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There's a one-sided standoff shaping up in Tucson, Arizona. A group called Veterans on Patrol, headed up by a guy who has never served in the military, found an abandoned homeless camp.
In a fit of Pizzagate-conspiracy-theory-level research, the group has announced that this was actual a super secret sex camp where countless little children have been tortured and killed.
When local cops took a look at the abandoned camp and shrugged, the non-veteran leader climbed a local tower and issued his demands for the govt to bring in cadaver dogs to look for dead kids or else he wouldn't come down from the tower. He came down that night.
This is the third time this guy has climbed a tower looking for attention. He did it in 2015: azcentral.com/story/news/loc…
So far, it's just a bunch of people, some militia demanding attention. The only reason this could actually turn into a standoff is because this is happening on privately-owned land and they are trespassing.
If the local PD is smart, they will ignore them and let boredom and the blazing hot Arizona summer sun do its thing.
The conspiracy theory floating around this abandoned camp involves George Soros, a cement company, a local mayor whose last names is (da da da) Rothschild, the QAnon hoax, secret underground tunnels, John McCain, rape trees, and so on.
The local police are not amused.
None of these facts, of course, matter to the conspiracy theory crowd, and some supporters have arrived in Tucson to help search for bodies and human trafficking tunnels. Like any good standoff, they posted a list of supplies needed,
Alas, no request for French Vanilla coffee creamer and snacks. Yet.
If you want to follow this farce in real time on twitter, the hashtag is #OperationBackyardBrawl
And 8chan can give you a taste of the conspiracy theories. 8ch.net/pol/res/116787…
This crowd has a really strange obsession with pedophilia and sexual slavery, Pizzagate is by far the most famous, but this one was my favorite: thedailybeast.com/nasa-denies-th…
I'm kind of bummed that Alex Jones deleted the Inforwars story on this subject before I had a chance to screengrab it.

HT to @SnarkyCop for sending me a link to the cached version of the article. webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache…
Interesting comment for a group that considers itself to be very pro-cop.
Craig Sawyer says he went to Tucson because he was told that VOP had found actual children in the "Child Sex Camp."
To give you an idea how fast this is growing, this live update was posted on Facebook two hours ago and already has 680,000 views.
ICE has now weighed in.
I'm reminded of a convo I had with Pizzagate aficionado. He could not see that a Comet Pizza restaurant review could mean anything other than proof that little children were being raped & tortured..

"Don't go there if you're looking for a quiet dinner. Too many screaming kids."
Update: The reason why the State Troopers went to the area where all this took place? Drivers on Highway I19 called in to say there were two men up on a billboard with ARs.

Arizonans have some experience with freeway shooters. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_f…
The source of this info was a livestream from earlier today where the leader of Veterans on Patrol went to the local police department seeking videos of the cadaver dog at the encampment and proof that the dog was trained in cadaver identification. facebook.com/14153479486121…
And perhaps the most important info of all, the police have already interviewed the people who built the camp and the lady and child who lived there.
The head of Veterans on Patrol is so convinced that the encampment was used to make child porn that he told his followers to start combing through child porn to find child rape happening in that particular setting. #felony
I'm pretty sure he's about to lose a bunch of followers, though. His new plan is to build a "safe corridor" so immigrants can come to the US from Mexico without being raped. He's then going to offer any victims sanctuary/protection from cops/ICE.
If this confuses you, keep in mind that Lewis does what he does because he has a very strong level of empathy with the victims he's trying to defend. It's the conspiracy theories that I'm mocking, not the man's efforts to locate and care for homeless veterans.
If he hadn't fallen in with /courted the Q crowd, I wouldn't have started this thread.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:

Arizona camp not connected to child #sextrafficking. Based on the Tucson Police Department’s investigation, “there is no indication this camp is being used for any type of criminal activity, including human trafficking.”
And here come the Oath Keepers, calling for armed guys to join the fray and, of course, asking for donations. They're calling it Operation Child Shield. oathkeepers.org/oath-keepers-c…
Local police have already investigated the site.
They need "Military Special Operations and reconnaissance veterans" to go to Tucson asap.
When you tap on the "Click Here" button for additional information, you get this:
I'm starting to feel really sorry for @Tucson_Police
And if this drags on, it's going to cost Tucson taxpayers a pretty penny.

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Yesterday, the non-veteran founder of Veterans on Patrol, Lewis Arthur, was criminally indicted on felony trespass charges for breaking into and going through a private cattle ranch residence in June.
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