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2. BIG
3. Founded in 1865 in England. It has 85,000 employees now. A market capitalization of around $200 billion.
4. They have BIG buildings. 8 Canada Square in London
5. That's interesting, sharia compliant mortgages. Really? How does HSBC make money on it if there is no interest?
6. HSBC offered a few ways around Islam's anti-interest policy:

a) HSBC buys house at 200k, sells at 250k, charges monthly and no interest payments.
b+c) HSBC buys home, "leases-to-own," and transfers ownership partially throughout, or at end…
7. Well they had a 9 year run!

"Instead, the lender will focus its Islamic finance offering to customers in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, and maintain a limited presence in Indonesia."…
8. Current CEO of HSBC. John Flint
9. Well that's certainly an interesting dossier for Flint:
10. Where in Asia?
11. Closing their banks in Russia for private citizen. Focusing on financing "institutional clients"…
13. I wonder what's in here. Too bad it's only in Russian. If only HSBC had more capital to fund efforts for transparency
14. I wonder if HSBC criminal activity is normal for multi-national banks? Unique to HSBC? A bit worse at HSBC but similar?…
15. Immoral behavior!…
16. 2 years seems light
17. HSBC and Johnson were front running clients.

Let's say a client wanted to buy a billion worth of Tesla stock. HSBC could buy Tesla for themselves first, which would incidentally bid up price, then client buys and goes up more. Instant profit
18. Maybe 2 years wasn't low given the circumstances. He seems to be the only banker who went to jail yet for these crimes? Why was it America that tried him since he lived in the UK and HSBC is UK based? Doesn't the UK care about law?
19. The front running was just 100 million in penalties. The money laundering was almost $2 billion. This is 2012 under Obama mania…
20. Lolol. $670 billion in Mexican transactions HSBC classified as "low risk and thus ignored and processed
21. Contrast

Obama DoJ... launder billions for the worlds most dangerous people... no one goes to jail

Trump DoJ... banker commits crime, though less serious... goes to jail
22. I thought media said this was illegal or obstruction or collusion or God knows what?

(FSA = Financial service authority... british based)…
23. That's interesting. Holder lied to Congress to protect a bank that was laundering money for terrorists and drug cartels?
24. Effectively, the political decision to quash criminal prosecutions related to money laundering for drug cartels was another manifestation of the Obama policy to stop Project Cassandra

25. Why is Britain mucking stuff up for us. Help us out mates! HSBC is your frankenstein…
26. Classy stuff here. Holder really a fighter for the downtrodden.

He refused to give relevant documents to Congress who then had to subpoena the DoJ and it took 3 years to get them to see that Holder had been lying
27. Lynch also refused the subpoenas. Even when this Congressional report was written the Obama DoJ was still non compliant.

Good thing the mainstream media told us about this! Oh wait...
28. Families killed by Sinaloa Cartel sued HSBC for purposefully laundering money for them. They tried to sue using US anti-Terrorist act, which survivors of terrorism can use to punish people who materially support terrorists…
29. Motion to call cartels as terrorists was defeated. But cartels are terrorist groups. They corrupt political institutions and threaten and kill people for politics

Mexico didn't like it. Who cares? Their govt is like a lobby for drug cartels…
30. The lawsuit by families of dead victims of cartels was dismissed…
31. Are multi-national banks and HSBC crookedness the closest thing we have thing we have to bipartisan consensus? No one trusts them
32. I wonder... what does the Mexican regime or "President" think of a multi national bank helping out drug cartels who torture their citizens.

Here is Presidente #Nieto, with #HSBC CEO Flint and former CEO Gulliver
33. Hard to get more #corruption than this. #HSBC invests $700 million in Mexico under Presidente Calderon while Mexico lets #HSBC launder money for #Sinaloa.…
34. Let me know if this sounds right.

Corrupt #HSBC gives #Mexico hundreds of millions. Calderon pockets some for himself. Then he lets HSBC launder money for drug cartels. HSBC gets rich.

