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ive talked about it abit in the past, i have a tweet talking about how much i like the house rule ive taken for my #dnd game last week some time using a form of "elective initiative" but that post was done from my phone and may not be as clear as i wanted so here we go! 1/?
Several systems use a form of elective initiative, which generally means you choose who goes after you, you can choose all your friends to go first, but that means that in many ways the enemy will get to go twice in a row (ending the round and then "choosing themselves" to 2/?
start the next round. The idea has been expanded and tweaked by several games to operate in slightly different ways, but the one that has inspired me for use in my dnd games is the initiative style of Star Trek Adventured 2d20 (by @Modiphius ) it works as follows: 3/?
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Result On hold
I'm back! I was running a combi-comic/anime/gaming.cons confor a few days so I figure I'd better do a recap of the story so far. Eh, you might want to get comfortable for this Ready? No? Tough.
You are playing Peu Pue Flintwalker, a gender neutral
Goliath, 7' 2", 350lb, druid, who left their clan to see the world and map a way to Chult for your chief.
Day one off the mountain range, you met a human father and child with a broken cart wheel you helped them fix it and accompanied them to a nearby village to get the lay of
the land, there was a monster terrorizing the locals and you promised to help them hunt it the next day, you bought a map of the world from a dark gnome book store owner called Bobkins, discovered an ancient temple at the bottom of an old well, underwent the trial of elements by
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The initiative thread got unrolled, too. So I'll use this as an opportunity to talk about running away.

Running away from a conflict is absolutely essential to a lot of styles of RPG play. It's common in real-life violent conflicts. But it's also nearly impossible in initiative.
That's because every character gets the same amount of time to do everything, as if they were all acting in turn, but also simultaneously. When you act in turn, you act with full knowledge of the other parties' actions on previous turns.
As a result, the INSTANT Merlin breaks and runs from the goblin, the goblin also starts chasing Merlin. At the end of the goblin's turn, he's adjacent to Merlin again. In reality, the goblin would have a few seconds delay reacting to Merlin, intuiting if it was a feint, etc.
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Initiative means every party in a combat acts exactly as often as every other party. In reality, this isn't how fights work, from a schoolyard brawl that gets you sent to the principal to trench warfare. It's *fair* from a game perspective, but not realistic or cinematic.
Yeah, screw it. Let's thread this.

Fair makes sense in a tactical board game. But does it make sense for a tabletop RPG?
Many tabletop RPGs also come with a tactical board game that the designers throw in for free.

Crap, that sentence is so good I should have started the thread with it.
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I started a new #DnD campaign in #Eberron. It's interesting to see how players come up with characters.
One guy only decided to join the campaign a couple of days before but he was familiar with the setting and made a Dragonmark Heir. He really wanted to play an Artificer so he made one at the table.
Another guy was in from the get-go but wasn't familiar with the setting at all. He had his heart set on playing a druid so he made a half orc druid. He saw that he could be a Gatekeeper. Perfect!
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Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
Girls play D&D.
#Girls #play #dnd.
Wow. I'm blown away by the response! I want to echo the point that has been made about how long somebody has played being irrelevant, whether its 20 years, 10 years, or 5 months. I've played with many women and girls over the years and have loved having them at my table!
I really don't understand the push back. I don't understand the comments I see about girls not being "real nerds" or only playing bc their boyfriend plays or they want cosplay likes or whatever. It's all nonsense. Is it so hard to believe that girls play because they WANT to? smh
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Quick #DND thread.

So, since @moofable's character Dirt, Friend of All Living Things, invited the Raven Queen to the town's victory festival, at the end of the party she left him with a thank you gift: a box containing one death and one life.
Here's a fun DM thing: I did not, at the point I came up with this and said that, know exactly what that means and I still don't. (This tweet does not contain a question.) It's a closed box. Ornate. Dark. Bird motif. A literal and figurative black box.
IF you were a writer doing an ensemble story about adventurers, and you had a McGuffin like this, you would probably have some idea of not only what it would do but also what need the recipients would have for it, later in the season or whatever.
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Lil #microfiction challenge... each RT I'll write about an enchanted weapon or item. owo

