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Hi @AjitPaiFCC, remember me? I know you were all over TV yesterday celebrating a government handout to your former (current?) employer, Verizon. But frankly, you're full of $#!t and everyone knows it. Let's review the lies in your tweet below (THREAD)
You claim that repealing #NetNeutrality will "benefit consumers." Please explain how letting our cable and phone companies charge us new fees to access online content that we already get benefits us? Do you think people WANT to pay Comcast extra to visit Twitter? Ummm, no.
You called your order "Restoring Internet Freedom," but what you really meant was "Expanding AT&T and Verizon's freedom to screw you over more than they already do." Without #NetNeutrality, these companies will have complete, disturbing control over our online experience.
You say repealing #NetNeutrality will give us "better, faster, and cheaper services." But it's nearly impossible to find a tech expert who agrees with you who isn't getting paid by the telecom industry. It’s IMPOSSIBLE because you’re killing the internet.
Repealing #NetNeutrality doesn't just repeal the 2015 rules, it breaks w/ decades of legal precedent & fundamentally destroys the principle that has made the Internet into a free market of ideas and a powerful force for economic innovation, creativity, and diversity of thought.
Without #NetNeutrality, the largest, most politically entrenched companies will be able to cut special deals with ISPs in order to have their perspectives favored and put in front of consumers, while startups, mom and pop shops, and alternative voices will be silenced.
You & your supporters claim to be concerned that platforms like Facebook, Google, & Twitter are "silencing conservatives." But killing #NetNeutrality, and will give those companies EVEN MORE power to censor and manipulate all of us, because they'll be able to control content.
And @AjitPai if you are really worried about internet giants blocking speech and different viewpoints online, why on earth would you open the door to the same kind of blocking and discrimination by Comcast, the company that owns MSNBC; and AT&T, the one trying to buy CNN??
Speaking of competition, you also say that ending #NetNeutrality will lead to more of it. But that's provably false. There's already no meaningful competition in the US broadband market… and your repeal will make that worse.
Now ISP monopolies will be able to abuse their gatekeeper power not only to overcharge consumers, but also to pick and choose winners and losers, and favor services they own while throttling or charging fees to access competing services. #SaveNetNeutrality #NetNeutrality
That's not "market based" it's the opposite. It's classic crony-capitalism where incumbents lobby government influence rather than innovate & provide a better product to their customers. That's why real libertarians and conservatives know you're a joke…
Saving #NetNeutrality is a human rights issue. The FCC is fighting for Big corporations to be able to control content and who that content can reach. And ultimately, like everything else from this administration, repealing #NetNeutralty boils down to—discrimination.
So, sorry @AjitPaiFCC. You're not fooling anyone. The Internet is coming for #NetNeutrality and we're going to get it back. In Congress, in the courts, in the states. We're fighting and we're going to win.
Anyone who is NOT Ajit Pai, if you are reading this, your elected officials in Congress can still stop the FCC's discriminatory repeal of #NetNeutrality and basic consumer and free speech protections. Contact your reps now at to #SaveNetNeutrality

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Oct 7, 2018


There are six Republican incumbents running for Senate re-election.

All six of them voted to confirm Kavanaugh.

Here's how to support their opponents (THREAD):
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The number one priority of the Flores Settlement Agreement is that children not be incarcerated. This foundational principle, which the government agreed to in the settlement, recognizes that the best way to ensure a child’s wellbeing is to keep them out of jail.
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America! Take note! What happened today was an act of patriotism by Senator Booker for the people. But maybe it’s what happened next was most outstanding—the entire @SenateDems in the judiciary committee stood with Booker and therefore stood with the American people. 1/5
The @GOP wants you to believe that they are the party for the people. The way they want you to believe this is by just repeating the words over and over. Words are just words. What actionable items have the Republicans done for the American people? 2/5
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So, @BetsyDeVos is considering allowing states to use federal funding to purchase guns for educators.

Here’s what that money would be taken away from: 

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Title IV, Part A, is the mechanism through which community schools, 21st century and afterschool programs are funded.  Authorized at $1.6 billion in FY 2018, Title IV a block grant with 3 basic activities.

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•Providing students with a well-rounded education (e.g., college and career counseling, STEM, music and arts, civics, IB/AP, computer science)

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