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Mahesh Raut was a classmate in our Community Org&Development Practice(CODP) specialisation &we did fieldwork in Bikaner. Mahesh hd multiple personalities; a friendly chap in classroom, a jhola and naarebaazi activist on the street and what I came to know later-a naxal sympathiser
Mahesh had a politician's aura about him. He could just stand and deliver a speech anywhere. I thought he would become a yuva neta someday and uplift the naxal hit Gadchiroli district out of poverty and violence.
Instead in 2014 when he was a Prime Minister's Rural Dev Fellow(PMRDF) he was in news along with a junior from tiss, Harshali Potdar, who were both questioned when two arrested Naxals revealed that Raut and Potdar were to go and meet senior naxal leaders.
So this arrest in 2018 was waiting to happen for a long time. If in 2014 I was surprised at seeing his name flashed in newspapers, now in 2018 im no longer shocked.
If nothing, this fresh slew of arrests where academicians, lawyers and activists from urban areas are involved, gives more credence to the dangerous phenomenon of #UrbanNaxals.
Sometimes it can be a fine line between being an activist to later developing naxal sympathy to storing incriminating literature, engaging in violence and even planning to kill the country's PM. Ppl who come to study in top social sci institutions don't maybe come with this aim..
But in social sci institutions that use the western critical studies pedagogy that is mostly Marxist and critical theory based, the praxis i. e marriage of theory and practice is very imp. What it means is that you don't just discuss theory but also work on ground ...
The impressionable minds who are mostly awed by Marxist dogma( thankfully not me) then look for an outlet to express their idealism... this toxic theory+ideology + practice on ground is very potent and that's why u see such institutions, Ppl, alumni are at forefront as ....
...the major breaking India forces. They have the intellectual power, the intellectual support from their alma mater, their professors, media being leftist supports them, they have their alumni based outside who carry their activism and signature campaign outside.
It's not enough to only focus on the nation security threat aspect but carefully assess the problem of where and how these thoughts, ideas , money, support is coming from. Otherwise just like the many occasions whn these naxalites were let off& now arrested, cycle will continue
I might sound alarmist but somewhere very close to our homes and in our cities, in coffee shops , campuses, media rooms there is a concerted desperate effort at reigniting the flame of "revolution" by overthrowing the bjp govt in 2019. Things are going to get uglier
I sense a desperation with the erstwhile dynasty and the left establishment who are both wedded to each other and lived in a state of permanent status quo- a padmashri here, a history chair those soft velvety gloves are off so India total is shown to be boiling
The beauty of this so called revolutionary movement is that there is no one leader except may be their grandfather Marx and his ideology guiding them. You cannot pin point and blame one person or leader.Its nameless, it has multiple faces and has multiple attack points
What are their weapons?
1) narrative before facts-just manufacture the damn narrative and Twitter and media will take it forward
2) the media-wholly left bias
3) tell a lie 100 times and it's becomes the truth + amplify by relaying fake news to our foreign friends
4) keep the pot boiling- divide the establishment attention. When they solve one issue, create one at the other end
1) Addendum: not an expert of naxalism in India but while reading reports in newspapers, chanced upon the name 'Milind Teltumbde', a Maoist mastermind involved in the recent case. Surname sounded familiar, so checked online and found his brother Anand Teltumbde
2) so one thing led to another and I found a whole ecosystem involving politics, intellectual activism and Maoism and it's manifestations. Attqching a sort of flow chart I prepared.
3) Also do read this article by Anand Teltumbde in light of…

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Aug 11, 2018
We will convert u, ask u to eat beef, remove bindi, throw away mangalsutra, ur "pagan" Gods, give u cheap dip in nearest tank& claim u r re-born to new religion. After we throw away ur gods & ur tradition, we repackage ur earlier culture, tradition, music, ragas and gve it to 🙏
Oh & then ur own secular bretheren who claim they r "spiritual but nt religious" , "all religions are equal" will start hashtag campaign #carnaticmusicbelongstoall
And if U, the "bully, militant, communal, bigoted" Hindu try to save Carnatic music frm digestion, u knw the drill!
Wait some examples are in order

When i learnt my first Geetam, we started with a namaskaram to Ganesha via Sri Gananatha geetam.... but hey you can now get Yesugeetam, very easy just replace Ganesha with yesu
Amazingly easy!

