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1. Let's talk about how James Comey is a Russian agent.

Maybe people think I'm using hyperbole or argumentation here to make a point?

I'm not. I'm serious.

When the smoke clears years from now we're going to see numerous FBI agents were Russian agents.
2. I'm feeling pretty Twitter-energetic tonight. When a thread goes viral all these notifications I guess gave me a dopamine rush.
3. Obligatory @Comey #Weasel picture.
4. In the 1990's, under #BillClinton, it was #WeaselComey who was investigating #MarcRich.

But, Comey didn't get Rich for anything (kind of reminiscent of how he investigated the Hillary server, gave out immunity like candy, and got no one).
5. Who was Marc Rich?

A guy who laundered billions for Russians.…
6. The story gets even better though.

Bill Clinton pardoned Rich. The pardon was so obviously crooked (even leftist media complained), that an investigation into the pardon was launched.

Guess who was in charge of the investigation? LMAO... #Weasel #Comey
7. Take a guess at who was in charge of investigating Clinton?

Yeah, amazingly, it was Comey.

Guess if Comey made a problem for Clinton or Rich and you'll guess right.

Comey was running full time protection for Clinton and Russian money launderers DECADES AGO.
8. That's just Russia-Comey connection #1.

Maybe you can brush it off, bizarre and crooked as it is, but it's not the only one.

And it was over two decades ago and somehow Comey pops up again with connections to Russia, see...
9. Comey takes over at FBI Director shortly after @Snowden steals our secrets and runs away to Moscow.

99% of what Snowden stole has never been made public. It has to do with sources and methods.

He stole from 20+ compartamented "boxes" in NSA, and he didn't have access to any.
10. What did Comey do to handle the great intelligence coup against America, where the culprit winds up in Moscow?


Even if you think Snowden is a good guy, FBI Director must double check.

This is insanity.
11. Read my article here for more related information on how Mueller also willfully ignored any threats emanating from Russia.…
12. Russia effort to interfere in our elections, compromise Trump, fund leftist environmentalists groups went on when Comey in charge.

When did he stop Russia? When did he warn America?


Is he dumb or complicit? How many Russia connections to prove he is their agent?
13. Then there is the fact that Comey and HSBC worked together, at the exact time that the FSB is laundering hundreds of millions of dollars through HSBC.

I mean, HSBC isn't even an American bank. Why did Comey go there???

Detailed here:

14. It's worth emphasizing that point.

Why was an FBI Director working at a foreign bank notorious for illegally laundering billions of dollars for the world's worst people who also hate America?
15. He controls his face well, but every once in a while he'll lose control.

Look at this guy.

16. Recent part of his Kremlin subversion of America and #MAGA @realDonaldTrump

He used Steele Dossier to justify the campaign to destroy Trump.

Look at Dossier, its connection to Russia, and how it furthers Russian interests of undermining a President who puts America first
17. Chris Steele is English. And he was in charge of the Russia desk.

His dossier wasn't even written by an Englishman

Great article by @JoelSGilbert and @jackcashill…
18. Observe, the allegations against Trump are sourced right to high levels of the Kremlin

"senior Russian Foreign Ministry official" + "former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin"…
19. Source C from the Steele Dossier that Comey upturned our country upon...

"a senior Russian financial officer"
20. Here we have a mystery source, ethnic Russians, and Russian hotel workers in Russia. This is what Comey used to undermine the elected American President
21. It's hard to understand just how demented this is.

An American FBI Director is using Kremlin sources to spy on the President
22. Back in the day, Russia would at least have their fake sources defect to America and pretend to reject the Kremlin.

They have such control over Democrats now, they don't even bother. They tell the left what to do straight from the Kremlin.
23. Now, am I saying Weasel Comey calls Putin every night to chat and pledge allegiance to Russia?


He might not even know what he is doing.

But people are handling and directing him. There can be no doubt. He has caused grave harm to America.
24. It may seem crazy now, but when it comes out later, people are going to say it was always obvious.

Agents of influence exist. They always have.

Comey's history is clear. He has consistently furthered Russian agenda, and undermined America+Trump+Americans.


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