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Saturday, in our #dnd campaign w/ @MurderDiceBen & @sushir011s, we fled the capital hoping to escape this dragon wanting to kill half our party. We enter a town, only to find more adult green dragons and an old "friend" looking for revenge. Story in comments! @Hypermycotic
Ash-Doppleganger(Razorclaw Shifter) Ranger/Rogue
Cirith-Human Mastermind Rogue
Farrall-Half-Elf Paladin/Warlock
Lightpaw-Longtooth Shifter Cleric/Fighter
Merlin-Dragonborn Sorcerer
Roxanne-Lightpaw's love interest
Jonick-Rando Ash killed awhile ago
Felum-Ash's bud
Background information that is relevant.
1) A very long time ago near the beginning of the campaign the party needed to travel through the Dread Forest and needed a guide. They met Ardie who helped them if they helped him rescue his wife in the forest. Ardie worked for the Dread-
Scouts. He had went behind their bag and took a magic item to help him and helped us(which the Dread Scouts weren't about. While in the forest, after his wife made it out safe, we ran into the rest of the Dread Scout's looking for Ardie to imprison him. They told the party they-
needed to come with too. Our party still needed to go deeper into the forest so we waited for an opening to get Ardie out. One night the Dread Scouts encountered a Giant Troll and were in battle with it. Ash told the party to wait behind the hill and he would go get Ardie,-
seeing the battle as a distraction. One of the Dread Scouts at the edge of the group by himself had Ardie tied at his feet as he shot his bow at the Troll. Ash snuck up behind this guy, cast fog cloud so no one could see the three of them and backstabbed(killing) the guy. Ardie-
and Ash made it out and the only people who knew what happened where them and the dead guy.

2) While looking around a wizards treasure room the party came across a orb. Whoever touched the orb had a vision on their truest desire. Everyone had gone except Lightpaw and Ash, Ash-
went and touched it and Lightpaw reached out right after. Their visions combined. The vision went like this: It zoomed into the Dread Forest-then went into the capital of Archendale. Then it revealed some group stalking Dread Scouts-in the capital a girl played a flute. It focus-
ed into one of the members of the group stalking the scouts. The figure abruptly morphed into a girl with long golden hair, sitting in a prison. The vision ended and Ash and Lightpaw looked at each other confused. Ash believed one of the figures was his friend he has been look-
ing for. Lightpaw knew the girl was his lover, Roxanne. He didn't know why she was in prison and he couldn't magically send to her for some reason. As Ash did not know why his friend was stalking a scout like a creature in the Dread Forest.

3) The party obtained a wish ring-
(a little more to that story in my last campaign tweet), that was supposed to cure Farrall and get Roxanne out of prison for Lightpaw. Farrall and Lightpaw decided that the ring was greater than both of their wishes to come true and decided to save them. So, Lightpaw went off to-
free Roxanne himself. Lightpaw arrived at the Ivory Tower(a giant, powerful mages guild) and pleaded with the guards to free his love. They blankly stared at him and sent him away. He knew he couldn't sneak in and really do anything so he slept outside depressed that he couldn't-
do it himself.

The actual story!
The party arrives in a small town off near the Dread Forest, decided to go there after all this dragon stuff and to do something so the King doesn't see them as totally worthless. They plan to stop in and rest. Lightpaw gets drunk at the inn-
singing about how he lost and failed the love of his life as we sobs. Which he does surprisingly well btw. Merlin and Farrall find out the farms on the outskirts of town have been getting attacked by gross zombie looking things. We all get together, Lightpaw still drunk and cry-
ing and decide to check it out at night. Ash uses Primevel Awareness to track them on the edge of the forest moving closer and when they get very close he runs into the farms, Sunblade drawn and screams, "Get out of here, the undead are close!" Most of the farmers flee to town.
Some of the guys keep working or take their time and Ash screams at them, "YOU'RE GONNA DIE." And they rush out not sure if Ash meant by the hands of the zombie's or himself. The rest of the party catch up and they position themselves to intercept the zombies. A battle starts-
once they arrive. There is about nice zombies and three wights. The fight is going extremely well, basically no one gets hit so far. A figure in a Dread Scouts uniform darts out of the forest punching Ash's wolf he conjured in the ass. Ash runs over to the figure, trying-
to see if it was his friend, Felum, that he has been looking for. He rips the cowl off his face to not see his friend, just someone that is vaguely familiar as the guy smiles and says, "I finally found you, Ash. Do you remember? Do you remember the marshes? Do you remember what-
you did? Do you remember killing me?." As the figure punches Ash, getting him pretty bad. Ash was a little confused, but swung his sword at the guy also dealing significant damage(Undead is a favored enemy). Trying to be threatening back, Ash growls, "And I will kill you again-
you nameless fucking creature." The figure retorts, "I have a name, it's Jonnick!" And just rips into Ash doing crazy amounts of damage, it's eye's turning green. It attempts to paralyze Ash with his stare. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Ash joked as they fought. The rest of the-
party stuck down the rest of the enemies as Merlin cast a final Fireball at Jonnick, his body falling as his spirit left saying, "I will be back to kill you, Ash." Farrall and Merlin went up asking what that was all about, only hearing the later half of their conversation as Ash-
looked at Jonnick's face more closely. Seeing it bloated a two cut marks that resembled his blades to his neck. He finally remembered the marshes and the buy dropping head first into the marsh. "Ugh, him." Ash thought, as he said outloud, "No, clue! Friggin weirdo man." The rest
of the evening Ash cast Primevel Awarness trying to make sure nothing was coming back to get him as he slowly got more paranoid.

Later that night, Merlin wakes up Lightpaw for his watch as they were sleeping in a stable due to the inn being overcrowded. Lightpaw, still sad-
and disappointed he couldn't save Roxanne during his watch notices the wish ring glisten from the chain around Farrall's neck. He could be strong an powerful like Irdel. An adult green dragon could save Roxanne. He casts Hold Person on Farrall as he slowly gets up, in only his-
underpants and tries ripping the necklace off Farrall's neck. Farrall wakes up in a way, yet can't move, but knows what Lightpaw is doing. She passes her save, but Lightpaw acted first, panicking and shoving his finger into the ring screaming, "I wish I was permanently and adult-
green dragon!" As he rips through the stable his body morphing into a dragon. Farrall trying to grab onto him as he flies up. This event shakes everyone awake. Merlin and Ash are shaken from past dragons. Ash, get's up grabbing his shit and Lightpaw's screaming, "Ahhh, Irdel!!"-
Merlin casts Dimension Door and teleports onto dragon Lightpaw's back as Cirith tries to throw her Whisper dagger into the dragon missing. Lightpaw not wanting kill Merlin as he flew very high, gets close to the ground barrel rolling him off and flying away saying-
"I am coming for you Roxanne. Save the Princess!" As the other four members of the Pelor Pals looked at eachother like 'What the fuck?'
This one was way long, my apologies! Comment if you liked it! I'll add more as we play, maybe even give it a hashtag? Or maybe I could make threads about past things if any people are curious about them.

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