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May 22, 2018
So you think only the so called religious minorities are against hindus? In the following tweets I give you some pointers that indicate that there is a well established covert cabal,a nexus if u will, that is actively seeking to undermine and subvert Hindu identity
When I was in Tiss, during conferences Church authorities from jharkhand and other tribal regions were invited to chair panel discussions and present papers during seminars. Have seen many nuns pursuing social work masters and even mphil here.
No one ever questioned motives of these people in a so called secular campus, no one questioned wht their org were doing in far going tribal regions. Instead they were called to peddle the same bonded me taught to us about how it was frm Christianity tht social wrk emerged
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May 21, 2018
#gennext & #bharatiyavalues and a misfit!

So,was invited for "brunch" by a newly married couple. Girl is a PhD student in engg dept and guy works in a startup. Girl comes to receive us in shorts and tank top, no bindi,bangles,mangalsutra or indication of being newly married.
As we were about to step foot inside the house, she said we cud walk in with our slippers. We insisted tht we remove them & entered. She seemed bit surprised to rec fruits&bisc we gt them. Gt served lemony soda drink & conversations started off in Eng, I tried to bring in hindi
Home was as typical #gennext type. Flat screen tv, 4-5 Apple laptops, iPhones & ipads, stereo playing rock music, photo collage of parties, honeymoon etc.just as I ws going to giv up whn tucked in the corner, almost as though they dint want it to be seen, was lakshmi devi murti
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May 4, 2018
1)A good friend, fellow dharmic hs shed some light on the sham that is @MurtyLibrary Murthy Classical library& how it's guilty of perpetuating distortions of Indian phil &culture, thus propagating the Pollockian and Wendy Doniger classical school of distortion &psychoanalysis
2) the book in question this time is "The life of Harishchandra" by Raghavanka translated by Vanamala Viswanatha.

This book is a translation work of a classical work by Raghavanka. Now,given the halo and brand name of THE Murthy Classical lib, any unsuspecting person will buy it
3) So basically the book is a post modernist retelling using the lens of caste,gender but deliberately given misledaing title life of harishchandra, so tht ppl will get interested into reading the book& slowly the author will bring in the deconstruction theory and psychoanalysis
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Apr 29, 2018
#PowerfulIndia : "The last village to be brought on the national power grid was Leisang village in the Senapati district of Manipur ". Sharing my experience of living fr a month in Senapati dist
Yr was 2007. I was selected for national internship with 22Assam Rifles , Manipur
After a back-breaking train journey that started from Pune-Mumbai-Kolkata-Assam and the 4 hour bumpy ride on NH-2 Imphal- Dimapur highway , we finally reached the 22Assam Rifles HQ at Maram, Senapati district. At that time electricity was a luxury, hot water for bath using wood
During our fieldwork, we got to travel across the various small villages hidden in mountain tops in Senapati dist and nearby districts. The areas were devoid of any development, factories. One village ransacked other. People charged their mobile phones paying 5rs at nearby shops
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Apr 26, 2018
Folks, I don’t have time to write an article, so here’s my two-cents on the upcoming #ModiXisummit (informal) in Wuhan. I’m seeing a lot of brouhaha being played by the Indian media, think-tankies regarding the “reset”, “thaw” in relations.
1)The meeting draws on the similar format of reset and informal meets organised by Xi for Obama in 2013 and the Mar-a-lago summit hosted for Xi by Trump last year. Both have failed to bring any kind of reset. Instead there is a trade war looming between China and USA now
2)no formal/informal talks can belie the deep distrust both India and China have for each other, deeply drilled through history and contemporary strategic realities. The summit, while attempting “reset” after Doklam might at best be talking shop, garden walks and photo-ops
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