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Have you been feeling different lately?
Do you find your self knowing things that seem alien to you but strangely make sense?
You having weird synchronistic coincidences all the time?
Were you hoping someone would type this exact message?
Are you worried your losing your mind?
Do you get the odd feeling q talks directly to you but don’t know how to explain why you think that?
Is your life appearing to be falling apart around you

Well your not alone
So smile for once, even though I’m sure it feels like it’s been a while.
I began my little journey 8 months ago and know all too well exactly what your experiencing. There’s actually quite a few of us floating around and you may not have even known it

I’ve been talking to a few of you who are really starting to notice some of the things I mentioned
And I know there’s more of you out there
I also know this is NOT an easy thing to talk about, even to those closest to you

But take heart in knowing that you are not alone.

We are all special but some of us are finding out the hard way
It can be rough, it can suck, it can feel like the world is completely against you. Sadly it is, but all of us are going through the same thing, just at different stages of the game
Seriously, bother me anytime
I’ve been through what I hope was the hardest part. Don’t be afraid to talk. I’ve seen crazy and you are not it

#TrustThePlan #GreatAwakening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #Qanon #IGReportUnredacted @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
Per request

I’ll share a little of my story
It’s way more fucked up & complex 4 here but that’s why I started a living auto biography. That’s got all the juicy stuff but I don’t know if Ill ever show anyone. It’s a $2.50 therapist that doesn’t need insurance
It helped more than anything. Especially once you know what your doing. That probably sounds weird but in a very short time your going to make sense of that statement, and might even respond with a thank you
Your welcome...just in case 😂😂
One day your going to realize what I just did there and upon reflection you are going to be amazed.
I know it sounds like I’m rambling but when you grasp what’s happening it’s going to make a lot of sense
Anyway, it started when I really think about it about 6/7 years ago. My wife was just admitted to rehab for opioid addiction, (foot surgery).
It devastated me. Beyond words. That night I smoked a little pot instead of drinking. I was a daily drinker.
But that night I saw something. A dream, a vision...something. And it was one of the most profound moments of my life. A deep look into my own subconscious mind. I saw aspects of myself that were completely forgotten or hidden. Things I had a hard time facing.
Little did I know that those things were Kindergarten compared to what I’ve been going through for the past 8 months. What I finally conquered last night
Whether you are religious or not, understand that I have face the devil and won. Interpret that how ever you see fit. “My god may be different from your god, but the god that made you and the god that made me is the same one.” -someone I can’t remember
I looked it in the eyes in every aspect of my life for the longest time and never understood what I was seeing. It consumed me
When my father died of lung cancer on May 8 2014 something snapped inside of me. I lived my life as an atheist/anarchist/nihilist
Well, closest thing to being a nihilist as one could actually be. Not such a good boy, we’ll leave it at that😉
And do feel bad, for any of this. I’m actually amused by it as I write. How shitty we all are and never actually notice. On both sides of the spectrum
Anyway, as more and more thoughts and concepts downloaded into my mind I felt this compulsion to turn my life around. To stop being a 9-5er, even though I do have the best job in the world where I spend my entire day trying to research why this is happening and how it is...
Changing our bodies. I have learn things that I can only discuss with 1 other person in the entire world. Because she is the only one that believes a word I say. And I can tell her anything. And I do. She knows me better than any other person may ever.
And we may never meet as she lives on the opposite side of the world. We are weird internet lovers if that’s what your thinking lol, that would be so fucking weird after the she knows about me 😂
...the profound point being, that we work together on this alone and managed to
Begin the process of formulating not only what’s causing it, which is documented but not fully understood by the few ppl actually working on this.
@jordanbpeterson is the first person that comes to mind
His work is brilliant and will really help in understanding what this is.
But his theories are incomplete. There’s religion involved, there’s science involved, there’s magic involved and there’s a lot of other weird shit too that I won’t even try to explain right now lol
Mother fuckers would have me locked the fuck up 😂
Anyways, she and I studied ancient philosophers and religions and sciences and we have come to a version unbelievable conclusion. Something that will change the world one day. Maybe not by me, and that’s ok but what I thought I started has been going on for a very long time
But that’s incredibly difficult to explain in a ways that’s digestible by most ppl.
But we ran some “experiments” and I did things I never imagined were humanly possible. I found the courage to stop lying to myself. I realized I am living in a nightmarish teledrama and...
I had enough. I refused to be would I was anymore, I wanted a new life. I wanted a life I could be proud of. I made it so that I had to get separated from the love of my life, we met in high school and have been together for the past 13 yrs with a beautiful 10 yr old. I’m 37
Remember what I said, I made it happen. I had to. Her shitty behavior that I had instigated, remember I said I was a bad man, probably not as bad as you probably think, I wasn’t a hitter or anything like that, I was just an asshole.
Well as I tried to better myself she was turning into me, The fucking irony lol
This clash of personalities, I’m the vocal type, she is not, was destroying our family. I had to single handedly formulate a ploy that would cause the separation. It was genius. One of my...
Greatest achievements. That’s not an exaggeration in the least, as far as I am concerned. I decided to tell her family the truth about her. The truth we all knew for the past 6/7 years and all refused to face. And it went exactly how I anticipated. I became the problem
That one truth has created something that has spread. The few neighbors that I am close with have all began to change as well. How this one truth I told to my in laws, that destroyed everything, has on its own began to change the lives of those directly involved in my life
It it amazing to watch ppl grow in their relationships and lives in such a brief amount of time. Nothing most would consider exciting, I’m taking about learning to communicate with their spouse. Learning to ask someone on a date. One getting their old bike out
Right before q showed up i was looking for ways to cut back on the drinking and smoking. I took an online writing class. It was something I wanted to do for a long time.
I wrote a very small piece to myself which up until a few weeks ago, I forgot I even wrote it
Oh I forgot to mention that the day that I started the chain reaction to cause my separation was May 7.
3 years earlier it represented the last day of my old life. 3 years later it was again.
These past 6 wks hav been the hardest days I hav experienced since my father was sick
I was beaten and battered verbally and emotionally. I can’t even begin to imagine what my wife is going through. I can see her deteriorating before my eyes. But if I didn’t do this, things would never change. It was a risk that I needed to take, not only
For her sake but for our sons. Relationships have only within the past few days have relationships begun to repair, I took the risk to end it all the betterment of 2.
It’s a shitty feeling to have no choice but to move on. But I just figured out why, last night lol
That last statement wasn’t a joke
So that’s the quick version 😂
That’s not to convince anyone. And I’m sure there are things that don’t make sense. I would imagine some of you have no idea what the fuck I even said 😂
And I’m sure there’s 1 or 2 or more that lost track of the point after the very first post 😂 😂 😂
But if that’s the case, I didn’t right it for you anyway
But if you understood that whole thing, welcome to the club.
Oh we speak a different language too.
It’s called TRUTH
That’s why ppl don’t understand you. That will make more sense very soon. Keep that in mind. That’s what happened to me. I didn’t know how to plan for it. Hopefully you can use my story to better equip yourself. And even if you are one of the few who actually got this far
And still have no idea what I’m talking
Good for you

