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Our country desperately needs #GunReformNow. It’s proven that states with stricter gun laws have far less death by firearm. Read this. We need to discuss what specifically needs to be done to reduce the death toll. #Enough nytimes.com/interactive/20…
For the record, I do not think we need to ban all guns, or repeal 2A. We can pass effective and sensible #GunReform without being extreme.
But it is clear that more firearm laws equals less death by firearms. Those of us that are advocating for #GunReform need to get on the same page, be sending the same message. So let’s come up with some aspects that we can all agree on.
1. We need enhanced background checks with centralized database linking FBI, local police & others.
2. We also need mandatory background checks on ALL gun transfers (22% of owners have obtained guns w/out checks).
3. Mandatory mental health evaluations before 1st firearm purchase would be incredibly useful.
4. We should require mental health professionals to report information to the NICS system.
5. Ban sale/purchase of assault-style weapons defined by: semi-auto rifles, semi-auto pistols, & semi-auto shotguns w/ detachable high capacity magazines, & one or more "military-style features”, such as telescoping stock, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, grenade launcher, etc...
6. Grandfather in those who already own assault weapons, but require them to register said weapons if they do not wish to sell them.
7. Mandatory license, permit, & proper training before first purchase, just like w/ cars.
8. Mandatory liability insurance for possession of ANY firearm which can shoot bullets with a kinetic energy >1,000 Joules (i.e. AR-15 & others).
9. Raise age to purchase semi-automatic long guns to 21 years old, like with pistols.
10. Lifetime gun ban for all convicted domestic abusers & temporary ban for those awaiting trial.
11. Domestic abusers must turn over any previously purchased firearms.
12. Mandatory 30-day waiting period on 1st gun purchase (this is proven to reduce suicides).
13. Allow government funding for the CDC to continue to research gun violence.
14. Require police to provide detailed gun-violence statistics to the CDC (& the public) for research so that we can study trends & learn more about how to prevent these.
15. Restrict paid marketing by gun manufacturers (like we do w/alcohol).
16. Repeal laws which prohibit arms manufacturers from being sued for accidents/fatalities resulting from faulty equipment.
17. Mandatory reporting of lost/stolen firearms w/ strict penalties (including loss of gun privileges) for those who fail to properly & promptly report.
18. Ban all purchases of armor-piercing ammunition; implement a 1-year buyback program after which possession of said ammo is also a crime.
19. 10 bullet magazine capacity restriction; implement same buyback-then-ban program proposed armor-piercing ammo ban to enforce.
20. Federal "red flag laws" allowing law enforcement to temp confiscate firearms from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others.
21. 18+ age waiver for a single gun purchase if a gun is needed for self-defense—require proof of "clear and present danger".
22. Require safe storage, to reduce theft, suicide & accidents by children.
23. Federal baseline "shall-issue" CCW laws, imposing required training & passing extensive tests for CCW applicants. Allow states & local municipalities to impose additional restrictions/requirements.
24. Ban bump stocks & other devices used to convert semi-autos to full-auto-like guns.
ANY of these measures would help reduce the death toll, and make our country a safer place for everyone. So let’s spread the word! And send Congress a more unified message!! #GunReformNow

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Aug 30, 2018
Rubio has an A+ rating, & has taken $3.3 million from the NRA. He is just one of many R’s (Cruz) who are handmaidens to the gun lobby. The safety of the public is not as important as their #NRABloodMoney.

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