The Mexican people and American people suffer.
35. This has a bit of everything. Fox personally giving citizenship at ceremony to a drug manufacturer. The guy is Chinese. And he buys drugs on border of China+Russia?

What side is Mexican govt on???…
36. Reminder, read #RedCoccaine
37. I guess marijuana really is a gateway drug!
38. Typical anti-American bias. Blame us even though #HSBC is a British bank, #ElChapo is Mexican, the drugs come from #China. The only reason anyone even knows what happened is cause of America!

39. Mexicans should love us. We help them handle #ElChapo, who is too dangerous for them to handle on their own.

America is a friend to Mexican people.

Media+Mexican govt wants to lie about that though.
40. Is #HSBC #MoneyLaundering just a one time thing? They got a little too excited to work with #ElChapo?


This is so bad it's funny:…
41. LMAO

This 2010 report from the Senate has 863 mentions of #HSBC

"Keeping Foreign Corruption Out of the United States: Four Case Histories"…
42. Here is HSBC dispersing $27 million to help the corrupt Equatorial Guinea's President's son buy an airplane
43. Here is Teodoro Obiang, the prodigal son!
44. Boy this guy moves a lot of money around. Sentence suspended though?
45. Bonus picture. Obiang at the @UN - one of the most corrupt dens of hyenas on earth
46. This article is worth reading. The world knew about #HSBC #moneylaundering back in 2004.

One bank asked HSBC who was transferring the money. HSBC refused to say protecting Obiang's identity.

#HSBC, the preferred bank of criminals!…
47. HSBC money laundering through Gabon...

PEP = politically exposed person. A politician, friend or family of a politician, who is susceptible to bribes, blackmail, political influence and so on.

PEP require higher vetting. HSBC gets around it by saying people aren't PEP
48. Kind of off topic but fun tangent. In 1977 the US passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It makes it illegal for Americans to bribe, or even lobby(??) foreign officials. Carter signed it.

Bribery is widespread in the world so how can we compete? Trump says it's dumb
49. The term PEP seems to originate with investigations into this Nigerian leader who stole billions of dollars and moved it into Europe.

That was around the time of 9/11. When anti - money laundering was reinforced.
50. Oh yeah, forgot to post this pick above with Equatorial Guinea above. Here is corrupt daddy Obiang
51.This example is more of a counterpoint than anything. HSBC facilitated 6 figure transfers for daughter of Gabon, and when they saw who she was, they closed her account.

This was 20 years ago.

Now they move billions without batting an eye...
52. Lol here is Michelle obama wearing the same dress she used to meet EQ president to meet the corrupt Gabon president Bongo. I guess she likes that dress.
53. Here is Hillary Clinton with Gabon president. And Bush too!

Bongo... one of the world's longest standing head of state, one of the world's richest men... and Gabon one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world
54. It's almost like the banks weren't laundering money... until these PEP gained access to our political leaders who led the way in building a relationship with them which the banks followed
55. Here is Bank of America. They knowingly moved millions for an Angolan arms dealer who France had a global arrest warrant out for. lol
56. This is funny... when an Angolan tried to move money from the Angolan Central Bank to Citibank, Citibank responded by closing every Angolan account.
57. Actually back to Gabon for a minute. Keep those African countries straight!…
58. Money laundering laws seem more like mafia scheme than anything.

Mafia boss, Western President (WP) makes law, foreigner needs to submit to WP and give him money, then WP turns blind eye to banks laundering money.
59. Curious history here. Bongo came to power via Leon M'ba. M'ba had close Communist ties and France didn't like him. But at some point, renounced them, or something. Then when he was coup victim, de Gaulle restored him to power

@JamesAngleton75 ??
60. France vs. China?
61. Great picture!