#asmallfiction #dnd
@zanderjeanCC This two-handed sword has a blade of thin crystal, the metal forged around it it just to hold the blade itself. Once its true name is spoken, it glows with an unearthly light that can dazzle opponents. It's a zwei-zander, if you will.
@empyreanSpartan For ages, the Hammer of Hyramdath (pronounced with a trill and a short second A) was considered an indestructible ornament--it was scaled for a titan's hands. When the moon is full, it points its haft like a compass, waiting for its master.
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Saddle in people, it's storytime #DnD: Party is trapped in a ginormous illusion/sim (think Matrix, or rather Saints Row 4, but fantasy) that syphons off power off the spells they've used & they still are mostly clueless. Never laughed/cried so hard in anything I DMed as today.
The hints were small until today. Things were "too good to be true", monsters nerfed, creating big badass moments to keep the players complacent (and here I thought I taught them better...). They rose through the adventurer ranks at breakneck speed, until finally...
they were named "Protectors of the Realm", and presented to the king who awarded them a keep on the outskirts of town. Biggest mass of people they had seen in the campaign yet, thousands of people down to party in the streets.
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Stress dreams. Those are fun. This one had me cutting through a large space that had kids in a semi circle with a projector going like a movie theatre. A teacher grabbed me and told me that I wasn’t cutting again. I said something like ‘I just don’t understand this stuff’/1
She got pissed and as we were walking she was saying something like ‘you don’t get to choose’, poking me in my back. When we ended up in the office the teacher appeared to be a high school student as she was yelled at by the principal, the only adult in the room now, apparently/2
An errant thought in my head was I’m a game designer now. Hearing it she replied, ‘I take a lot of pleasure in crafting music’. She reached to a shelf and shows me a CD. ‘But everyone NEEDS to go to class to be successful’. Suddenly my parents are there being told /3
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For everyone other there treating lore from Volo and Morderkainen like it's carved in stone, remember that they're unreliable narrators, and that their sources aren't 100% accurate or free of bias. That's right, even fictional characters can have biases. #DnD #ttrpg
What do I mean by this? I mean that they're fallible, and subject to propaganda and rewritten history. Neither has the ability to "get it right" 100% of the time, and the places where the facts are kept are barred to mortals for the most part.
So when Volo describes Gnolls as being "created whole from demon's blood and hyenas", it's a pretty good chance that he's repeating back some nonsense he heard that Yeenoghu wants to the be the "known" origin of the species. That's right, this is a stan for #Gnolls thread! #DnD
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Today at #DnD club, three 13-yr-olds defeated the monster by asking him how he was feeling, and then sitting him down to a group therapy session. They were on about 3hp each, out of spell slots and healing potions, and they beat the monster with the Power of Empathy.
Let me set the scene here - two girls playing tiefling siblings, a rogue and a ranger, and a boy playing a hulking paladin in skull-themed armour. They are climbing a wizard's tower in search of their missing elven benefactor. They have had an extremely long day.
I have quite literally thrown every trap in my DM playbook at them. They've dealt with magical sewage, kenku thugs, a box of crawling claws, flying swords, ominous foreshadowing, invisible floors, and trapped tiles that spit fire or magic missiles at you. They're barely standing.
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One of the posts I saw on Facebook about the new #dnd Adventurer’s League rules boggled my mind. They said they should be rewarded with some form of character story for giving up Harizwan. You know you can just do that, right? You don’t need permission to build your backstory.
Not everything needs to be a certificate in the #dnd Adventurer’s League. You can head-canon your character all you want as long as it doesn’t have a mechanical benefit. I had a +1 short sword with a hilt made of writhing tentacles. I MADE THOSE TENTACLES UP! We can do that!
We don’t need permission for a lot of the stories we want to build around our characters. Good DMs will roll with it. Some DMs will ignore it but that’s ok too. It’s real to us and that’s what matters. Earning story rewards is cool but making up your own stories is cool too.
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Tip for new #dnd DMs creating their first town: Design it to be useful in play and to your players, not as an entry in your world's fictional atlas. It will still be interesting and flavorful, but in service to having fun at the table. I will explain.
Matt Colville (whom I hold in high esteem as a #dnd evangelist) released a video recently to inspire new DMs to build their first town. It does provide a lot of detail, but it's not really detail that D&D adventurers wouldl have (or should have) much interest in.
He lists a bunch of medieval tradesmen along with a few D&D town staples like an inn, a wizard's tower, and a church. It's not wasted work, exactly, but how many PCs do you know who come to town asking to see the farrier or the wheelwright?
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Hey #DnD adventure writers, I have some advice I want to share because I haven't seen many folks talk about it and I feel that it has been integral to both my success thus far, and my writing style as a whole.

Let's talk about toyetic adventure design. Here comes a thread:
What do I mean when I say "Toyetic"?

It originally refers to "the potential media properties have for being merchandised into toys". See the wiki for it:

For me (a #trpg writer) the term means "the degree to which something feels like a toy or playset"
Before writing elf games I worked in film, and before that I wanted to be a toy designer: to work for Playmates or Hasbro designing action figures. I had an eye for character designs and for elements that encouraged play and fun.

