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After realizing that there is much to learn before we understand what exactly their super evil plans for us are, I feel like I need to compile a few thoughts from he science realm... This may help us get a better idea about DNA manipulation and 5G implications...
Let's take a quick look at what DNA, as well as RNA, in this cute #Science video by the Amoeba Sisters on the UuuTube ; )

I want to take a second to reflect on the shape. . . This symbol has been around for quite some time. . . Did the ancients know about DNA?? or was there something else that they observed worthy of noting?? We won't get too deep into that, but note the shape Plasma currents...
This Double Helix shape is actually an electrical phenomena... Earth is linked to the sun via these Birkeland currents... Yes, space is Electric... Obviously, Tesla was right!! The science is still being suppressed today.. yes it is a conspiracy.. Rich people ARE greedy... okay!?
Hopping back to DNA, which we see has an electrical structure... We also should note that so-called "junk" DNA is actually switches that can be useful in certain instances... They are there for a reason, and may help explain why so much of our DNA is similar to other animals...
Here's an interesting twist!! Stepping into the "quantum" realm, it appears that DNA is conscious!? Hmm... That term Bio Energy reminds me of what some call "the Chi"!!

Speaking of Consciousness, DNA and humans, there has been some rather interesting work done by a few scientists... We are made up of quite a bit of water, which also has some interesting "conscious" properties...

Water plays a very key role in life... We were told to watch it!! Considering over 70% of our body is water, ask yourself a question... Do they really need to get high tech to alter who we are as humans?? ... or were we being subjected to changes for some time now??
Take a second to see the results of this Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with water... Now reflect on what kind of things we are subjected to in our everyday lives... especially in front of a television... How is that affecting us??

Having said all of the above, I think we're ready for some good old fashioned #RussianCollusion right about now!! Are we starting to see a common theme??

Another thing to keep in mind when we look at who (: or should I say "what!?" :) we are in the fact that we actually have more Bacteria cells in our body than our own... before you freak out :) We need them!! It's a symbiotic relationship, for the most part ; ) Let's get along!!
Here's a good article that gets deeper into the vital role bacteria play in our lives... We will hop back to DNA in a second, but try to understand that bacteria are vital to who we are!! We wouldn't be the same without them...

I mentioned, before, the term "Epigenetics" :) Here's a brief description from an article... I have to veer off in the next tweet again, but all is relevant...

How this video doesn't have 50 million views is beyond me... While I do feel like this full video is worth the watch, just to understand how corrupt the system is, the most relevant parts to this thread will be around the 5 minute mark...

Getting back to Epigenetics.., One of the big discussions has been about 5G technology... So, DNA can be altered through magnetic fields... recently, we
were given a taste of some "accidentally" declassified technology... I would say this is relevant!!

Noting the above crumbs, do you think there is a genuine concern over 5G technology?? Think about this... we are talking about tiny cancerous waves, that are easily absorbed by "plants and water" :( do you think humans should be included in that list?? We are72% water.. ):
Well, at least I'm not the only one concerned about the switch to 5G... Here's an interesting article that addresses some concerns for me... It appears as though there are some population control implications here... :(

If you are still skeptical of whether frequency can have effects on our body, may I suggest investigating Cymatics!! Rather fascinating, yet not surprising considering how powerful music can be ; )

One example of frequencies that we are subject to are of the cosmic nature!! Note, these fall outside our audible range, so the scale is shifted for our listening pleasure!! These frequencies do play a role in who we are!! p.s. Saturn is creepy!! 😱

The story that goes with this is too long for this thread, so I'll jump back to music for a second and remind everyone about how important frequencies are... Let's take a look at the history behind the 440Htz music scale for a second...

Just to help visualize the difference between 432Hz and 440, here's a simple experiment that let's you see the crisp harmony of 432 vs. a less cohesive 440... Imagine what happens to that 72% water inside us...

Jumping back to who we are as humans, here's a quick look our Bio Energy!! This is what it means to be "alive"!! Also, note the striking similarities between our brain cells and the structure of the Universe!! Uh oh... are we about to get deep again?? :)

Hmmm.. More experiments that seem to redefine what we think of as reality... Are plants psychic?? Do we have these capabilities, too?? Is this really something that belongs in the quantum realm, or do our thoughts emit frequencies others can pick up on??

While on the subject of the way too deep, I'm going to leave this here, because it appears that this science of consciousness has been suppressed before... This is a long one, and it jumps around a bit, just like me, but several things worthy of noting!!

I will return to add more, but I'm going to pause for a second to reflect on something:)
If the Collective Conscious does indeed exist, and we all have the ability to tap into it, why do we need the Internet of Things??
Is someone benefiting by hiding our own abilities from us??
Huge shot out to the Electric Universe who just so happened to chime in at random with this gem for our list of DNA knowledge!! You know who you are ; )

DNA is a Fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields!! :)

The universe has a funny way of revealing itself... So, I feel like we need to jump back into outer space, since the conversation came up... I think we have a few unanswered questions, still... Our water is older than our sun!? That's interesting... 🤔

I wonder how water is formed?? Well one way, it appears, is during the death of certain stars!! This is cool, considering we are made up of large portions of water!! In essence, we are children of the stars!!

Why am I so curious about the water, you ask?? Well, we a few more head-scratchers to address... So, science says that this site must be 10,000 years old because the sea-level was much lower... What the heck happened that dumped over 100 feet of water depth to the OCEANS!? 🤨
Now, we have a few myths around the world that may just give us a clue. . . Not just in the Bible... The flood has been documented world wide... What I wanna know is what could have caused such an event?? Have we forgotten completely?? or is there clues??

Well, looking around, I do indeed see a few clues... We may have to keep an open mind for this next part... but it is indeed very relevant to who we are as a collective... Considering Saturn is Moloch, among many other names, we may want to pay attention to this part...
This may help me explain... Just a fair warning, the last 12 minutes of this video, is just music, but this is one of the better videos I have watched on the subject... While this may seem far fetched at first, it is a better explanation than most...

So these myths may actually provide more clues than we think... Why would they say Saturn devoured his children?? This reminds me of our sun's fate... As it cools, it expands.., and may even "swallow" the Earth... The question, I have, if the sun is cooler, are we doomed??
We're getting into the too-far-to-go-back-now realm :) Why do I think that the Earth was swallowed by a sun before?? Well, our young sun has a polar flip every 11 years.. Earth however, is 230,000 years over due... If a star is losing energy, would the flip occur less often??
Did the polar flips occur under different cosmic conditions?? Let's look at some other mysteries, too:) Dinosaurs roamed for about 165 million years... within the life-span of a red giant, btw... What could have caused Earth's gravity to be weaker?? Was Abe telling the truth??
Is this relevant?? Maybe... maybe not... I'm not sure what to think... but I will say that we are clearly missing a few pieces in the "official" report... and yes, this may just be a part of who we are!! I think I should have put this Q-crumb at the top to warn everyone... 🙂🙃
So maybe I'm crazy for thinking that Saturn was our sun... Then again... looking around, there is a lot of reference to this planet in myths, pop culture, corporate logos, religious practices and so on... I'm sure there just coincidence tho...

There have been several people who have started to piece together this mysterious puzzle.. We are governed by a system that has caused a great disconnect to who we are as a people.. but a story does emerge.. perhaps it is encoded in our collective thoughts if we choose to recall.
Maybe the story is remembered in the very water that makes us up?? There seems to be more to this whole Collective Conscious. . . There is a lot of information on this video worthy of sharing!! Watch the Water!!

• • •

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