"Family picture of Ali Bongo at the most expansive mansion in France, Pozzo di Borgo, bought by Gabon for more than 100 millions euros"
62. The Gabon palace. They probably should have used some French architects to make it a bit better. Make they made the mistake of going Chinese?
63. Okay back to Angola.

Communist. Sponsored by Moscow. Trades with China.

Life expectancy of 41 years? Wow
64. So well known arms dealer launders 60 million through BOA

For me, this is a CONTRAST to recent HSBC activity.

What changed between 2000 and 2010 so that bank money laundering grew from 60 million to many billions?
65. Yet another example of the contrast. Look at #HSBC activity in 2002. They kind of sort of launder $50 million for corrupt Angolan trying to embezzle money. But then return it.

What changed at HSBC between 2002 and and the #Sinaloa business?
66. Well here is a pertinent point @realKyleOlbert raises...

67. I don't think I even knew this after reading @Billbrowder's interesting book, the fact that HSBC bought out his partner. Actually #HSBC seems to own the entire #hermitagefund as stated by Bill Browder in court testimony. Bill said he was a mere "adviser"
68. I'm tempted to blame Russia for corrupting HSBC. But HSBC registered in Russia in 1996, and bought out Hermitage in 1999, but as we've seen above, HSBC was engaged in low level corruption at that point. It wasn't until around a decade later that they picked up the pace.
69. This really doesn't make sense though. Bill repeatedly and explicitly says he closed down #Hermitage after he was banned from the country in 2005.

But it was #HSBC's call and they did it in 2013?

How many lies are in #RedNotice ???
70. Here we go. When will Russia ever disappoint me and not be behind rampant corruption? This coincides with the time frame of increased HSBC criminality... laundering $65 billion pounds out of Russia.

That may be an order of magnitude more than they moved for Sinaloa
71. I mean, this is really sick stuff.

"organized crime" in Russia = govt = "former" communists

This is same time frame when HSBC hired Comey who used the Kremlin dossier to attack Trump + defend Hillary
72. Excellent article here.

UK didn't even figure out this scam. Moldova did. What are our clowny friends in the UK doing???…
73. Here's how it worked...

Russia sets up front companies in England. They sue each other in Moldova for big money. When a company loses, Russia sends money to Moldova, and it's then sent for court order to English bank.

Now it's laundered money ready to corrupt England
74. This is key.

This is not rogue money gone missing from Russia. Otherwise Putin would work with West to stop it.

Russian govt is laundering this money to the west on purpose.
75. Turn over a rock and you'll see #HSBC beneath it.
76. All that money flowing through HSBC from drug cartels and Russia to the west isn't just fun and games.

They use it to corrupt our politics.

And advance scum.
77. Here is the question I am waiting for people to ask.

Why does the Russian government want to launder tens of billions of dollars to the West?
79. @guardian says that 80 billion pounds were probably moved from groups like the FSB to England... what is the FSB doing with that money now?…
80. HSBC's Hong Kong branch huh? Why does that sound so familiar?

Oh yeah I remember, Hong Kong was the specialty of HSBC's last CEO Staurt Gulliver

"He officially lives in Hong Kong;[8]"
81. Really cool. HSBC launders huge FSB money through HK, and HSBC CEO wonderkid Gulliver worked out of HK. What are the odds huh
82. Here is more Russia money laundering to the west. I think this is a SEPARATE case not even involved in the above investigations.

Why is it always the US that has to stop these people? Can't Europe stop its own corruption ever?…
83. Separate HSBC crimes. Can they go a day without breaking new laws?…
84. I think only one HSBC person went to jail. Mark Johnson. He seems to be low level and only front ran a client. Bad, but not as bad as there other crimes.

It seems HSBC acts with impunity.
85. I don't think the British banks including HSBC were prosecuted, let alone anyone given jail time, for laundering billions of Russian money.

John Kerry: HSBC, do business with Iran!

HSBC: That's illegal in the US. WTF are you talking about?…
87. Jesus these people make a lot of money. Lot of dirty money flowing around our economies!

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