***New Thread*** people are not going to like this much but here goes. The emergence of a figure like @realDonaldTrump didn’t happen by accident. He is the product of the vulnerability of the US political system. He is the by product of a culture that enables men to bypass .....
... convention and ethics. Only in America would you “elect” a thrice married, racist, traitorous, beholdened “man.” This didn’t just happen. This is a result of the “vast right wing conspiracy,” that @HillaryClinton was speaking about in the late 1990s. This is a result ......
... of the reversal of the #truthdoctrine and #citizensunited ; this is a result of sheer laziness and complacency with removing the paper ballots and putting faith in computer tabulated results for election results. President Trump is the end product of a generation of .......
.. “greed is good” mentality. When money enters politics public service becomes monetised, policy becomes a commodity and the people become “products.” America never started off as truly democratic. It started as a result of a rebellion against the British yoke. Only the rich ...
... had the right to vote. Voting in itself was based on wealth. Women couldn’t vote. POC couldn’t vote. Native Americans weren’t even considered citizens. America after all is a REPUBLIC. America only emancipated the slaves as a revenge tactic to weaken the South during ......
... the Civil War. There has always been a class system. Things somewhat became more equal during the Great Depression but the rich always recover. The poor and the middle classes take longer. It is the tyranny of time that undermines progress. Someone like Donald Trump.......
... in countries outside America would have been locked up for fraud decades ago. But he was enabled. He was enabled by the banks. He was enabled by the IRS. And ultimately he preyed upon the poor those that he wouldn’t even allow into his own Trump Tower to further his aims...
... yes I believe that he is an illegitimate President because in my heart I know that he cheated and preyed upon the vulnerability of the American political system. However it remains to be said that Americans allowed this vulnerability to exist and prevail. If the republic....
... survives him (and at this stage I believe this is moot), the only way back is a Constitutional Amendment. I propose compulsory voter registration, paper ballots, a redistribution of the EC (massive expansion of it... say every 200k voters gets one EC vote), reversal of ....
#citizensunited re enactment of the #truthdoctrine. A cold hard look at lobbyists. A genuine desire to protect the environment. An amnesty for illegal immigrants who have worked hard and committed no felonies in the USA. In short a SECOND #newdeal ... from the bitter ashes of....
... the farce that was #2016presidentialelection I wish America a revolution of thought. A revolution of kindness. We need you to bring yourself back from the brink. We can’t police you as you have policed us. I have faith that this will happen. This is #whyiresist

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Jul 18, 2018

We are scared. We are angry. We are outraged. You had a chance to elect the finest most competent candidate of a generation – yes I am talking about @hillaryclinton but your flawed electoral system did not allow this to happen. Your “President”....
...refused to release his tax returns, mocked the disabled, incited racially offensive comments about the Mexicans. He managed to “brush off” the Billy Bush bombshell where he said that he was able to grab women by the p**** had a fake University where he ripped off millions..
...and had been bankrupt a number of times stiffing small businesses and yet millions upon millions of you voted for him. The record job growths and financial recovery since the GFC of 2008 and the progressive socially uplifting 8 years of President Barrack Obama simply wasn’t..
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May 17, 2018
<< NEW MEGA THREAD THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME SO PLEASE BE PATIENT>> In November 2016 when it became apparent that @realdonaldtrump had won the US Presidential Election the famous quote by Sir Edward Grey came to mind… "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see...
...them lit again in our life-time.” That was my feeling about the United States. That is still my feeling almost 18 months later. I believe every person though deserves a chance to prove themselves. On their actions, on their decisions that has an impact not just within the...
the United States but on the wider world. That is why I am deeply involved in the #resistance and why I will continue to do so. So review @realdonaldtrump and his flawed, kakocracy, mendacious, self serving disastrous Presidency so far… I would need to write a book to........
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Aug 19, 2017
Here is my mega thread about your President @realDonaldTrump if you are a Trump supporter still I want you to read this and ponder 🤔......
Thanks 🙏 @CherylRutledg17 for RT
If any of the following want to RT please go ahead :) @TeaPainUSA @Rosie @TheEllenShow @peterdaou @SethAbramson @KeithOlbermann @Pink
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