
10/ Known Unknowns
How to end such a book in May of 2018? We rattle off the things we know we don't know yet but will eventually know (i.e., Junior’s indictment, Mike Pence’s role, results of Midterms). We end with hope! #DirtyRubles
I hope that you will buy and read #DirtyRubles, and more importantly, share it.

Thank you, as always, for your generous support.…


• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
Let’s talk about the House of Kavanaugh—specifically, the hefty mortgage on said house.

1/ In 2006, Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh bought a house for $1.22m. They put $245k down, a number that does not appear on his financial disclosures of 2005, which show net worth of $91k.
2/ The mortgage payments ($4600/mo.) alone were more than what Brett Kavanaugh took home in 2006 after taxes. His wife did not add enough to the mix to make up the difference.
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Oct 3, 2018
In light of the epic (in every sense of the word) NYT story on Trump's tax fraud, let's have a quick review of all the legal troubles these traitors are now in:

1/ PAUL MANAFORT, Trump’s campaign chair (May-Aug 2016): found guilty on eight counts, pleaded guilty on a bunch more as part of a plea deal in which he must cooperate with Mueller. Met w/Mueller this week, in fact.
2/ MIKE FLYNN, deputy chair of Trump Transition Team, natsec adviser: pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Awaiting sentencing. Will one day get out of prison. Will always be an ugly, ugly man.
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Oct 3, 2018
Pleased to announce a slate of #DirtyRubles Trump/Russia events, on three of the next five Sundays:
The event in Madison, my hometown, is taking place at an undisclosed secret location [insert Dick Cheney joke here]. If you'd like to come, you need to RSVP:…

cc: @reallymdp @Post_Truth_Era @CodyStumpo
The Woodstock event is at one of my favorite bookstores in all the world, The Golden Notebook @we_love_books.

Last time I was there, I bought FANTASYLAND by @KBAndersen, one of the best books I've read in recent memory.
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Oct 1, 2018
Let's talk about the Putin/Alt-Right/GOP propaganda machine—the REAL Devil's Triangle—as it relates to Brett #Kavanaugh:

1/ This cozy little messaging arrangement, which operates happily in the dark most of the time, is now being exposed because of the fatally flawed candidate Donald Trump has nominated to the Supreme Court.
2/ The problem with Kavanaugh is manifold: first, that he had six-figure credit card debts paid off by creditors whose identity we still don’t know; second, that he lied during his initial testimony...
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Sep 22, 2018
Things might feel a bit bleak. Kavanaugh might be in, Rosenstein might be out, and both would be horrible outcomes for democracy.

So let’s put things into perspective.

1/ The Kavanaugh fight is not over. Even if he gets CONFIRMED, the fight is not over. He stands credibly accused of sexual assault, and he owes lots and lots of money to…we don’t know who.

There’s also this business of HIS (maybe) stolen emails:
2/ Dr. Ford will likely appear before Congress…and the GOP may bring in outside counsel (note spelling) because THERE ARE NO WOMEN REPUBLICANS ON THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. This is HORRIBLE optics. It will cost them in November. Bigly.
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Sep 17, 2018
Let’s talk about #Kavanaugh. This is why he should not be confirmed. And it has nothing to do with his political beliefs.

1/ #Kavanaugh was not on the list of judges given to Trump by Judicial Watch, but he was tapped anyway. This was after Trump said he’d “study” (hahaha) judicial positions on various things—namely whether or not a POTUS can be indicted.
2/ When @ChuckGrassley says he didn't know about Christine Blasey Ford, he may well be telling the truth. The letter from those 65 women was likely produced ahead of time to defend #Kavanaugh against a DIFFERENT accuser(s) we don't yet know about.
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