545-#Naomi is certainly very cozy with the #Rothschild family. She seems to know David, Nat, James, & even Lord Jacob de Rothschild himself.
For somebody whose job is to look pretty and walk catwalks, she certainly seems well connected. Why would that be? 🤔
546-What about the #Bronfmans,? We'll get to that when we get to the charities part of it all. So, just for the fun of it, let's look at some other interesting friends of #NaomiCampbell
There is R. Tisci, pals with #Abramovic 👇
547-She definitely knows the #ObamaFamily because they have cozy little gatherings at 10 #DowningStreet. This is where the #UK prime minister lives, just so you know.
Definitely knows #EltonJohns & what is more,goes to 'Elton John AIDS Foundation' parties
547-She obviously knows photographer/sexual predator Terry Richardson, because she has done a number of photoshoots with him.
She definitely knows @HillaryClinton & @BillClinton because she attends 'Clinton Global Initiative' galas.
548-How about friends with #Oprah & #HarveyWeinstein? 👇
Or John Legend & Chrissy Teigen from #Elysium pedophile network?

What about pedophile #KevinSpacey?
Not convinced?
549-Not convinced?
Friends with David Geffen too 👇
You know who else she is also friends with? Richard #Branson
What would the odds be that she, too, visits #NeckerIsland and/or #MosquitoIsland both own by Richard Branson? 🤔
550-So let's look at Miss #Campbell's charitable work. Cos you bet your ass she does 'charity work' too.
She has been involved with 'Save the Children' in #Syria What are the odds?
Forgot to mention she is also friends Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan.
Aren't we well connected?
551-She is also spokesperson of 'fashion for relief'. Because anybody in dire need knows deep down all you really need is pretty girls wearing pretty walks on a catwalk. They also focus on 'equality'. #MeToo much? 🤦‍♀️
There is, of course, the 'blood diamond' foundation
I mean
552- I mean the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund 👇
She also attends the "amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research"
Wait, isn't that the money laundering charity with #HarveyWeinstein on the presidential board?

Here is where she gets cozy with the #Bronfmans
553-She is also a champion of the 'white ribbon alliance for safe motherhood'; which, with the exception of #England & #Sweden, operate in the usual #shithole countries.
But she teams up for 'world aids day' with the guy behind #PlannedParenthood 🤔
554-Allegedly she founded 'We Love Brazil', a charity.
But there doesn't seem to be any records of this anywhere 🤔or maybe I haven't dug deep enough.
Can we take a moment to note that #Naomi, along with all the mofos from this post all donate to 'Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation'?
555-Which just so happens to be one of the biggest cons out there. Lots of money laundering done, doggy expenses and hardly anything to show for & until very recently, also involved with the #Clintons
But that's not all the fun that #Naomi has to show for herself
Two more things
556-All this is just a coincidence 👆
I mean, a pretty girl like her, sure she is all just well-intentioned & I am taking things out of context, right?
Except... there is 2 things:
1-What are the odds that she knows #Epstein & happens to be on the #LolitaExpress flight logs? 🤔
2-Do you know what is elso a coincidence? Naomi Campbell's religious preferences. She now has a fresh #eye on #Kababalah
And my, it is so fresh that her property in a Turkish island is just exactly an eye. But not any eye, but the #EyeOfHorus
558-How much more blatant can you get?
I thought it was a spoof when I first came across it, but it isn't.
Check here for full blueprints 👇


Coincidences folks, I am sure.
Nothing to see here
#Pizzagate is obviously #FakeNews 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

• • •

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Sep 11, 2018
1-Remember that one time when thermite was found as a residue in the colums and main structure of the towers?
Thermite is not hard to make at all. Really, One of the many weird jobs i had was overseeing/managing/i.e doing literally everything/ in 3 labs for a school
2-There are many ways of doing thermite, but the easiest way is to mix iron oxide (rust), aluminum powder, and a thin strip of magnesium. If you think that is 'hard to get', but any a chemistry set for children. Everything is there.
3-Many ways to do thermite.I racked my brains
3-at the time to figure how kerosene and aluminum would actually combined to make thermite. I am no chemistry genius, but the fact it, it was not possible at all.
4-The thermite was planted there along with the bombs to cause a demolition and go for a 'grand effect'
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Sep 9, 2018
9/11 is approaching...
It is one of those dates that we all remember where we were.
I remember. I am considering writing about it from my own recollection of that day, and what other info i come to learn since.
It was a great American tragedy. But the whole world saw &
2-& the whole world stood by you and mourn the lives of those who perished.
The world remembers the people that were lost and the people that were there to help.
3-We remember. We always will & stand in solidarity with you.
4-But we also remember those who for the sake of
5-Truth & honestly gave their lives in order to expose that, not matter what we were sold on it, the fake terrorism and the excuse to enlist youngsters to go to war; we remember that it was the #DeepState behind it all.
6-We remember it was planned by #CIA 7 #Bush & #Zion empire
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Sep 5, 2018
1-I keep hearing so much about this 'North Korea Liberation' ever since Trump visited Asia.
I would love to do an article about North Korea. But, since I cannot afford a trip (which I am guessing now I can travel to), I would like some first hand accounts from people there.
2-I am particularly interested on how it feels to NK ppl to have free access to internet and information without limitations.
3-I will also like to hear 1st hand accounts of all those 'dissident camps' that are no longer and experiences of the people being freed
4-I would like to know if they no longer have to pretend to worship Kim or if they can still get killed if they don't.
5-I imagine they are super excited about upcoming elections and democracy. So I would like to hear about that too.
6-And lastly, how does it feel for them to
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Sep 2, 2018
I am behind #pizzagate 100%. I know #HumanTrafficking happens and I know #Rape and #Torture also happens.
But can we please stop crucifying every single person that ever made a reference to #pizza or every company that has a #spiral on their logo?
2-Not everybody knows about those connections. & it doesn't mean everybody is complicit.
Guys, we need a little more solid evidence other than somebody just posting a picture of themselves on a night out with friends.
I am 100% behind #pizzagate. but at times, it gets ridiculous
3-That being said, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have pageants for kids that can't barely say their names? How the fuck is not this child abuse?
When I see stuff like this, this is actually what I see 👇Sexualized kids to please #pedophiles
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Aug 24, 2018
1-While you/me are off on a wild goose chase looking for the #KeyStone (#Q) that we all believe to be #SES, do you know about the other Keystone? The #Trump-#Abramovich keystone (Russian oligarch, not Marina).
No? I thought so.
Do you know what else you don't know?
2- Abramovich's links to pedophilia

3-Ray #Chandler being friends with Zhukova, aka Abramovich's wife.
4-Which just so happen to hang around the exact same parties as Ivanka #Trump

5- Zhukova also bffs with Ivanka


Zhukova, Ivanka, Rachel they all hang around at the same parties.
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Aug 21, 2018
how come we are spied on in every possible way (#5eyes, #InQTel & hundreds others) and everything is valid to you (& me), the average guy to court, to get conviction, to... fucking it, everything is legal.
But 'we have everything', except that everybody is
2- #MakingADeal because we need to collect evidence in 'whatever legal way'?
Are you fucking kidding me?
None of you have a problem with that?
3-More venting later...
4-That compound that 'we blew up', did Trump speak out against that? If yes, please link me to it. If not, why not? Aren't the 'white hats' in control now? Why are we hiding evidence?
5-And if there is no condemnation and no talk, doesn't that mean that:
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