1. Call this “fake news” if you like, but the rumours are getting too loud to simply be dismissed. Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’ cbinfo24.com/2018/03/29/mel…
2. There are many who believe that this “Feasting on the blood of kids” is the real reason why there is so much opposition to President Trump and those who go against SJW orthodoxy. They play with semantics to win the uninformed to their side.
3. But there comes a tipping point. A time when certain things can no longer be ignored. I believe the #IGReport contained lots of significant information... but there is one page that stands out but about which the media is unsurprisingly quiet. Here’s a screen shot.
4. There are some in the Hollywood bubble that have been coming totally unhinged lately. It makes one wonder why. 🤔 what for example has Robert DeNero so upset that he might make a complete a$$ of himself in front of the entire world? And why are those in the room so supportive
5. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me remind you.

6. That’s not the only time DeNero has carried on as we Aussies say, like a pork chop, about his dislike of Donald J Trump. What is it about Trump that has these guys so unhinged? Why would they be willing to risk alienating a massive segment of their audience?
7. DeNero isn’t the only one. John Cusack has been shooting off his metaphorical mouth all over twitter concerning Trump. Calling for an uprising. Considering the positive state of the economy and the winning going on overseas. What is wrong with these people?
8. Cusack’s Instagram account might hold a few clues, if we keep in mind the thoughts put forward by Mel Gibson in the first tweet of this thread. If you don’t understand why any of this stuff is questionable- feel free to educate yourself by looking up #SpiritCooking
9. How does all of this link to the #mueller investigation? Well let’s think logically about this. The #PodestaEmails contain numerous references to #SpiritCooking and direct references to children being used as entertainment in a swimming pool.
10. There’s also a striking resemblance between the Podesta brothers and a couple of images related to a missing child.
12. Then there’s the whole pay-to-play question when talking about the ClintonFoundation and a large number of foreign governments. It pains me to note that Australia was one of the largest donators. Coincidentally it is an Australian diplomat (Alexander Downer) that is at the...
13. ... centre of the Russia probe. It was “intelligence” from Downer that got the entire thing started. Coupled with that is the recent trip that Hillary made to visit with her great mates down under. What could they possibly have to talk about?
14. Meanwhile, @POTUS has been busy writing EOs that help to limit the capabilities of #pedophiles to obtain their victims

15. In case you think the links between the Clintons and this proclivity for young children are circumstantial, bear in mind the fact that the couple travelled on the notorious #LolitaExpress to #EpsteinIsland on multiple occasions.

16. Not to mention the ties between Clinton and the Haitian trafficking controversy.

17. Then of course there’s all the weird parties with people eating odd things that look a lot like cannibalism. Not sure as a parent I’d be all that keen to take my kid to one of these things... but some seem to think it’s ok. 🤷🏼‍♀️
18. So what is the point of all of the above? Well, imagine you have discovered the fountain of youth and you’ve introduced a large number of people to it. This fountain is illegal to obtain because it involves hurting children. #Adrenochrome
19. Then you discover that lots of people are keen to get hold of this secret and that you can use their involvement to help you retain influence and power. You create a culture around this influence. You give people access to money, power, fame etc.
20. You have the power to influence people all over the globe, and have ready and constant access to your supply. (Check the statistics on child abductions, missing children and child trafficking) You are in control of governments, Hollywood, the music industry etc
21. You are about to solidify your control over the whole world through keeping this little secret. Then suddenly along comes a man who you can’t control. He stops your supply. He takes your foot off of the neck of those whom you’ve bribed, coerced and kept living in fear.
22. Suddenly your supply and influence dries up, and those who depended on it for their very survival are now coming unhinged. ...no wonder there’s such a wide spread outbreak of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome throughout certain communities.
23. Could #Adrenochrome be the real reason for the apoplectic response to President Trump’s triumphs? Considering how wide spread the hysteria, I certainly hope not. But right now, the mounting body of circumstantial evidence indicates a link at the very least.
24. And there’s the rub. Why do they need so desperately for the #Mueller probe to be successful? Why are they trying so desperately to hide 33,000 emails and why are so many so worried about a certain video rumoured to be on a certain lap top?
25. I’ll let Hillary answer those questions for herself
Addendum: just found this little snippet of info which adds even more weight to the body of coincidence
Addendum 2 :I’m starting to wonder what kind of skeletons this shrieking Banchee has in his cupboard that might lead him to make such a spectacle of himself

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
1. This is the face of a brainwashed useful idiot. This poor soul has fallen for the political indoctrination that he/she, ze, they, it (wouldn’t want to get it wrong 😏) have had forced into their brain since birth via TV, school, and University.
2. These people have been taught to embrace “their truth”. I’ve heard this term bandied about all over the place, even by conservatives, because it has become part of what is considered intellectual political discourse. And... it is total crap.
3. I used to be involved in the so called New Age movement. I remember being taught about this notion of “your truth” in what seemed to be a very logical way. The supposed guru drew a picture on a whiteboard of a car from a birds-eye view. One side was smashed up...
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Oct 2, 2018
1. This technique of having multiple people repeat the same words should be banned. It is hypnosis. The blue light that emanates from video screens is known to place the brain into a state that mimics that induced by hypnosis and meditation...
2. Thus making the viewer more suggestible. It is a trick to use different people in the video as it gives the subconscious the impression that a large number of people support the assertions of the video. This has a triple whammy impact upon the subject.
3. Unless you are awake to the technique, or are not a person who is easily suggestible to begin with, then you have no defence against this assault on your subconscious. This is as bad, if not worse than the old fashioned subliminal messaging banned in the 1970s.
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Sep 1, 2018
1. This cultural cringe is a symptom of the leftist political bent that says there’s something wrong with America being a superpower. I grew up in the 80s & the US flag was proudly placed in numerous movies. As an Aussie I grew to love that flag because it symbolised something
2. To me, it symbolised the idea that my country had a powerful ally that would come to my country’s aid in times of trouble. It symbolised the idea that democracy and freedom were ideals that were worth defending.
3. It symbolised the idea that there was a country that was capable of invading and taking control of my small nation but whose people valued freedom so much, that not only would they never do this, but they would stand up against any country that would.
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Jul 18, 2018
1. Ladies and gentlemen - let me introduce you to the start of the end of the Russia, Russia, Russia scam...
2. The DNC & other Deep State actors - including [RR] want us to believe that this scene is what access to the Wikileaks #PodestaEmails looked like. Substitute the hackers for Russians & the victims for a clueless idiot who used “password” as his password.
3. But, as many have known for a very long time, what ACTUALLY happened looked much more like this scene. This time substitute Snowden for #SethRich and the victims for the same moron mentioned in part 2 of this thread.

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Jun 23, 2018
1. As a former leftist, I understand the altruistic sentiment associated with the illegal immigration issue. I have great sympathy for people seeking refuge from war, political persecution, and poverty. For many in the late 1970s this was a path to freedom from communism in SEA.
2. At the close of the Vietnam and Kampuchean disasters, the world saw a massive influx of “boat people” most of whom ended their arduous journey in Australia. Considering our involvement in the Vietnam war and the evils of communism we, as Aussies, were happy to give them a go.
3. So successful was this intake of people, the Vietnamese community in Australia has become very well integrated into the wider community. Statistics show a relatively small number were boat people.abc.net.au/news/specials/…
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