It turns out writing #DnD isn't that different.
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Playing and running #dnd at conventions has taught me SO MUCH about my game. Here are the ten most important tips I've picked up for DMing at conventions so far (most apply to home game too!):
1) Ask each player to introduce their character at the start of the game. Not just Class/Race/Level - ask them to describe their character entering the scene. It only takes five minutes, but it's CRAZY how many DMs skip this, leaving players wondering who they're gaming with!
2) Try to run your game standing up if you're able. It keeps the mind active. It can feel unnatural to start a game that way: my tip is to stand up and hand out initiative cards once everyone's seated, and then never sit down again.
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So... @Wizards_DnD I have a humble request. Instread of trying to have magic related trans-ish things in the game to just sort if represent trans experiences, could you like...Just have some cool canonically trans figures in the cannon? Just straight up put trans ppl in the game?
Like if you need some characters, I can make some for you, I love making characters and I'm told that I am pretty good at it. There are a lot of good trans writers. Just, I would like cannon trans hard hitting npcs in my adventure modules. I'm just saying.
Also I'm gonna just keep restating it until it happens, just so you all know, any signal boost would be cool, or if there are trans chars in cannon that I am unaware of, pls let me know. Thank you for your time.
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BUFFALO: Look, I'm not suggesting we do this to random passersby, but something you just need to use other party members as a bludgeoning weapon! #DnD
GM: The door is painted rust.
PARTY: What? We have the paladin smell the door!
GM: ...what are you trying to determine here?
GM: Fair enough. It's iron paint.
CHEETAH: Are there things in this world that are afraid of iron? Like fae?
CENTIPEDE: I know lots of things are afraid of centipedes.
BUFFALO: If the door was painted with centipedes, you'd be super pissed.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You watch the servants keenly, Father Tree and Sir Thorns seem to be looking as well, you notice there seems to be gaps among the battalion of servants, the mists aren't to be seen, neither is wolf or the mystery servant.
Sally, Mrs S's aide de camp comes
scurrying out of what you assume is the kitchen area and whisper something to Mrs S's eyes go wide, she slams her hand on the table and starts to stand up.
Then seems to think better of it.
There's muttering among the guests as they notice others below them being served first.
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
Knowing the sort of hilarity your name draw sin mortal circles you decide not to subject yourself to the Fey version of the same and look back at the flea ridden druid.
Perhaps you missed something
-Perception check: Nat :20-
He is still making odd jerky
movements, not consciously, it looks like he's making an unconscious effort to scrape his own shadow off his shoe. His shadow looks wrong too,
It looks like there's more than one person casting it....
The third course is being brought out, your view is blocked by a battalion of
servants carrying the third course.
Your companions have gone quiet again but you have noticed they do that just before each course, your not sure if it's etiquette or something else.
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Saturday, in our #dnd campaign w/ @MurderDiceBen & @sushir011s, we fled the capital hoping to escape this dragon wanting to kill half our party. We enter a town, only to find more adult green dragons and an old "friend" looking for revenge. Story in comments! @Hypermycotic
Ash-Doppleganger(Razorclaw Shifter) Ranger/Rogue
Cirith-Human Mastermind Rogue
Farrall-Half-Elf Paladin/Warlock
Lightpaw-Longtooth Shifter Cleric/Fighter
Merlin-Dragonborn Sorcerer
Roxanne-Lightpaw's love interest
Jonick-Rando Ash killed awhile ago
Felum-Ash's bud
Background information that is relevant.
1) A very long time ago near the beginning of the campaign the party needed to travel through the Dread Forest and needed a guide. They met Ardie who helped them if they helped him rescue his wife in the forest. Ardie worked for the Dread-
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Does the name Norman mean anything to you?"
They look thoughtful
"Nor man" says Father Tree sounding like he was physically tasting the word "No"
Sir Thorns brightens up
"Could it be the name of that god we were trying to remember?"
"Hmm it could be "
"Mrs S" calls Sir Thorns, "could that Gods name have been Norman?"
"Not likely I think I'd have remembered a name as odd as that"
"It is a weird one" agrees Father Tree
"Mortals do have the silliest names" says Sir Thorns "I met on once called Beauregard!"
They laugh
New one is up
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#DnD #rpg #coya
With Wolf's voice calmly guiding you the memory comes into focus but it's not of the servant rather it's some sort of room, there's scattered furniture, before you stands a child with a dagger, you babble a description of him to Wolf. There's chanting in
the background, two words being repeated constantly, a rat scurries past behind the child, you feel your attention following it into the fuzzy mass of forgetfulness around the memory, you fight to turn back but it's too late, your mind tries to snatch any last bit of information
as you emerge back to reality you drag a name out of the memory.
"Norman" you say it out loud as your eyes open on the feast again
"Is that it's name?" asks Wolf
"I think so you" reply "It's gone al fuzzy again"
"I can do things with a name" says Wolf "Leave it to me for a bit"
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#DnD #rpg #coya
You scrunch up your face, tensing your body, physically trying to break the mental block. You fail, your shoulders slump in defeat.
"Easy there cub" says wolf "You'll pop something"
"The memory is there, I just can't pull it into focus" you tell him
your doing a lot of physical things trying to achieve a mental thing, you need to get to the same state you achieve when you commune with nature. Sit up straight"
You sit up
"Now close your eyes and regulate your breathing, slow in, slow out emptying your mind of other images"
Okay lets try a mechanic for assisted rolls
Only RT's and likes of the 2 tweets above count
Every RT gets a roll to see the memory. DC 20
+3 mod
Every like adds a +1 to the results
Majority passes = character passes
Majority fails = character fails
Ends 5pm Irish time June 17th
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