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In #Aries, there is a spark of identity, that manifests as "I am," seeking to manifest the Self.
In #Taurus, the spark congeals in matter. As that spark congeals in matter, it can identify w/ the matter
... to become "I am that." However, eventually the spark wants more.
…and yet wants to dissociate from "I am that," to reflect on "that," to play w/ "that," to challenge "that"…
and THAT is #Gemini. #Gemini becomes the spark and the reflection of the spark. The twins represent the moment of one become two.
#Gemini is one of my favorite signs because it is the perhaps the 2nd most maligned sign of the Zodiac after my own, #Scorpio.
However, I think the malignment w/ #Gemini is more interesting & funnier. People lose the capacity to talk correctly.
#ExhibitA: when ppl want to talk about #Gemini, "two-faceded" ain't too far behind for many.
I always hear that "slur" when it comes to #Gemini. I've come to hate it. Not only cuz it's a slur, but it's horrible grammar.
Gracious is the #Gemini who corrects. "It's two-faced, and no, I'm not."
Anyway, the 1 that becomes 2 can be reflected in so many polarities of myth that I can't compose an extensive enough list for #Gemini.
But I like positioning #Gemini as the risk-taking dynamic between the heart & mind, w/o privileging either one.
This is hard for most people, cuz they always want to take a stance w/ 1 or the other, & #Gemini just refuses to do so.
People will often lead with a treacly sentimentalism of the #heart, which #Gemini challenges cuz it wants to know...for real
That's also the interesting & frustrating aspect of #Gemini pursuits. They may not know what they want to know.
This is where the heart comes in, cuz their heart tells them that there is something to know & their mind burns for it
But the mind will never believe that wholly. The mind only trusts the heart so much before it decides that it has to move on.
& it's not just the refusal to take a particular stance that bothers most ppl abt. It is also the speed at which #Gemini
...arrives at conclusions. So that confuses ppl. "You were here yesterday, but now you're over here! Two-faceded!"
Well, here's what #Gemini may not take the time to say, whether you'd be willing to listen or not.
"I reasoned that you were heading toward a dead-end. As much as I like you, I didn't want to..."
"...end up w/ the short end of the stick. & you're not that loyal of a friend anyway as your constant gossip w/ me illustrates."
Of course, ppl will get tight & say that Gemini gossip too. But pay very close attention to how a Gemini talks. Always.
What appears random may not be purposeful, but don't think there isn't a purpose or a logic at work.
Many Geminis can talk abt a lot of stuff, but it's most important to pay attention to what they DON'T TALK about.
For example, you may have gossiped w/ a #Gemini & told them all your bizness. They seem to do the same. Until you realize something…
…you don't know anything abt their personal life. You don't know anything about their position on issues.
They may have offered different opinions that they've heard from other people, but not divulged their own. #reportage
Remember, it's rare for #Gemini to let you see their mind & heart at the same time. You'll see one or the other. Not both, often.
So people feel played w/o realizing that these children of #Mercury didn't play you. You played yourself.
#Gemini reserves the right to change the mind that you haven't really made up for yourself yet.
#Gemini only plays the game you play between your own heart and mind, but just much faster and more frequently.
And admittedly it's fun for them to keep you guessing. I mean, why are you taking yourself sooo seriously?
Of course, there's a hazard. Sometimes that dynamic btwn the heart & mind leads one to get hurt. Or both. Or you.
#Gemini does have to be careful of cruelty, cuz the mind could lose sight of the heart to pursue all things interesting.
The dawning of my understanding of #Gemini came from a 4 year old girl 1 Thanksgiving, when the transiting Sun was opposite to hers.
She came up to me & smiled. I smiled back. She stroked my arm as if she were petting it, then suddenly she pinched it hard.
...and she didn't stop. (And I didn't stop her.) She kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" while pinching. I was fascinated.
Her mom snapped at her & she stopped. I'm sure we both looked crazy. But I got what I was sensing. I got #Gemini.
What that little girl taught me (by pinching) was that she was sorry, but she was curious abt my reaction to the pinching.
She had to know what pinching was about, what boundaries were about. But she did feel sorry for me. #Gemini
Ppl always think that curiosity has to be polite. Ultimately, I think it does have to be considerate, but not always polite.
What a #Gemini will learn thru their relentless curiosity is what becomes foundationally important & valuable to THEM, not you necessarily. Then… out if you hit upon that fundamental thing, because then you're likely stepping into hot water with a #Gemini
I was once irreverently joking abt religion w/ a #Gemini. I mean we were blasting everybody. But mainly protestants.
Now that last fact, I hadn't realized. So I went to make a joke abt the Pope. Her whole face changed.
"Don't joke about the Holy See, Sam." I said, "Are you serious?" "I'm dead serious," she said. "He's the Holy Father."
I suppressed a laugh. I couldn't understand, cuz we had clowned nearly everybody. But that was a sacred cow for her.
