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@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #abcnews #TheDrum #qanda #mediawatch #Russia #RNBreakfast
Will #4corners present James Clapper as credible? He supported bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war.
Is trusting Clapper a lazy way of showing contempt for Trump?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar #4corners #Russia
'Mainstream liberals who despise Trump and yearn to drive him from office hold up Clapper as a man of unquestioned authority, integrity and patriotism — but no such qualities are available these days.'…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar Will #4corners be presenting James Clapper as trustworthy, s'one with a world view of value (despite Iraq) because
he mocks Trump and
...he charmed journalists on his visit to Oz last year?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael
Malcolm Fraser told @OksanaBoyko_RT "US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it's in their DNA".
What's there to choose from among US elite? Likely he'd agree with Helen Keller.
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT Will #4corners be thought-provoking? #Trump #Russia
In 2014, on #RussiaToday Malcolm Fraser gave thought to big questions. If only he could have a say on #4corners
Do EU +NATO's adversarial policies toward Russia benefit world? US?…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT US award-winning investigative journalist the late Robert Parry wasn't a #Trump apologist, but a journalist who was challenging, thought-provoking. Courageous.
Can #4corners explore questions he raised?
#Russia #Israel #journalism…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT @Jonathan_K_Cook Trust #4corners will present POV of those who believe improved US / Russia relations will benefit world and who ask for 'due diligence' from MSM, not hysteria.

Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991...…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT @Jonathan_K_Cook #4corners
J.Matlock, former US ambassador to Russia, 'I did not personally vote for Trump, but I consider the charges that Russian actions interfered in the election, or—for that matter—damaged the quality of our democracy ludicrous, pathetic, and shameful.'
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT @Jonathan_K_Cook #4corners #Russia #Trump
Prof Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies, 'ritualistic charge that Russian “meddling” in the 2016 American presidential election... is not only preposterous but dangerous warmongering.'…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT @Jonathan_K_Cook #4corners
Former CIA analyst, 'If you are wondering why so little is heard (in US) these days of accusations that #Russia hacked into the U.S. election in 2016, it could be because those charges could not withstand close scrutiny.'…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @OksanaBoyko_RT @Jonathan_K_Cook @gavmorris
Jan 2017: US award-winning investigative journalist, the late Robert Parry wrote - in an article on Trump+ the Russian prostitute story - of the dangers posed when U.S. intelligence community is politicised.…
@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @gavmorris @TheOliverStone @MsLindaLopresti @Mudithadias @jc_cummins @phbarratt @toddsampsonOz #4corners
@CraigMurrayOrg - a former British ambassador - raises questions about Christopher Steele's reports. #Russia #Trump

(BTW David Tennant played Craig Murray in this radio play… )

@neighbour_s @4corners @FergusonNews @abcnews @KeriPhillips3 @PhillipAdams_1 @GeraldineDoogue @RNBreakfast @zdaniel @LisaMillar @eleanorhall1 @bairdjulia @LindaMottram @rfidler @CathcartMichael @gavmorris @TheOliverStone @MsLindaLopresti @Mudithadias @jc_cummins @phbarratt @toddsampsonOz @CraigMurrayOrg #4corners #auspol
Prof Stephen Cohen challenges us.
"..US policy has not only generated a new Cold War, it’s made us unsafe. #Russia is in my judgement America’s essential security partner, no matter who sits in the Kremlin."

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