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Lil #microfiction challenge... each RT I'll write about an enchanted weapon or item. owo

#asmallfiction #dnd
@zanderjeanCC This two-handed sword has a blade of thin crystal, the metal forged around it it just to hold the blade itself. Once its true name is spoken, it glows with an unearthly light that can dazzle opponents. It's a zwei-zander, if you will.
@empyreanSpartan For ages, the Hammer of Hyramdath (pronounced with a trill and a short second A) was considered an indestructible ornament--it was scaled for a titan's hands. When the moon is full, it points its haft like a compass, waiting for its master.
@cyborgtopus The Bellower Of Skywind Castle (or Bellow) was a finely-engraved brass maul with a handle of twisted hickory. One end was blunt, as an ordinary maul, the other was a heavy bell, one that could blast enemies skyward. Usually off the battlements of Skywind Castle.
@valkyr_warrior "Utterance" was a pick formed of glaciite (glay-ci-ite, or glay-seet) , an icy crystal found only the caves of the barren north. It was intelligent as both a weapon and a tool, sticking itself firmly to cliffsides until retrieved.
@FurryJW Henrietta's Perfect Lance (Parfy) was an ironwood longspear with strange thin vines around its haft. When commanded, it could hug itself to a horse without need of a rider, and aim itself at opponents.

Henrietta often wildshaped into a horse, so this was ideal!
(5 so far. Gonna nap now. =3= <3 )
Alright good afternoon time for #microfiction! :D
6 @PowerdorkPlus The Ember Cesti, nicknamed "Pugi and Punchi", where a pair of fighting gauntlets made of giant-salamander leather. Their knuckles were plated with brass and inlaid with red diamonds. A single punch could crush boulders and splinter timbers.
8 @samlamanderrp Stinger's Whip was braided leather, carefully branded as to look like a long, scaly tail. In a wielder's hands, it was an extension of themselves, able to grab, disarm, trip, and grapple. It was remarkably durable.
9 @PostModernBlack "Tumble" was an unorthodox weapon used by an enigmatic druid-monk. Two bars connected by a chain but with a twist--each strike, on an enemy or upon catching the weapon, shot forth a blast of pollen, blinding and choking opponents with the harsh scent of spring.
10 @SnakeHugz Thunderine was a steel crossbow with silver trim, its stock made from a dead tree that was hit by lightning. Any bolt it fired would carry a ball of lightning with it, arcing from one opponent to the next. Particularly useful on metallic shields and armor.
11 @LeddyKatt "Whisper" was a sling made from fine sheepskin and the hair of a nymph, glossy and perfect despite time and age. When told a target's name, it would guide a sling-bullet without fail.
12 @Kazookieslama The Packer's Glaive was a polearm inlaid with small, dark emeralds in its haft. The whole weapon could be folded until it could fit into a backpack or saddlebag. It could slice firewood and bandits with equal ease.
13 @Wildandtiredewe The Crook of the Magi (nicknamed Bendy) was a sturdy staff, decorated with leather bands and the feathers of local birds. It could guide livestock beyond their usual abilities, forming phalanxes against predators. It could also manipulate brambles.
14 @tomosucks Alfonzo's Launcher (Fonze) was clublike weapon made of light wood and painted in dark, abstract stripes. Its "head" was shaped like a cupped hand--it could grip rocks of various sizes and, when swung, would launch them with incredible speed and gyroscopic spin.
15 @GnollQ Thresher'ik was a small, dark mambele with serrated edges. It was a skirmishing weapon made of blackiron, a metal that prevented healing. Prey could be tracked by scent until the perfect ambush could be sprung.

(img for mambele)
16 @actualcalzone The Handless Spear (Handy) was a shining brass trident with clockwork hinges. It was worn on the wrist, over the hand, and could be unfolded with a command. Usable even with one's hands full--or if one has no hand.

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Sep 2, 2018

I'm making more thingsss
17 @tsujigo The Selunblades were silvered hookswords engraved with images of praying elves. At night, they swung like a compass towards undead. Their holy light weakened undead as well, making necromancers think twice before attacking the monastery.
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