ive talked about it abit in the past, i have a tweet talking about how much i like the house rule ive taken for my #dnd game last week some time using a form of "elective initiative" but that post was done from my phone and may not be as clear as i wanted so here we go! 1/?
Several systems use a form of elective initiative, which generally means you choose who goes after you, you can choose all your friends to go first, but that means that in many ways the enemy will get to go twice in a row (ending the round and then "choosing themselves" to 2/?
start the next round. The idea has been expanded and tweaked by several games to operate in slightly different ways, but the one that has inspired me for use in my dnd games is the initiative style of Star Trek Adventured 2d20 (by @Modiphius ) it works as follows: 3/?
No Rolls. Whoever goes first is whoever kicks off the action, if you throw the first punch (or fireball ya know whatever) you get to go first, you start off the initiative. This can be the PCs or the NPCs, though i'll tend to err towards PCs first if its a question 4/?
Following the first action, someone in the enemy group goes next, the initiative system uses no dice, if unmodified by abilities, inspiration or other effects, it is a simple back and forth between SIDES of an initiative:

Good Guys
Bad Guys
Good Guys
Bad Guys

Who uses that slot can be anyone on that "team" that hasn't acted yet in this round, so the initiative is somewhat fluid and allows for some tactics, such as the healer being like "i need to go now to heal" or the wizard deciding now is a better time for his spell 6/?
Now, #dnd has alot of options and class features, feats and other things that give benefits to initiative (from advantage (barbarian's Danger Sense) to numerical bonuses (swashbuckler's Rakish Audacity)) all of these will amount to the same bonus under this system 7/?
You may use one of these abilities once per conflict (or anyone may use a point of inspiration) to act whenever you want in the initiative (provided you haven't acted this round), even if that means your group goes twice in a row, or more. 8/?
Some people have asked about this slowing the game down, but in the end i find the opposite to be true, it allows those that are ready to go, if someone is shuffling through their spells or magic items to figure out what they are going to do, the game doesn't stop to wait 9/?
if everyone on one side has gone, and there are still remaining characters that need to act, that side finishes up all their actions in a row, and then the other team starts the next round off. One thing I love about this game is the back and forth keeps things fresh 10/?
and exciting, without come to a point where the DM is just shoving minis around the table and rolling for a whole mob of monsters, it breaks that up and turns combat into an interesting conversation, for this reason i suggest mixing it up abit, if you have 11/?
nearly twice as many enemies on one side, allow two people to act per "initiative slot" do your best to prevent the bog down of a ton of GMNPCs/Monsters going at once, and keep things fresh and exciting.
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