That explains something abt Prince, a #Gemini, for ex. Ppl can't understand how such a once raunchy man was so religious.
That's because once a #Gemini finds something that's holy, it is inviolate. And they will fight you in a tree about it.
& there will be no debate about it. It's just what's true for them. Everything else can be debated but that.
That's important to realize abt #Gemini cuz somehow ppl think they're w/o scruples or morals. FLAT OUT LIE!
In fact, #Geminis will often have very high minded principles & morals. Just not necessarily based like yours.
Let me give you an example I loved to share when I was a technology trainer.
The man we should all thank for these interwebs, twitter, etc. is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a #Gemini.
Berners-Lee came up w/ the http protocol & www cuz he envisioned a world much like an encyclopedia to share info along…
...a common platform. He saw the web as a "mosaic" to share "random" links that build community. It was his passion.
Early on, Berners-Lee didn't make a dime off the world wide web, as others were cashing in. He did it for the love of an idea.
Now, he's sitting pretty w/ a posh job at MIT & several monied awards from around the world. But he did it as an inquiry 1st.
Some of these high minded ideals can become self-righteous too, enter #Geminis Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani & Newt Gingrich
This leads to not keeping your principles as highly regarded as you think. More like running your mouth for the hell of it.
This is crucial to understand abt #Gemini that's baffling to more #Earth bound souls. They do it for the interest or curiosity…
...not necessarily for net result or gain of it, usually. (That's personally baffling to me, but I get it.)
And as the first emanation of #Mercury, #Gemini loves the idea of dialogue & how something is like or dislike another.
Mythologically, #Gemini represents 2 brothers--one immortal & powerful, the other mortal & crafty:
What's interesting abt the thought process of #Gemini, beyond what I've elaborated, is how they must bounce between 2 poles.
#Geminis often NEED a distraction as they think. Something that keeps them moving btwn the poles.
It's as if they need a perpendicular construction to arrive at a point.
It's an axis around which their world turns. Of course, this may lead to some drama every now and again.
Example: TV's #House played by #Gemini Hugh Laurie keeps a team 2 bounce ideas. He also usually has some emotional drama or distraction as he works on a mental problem. Bouncing between the two leads to something original.
Funny thing abt #House is that the show's based on Sherlock #Holmes, who was created by #Gemini Arthur Conan Doyle
When a #Gemini says something interesting, let them unpack it. It could mean everything or absolutely nothing at all.
This drives the rest of us crazy as we're expecting something big or clear. For #Gemini it's merely a placeholder.
If I say something is interesting, it's a polite way of telling you that I don't have a polite way to say that was some BS.
But, again, that may not be true for the #Gemini influenced. It could be how your eye flickered light as you said something.
That's why people always want to pin down #Gemini Kanye West or would try with Prince. #GoodLuckWithThat
As #Gemini Walt Whitman said,"Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"
Or as #Gemini Zach Quinto says as Spock in "Into Darkness" when asked if he's giving attitude…
"I am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously sir, to which one are you referring?" That #GeminiLife
#Gemini = moment in your consciousness that allows for dimensional thinking, like a pyramid has 4 sides, 360 degrees, 3 pts
But if you're focused on just 1 facet of a person w/o holding space simultaneously for other parts of them, you'll have problems.
As a "child" of Mercury, #Gemini teaches us how to appreciate the very facets of each other, even at the same time.
There's something sexy about that too as the enduring sex appeal of some famous #Geminis attest like JFK, Marilyn Monroe,
Pam Grier, Nikki Giovanni, Naomi Campbell, Miles Davis, Neil Patrick Harris, Lenny Kravitz, Venus Williams, Paul McCartney, Russell Brand
Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Josephine Baker, Peter Dinklage (yes from Game of Thrones), Liam Neeson, Cornel West, Andre 3000
I often think abt the dualism of #Gemini when I think abt Biggie & Tupac, once brothers of a kind, both sons of Mercury.
I could go on, but you get the idea. A good word for #Gemini is protean. But that doesn't mean that whatever goes.
Although #Geminis can be quite intellectual, they often can show a lot of heart & compassion despite reason or self-interest.
This doesn't get said enough. In fact, I've had more #Geminis shed tears in my chair than Cancers, Scorpios or Pisceans.
There's a lot more I'd also like to say abt this dynamic & multi-talented sign, but we have to get on with the rest of the day.
If you're interested in personalized info abt your chart, please consider booking a consultation at
I recommend getting a 60 min. consultation if it's your 1st time. For that, I'm offering special for #GEMINI season: $35 off your 1st session. Use the coupon ASTROINTRO when you book the session.
or a report from here, with a FREE chartwheel:
I also have more thoughts on astrology at
Also follow me at @sfreynolds for more about #GEMINI astrology, etc. Or @unlockastrology for astrology ONLY.
Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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