• • •

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Aug 6, 2018
Cancer is caused by fear, nothing else
You want the cure? Free?

Stop being afraid. You must let go of all fear. In order to do that you must unlearn everything you have learn throughout your life.
You must face your fears
Ask yourself, what r u afraid of?
Then as, why?
So you want to change the world? RT or copy and paste. Spread it high and low. It won’t change the world over night, it might, but it might not. But the seeds of change will be planted for when full disclosure comes.
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Apr 16, 2018
let this be the new manra of the World

double posting cuz U must SEE this

Anne Wojcicki (@23andMe ) = ex wife of Sergi Brin (Google/Alphabet)
they are stealing your dna

let me show U the world U live in

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SCOTUS ruled in 2013 that DNA CANNOT be patented because nothing new is created from discovering dna as dna is nature
DNA can be patented if manipulated in the slightest in a lab…

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Apr 8, 2018
Dear Q/Occult friends
I coming to you in dire need
This needs to spread
Please allow me to explain
@SaRaAshcraft @FedupWithSwamp @occulturalism @DestroyIllusion @kabamur_taygeta @KibBitzLaw @ROYALMRBADNEWS @TrutherUfo @intheMatrixxx #Qanon #Occult #ReleaseTheCures #RedPill
Since November I have learned and shared tons of info with a lot of you, it’s been fun 👍 thanks
But after the satanist talk I decided to dig deep into these sickos, after 5 months I’m ready to give it out
I can assure you all that this so much bigger than you know
I have put together this easy to follow thread web with ALL of the basics for Truly understanding what the occult is, it is NOT satanism
This is ancient hoodoo that these ppl are using to control us
That is NOT a joke
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Mar 18, 2018
3rd times a charm. Yes this is the 3rd time I am putting the same information together. I don’t claim to be an expert on the occult and esoteric knowledge, FAR from it. But the more I get to talk to you guys that are newly waking up, the more YOU r helping me learn
The more I learn from how to better teach, the easier this all becomes to explain, despite how crazy it can sound.
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump #ReleaseEverything
So how best to put this into perspective?
I make the assumption that if you have been following q that you are aware of the Satanist angle of what’s going on. That’s great you accept that, but do you truly know and understand what that means?
#PizzaGateIsReal #SATANIC
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Feb 5, 2018
we all kno alex downer as #Papadopoulos drinking buddy, which "led" to the trmp/russia inves
seems as tho downer was making deals with U1 and CF in 2011

#Qanon #Russia #MemoDay #ObamaGate #TheStormIsHere #MAGA #CBTS #WeAreTheStorm #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
2007 australias Downer was working on making a deal to begin selling yellowcake #Putin to strengthen relations…
looks like that deal went through in april 2011…
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