They say love conquers all! But when it comes to Sickle Cell, does love really conquer?

When you Consider the emotional and financial strain that comes with having children with Sickle Cell Anaemia, is it still worth it?

(THREAD) #Tweet4SickleCell
They tell us to marry someone we love. If the said partner has been verified to be a faithful believer and a true love, Is it still a valid reason for 2 people who are not genotype compatible go ahead and get married?

In as much as we know that considering our future partners’ religious beliefs and morals are important factor, the health aspect cannot be neglected. Some choices you make can mar your relationships no matter how strong it is.

I am an advocate for "marry the one you love" but is love really all it takes? Is love really enough? when clap enter dance will your love be strong enough to hold?

Do you know that Genotype compatibility is an important factor too?
Someone who claims to love you today would bail on you at the slightest provocation. I know a man who claimed to love his wife unconditionally, she contracted Hepatitis C from a hospital procedure and their lives changed forever

Dude became aggressive and retracted. To cut the long story short their marriage didn't survive it. He couldn't deal with it and he left her miserable. One would begin to wonder where did love go?

“ijuom num onye kam ga aju kwanu?”

I digress!

Sickle Cell Anaemia, Sickle Cell Disorders...

Do you know that they are 100% preventible?

How? GENOTYPE TESTING and breaking the sickle cycle by ensuring you and your partner are genotype compatible before making babies
What are Sickle Cell disorders?

They are a group of disorders characterized by presence of abnormal Red Blood Cells. The abnormal hemoglobin is inherited from the mother or father or both.

It cannot occur later in life.You can only be born with it.

Can prayers change your genotype? NO

Follow this conversation and i ll enlighten you more!

If you have a contrary opinion, kindly share too

Red blood cells contain a molecule called hemoglobin which carries oxygen throughout the body. In a person without the disorder, hemoglobin is smooth, round, and flexible allowing red blood cells to glide easily through your bloodstream.
but in a person with Sickle Cell, It means that your reb blood cells have a sickle shape.

It forms rods that clump together and cause red blood cells to become rigid and curved. The odd-shaped cells block blood flow and cause severe pains #Tweet4SickleCell
Before i continue let me differentiate between Sickle Cell Anaemia and Sickle cell trait

Trait; E.g AS;
The person has only one abnormal gene (S) and one normal (A)

They do not display any severe symptoms #Tweet4SickleCell
Sickle Cell Anaemia E.g SS
The person has only 2 abnormal genes(S) (S)

They displays severe symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms include
Painful crisis
Chest infections
Shortage of blood
Painful swelling of hands and feet, etc
Apart from the day to day crisis that Sickle Cell Warriors have to go through, there are life threatening complications too
-Acute chest syndrome
-chronic leg injuries(Ulcers)

Even death😭 #Tweet4SickleCell
For guys, having an erection is a good feeling! But whatever goes up must surely come down abi!

Now imagine how it feels to have erection without any sexual arousal for longer than 4hours 😭

“priapism” -what some of the males go through #Tweet4SickleCell
If a person with the trait AS maries some with 2 normal genes (AS + AA) there is a 50% chance the child will be (AS) and a 50% chance for AA

They cannot have a child with SS.

See, A Sickle cell is broken. Marry Right! #Tweet4SickleCell
Are you following the conversation?

Lemme ask?

Do you know your Genotype?

Mine is AA, what is yours?

Ok! Let’s do this

Reply this thread with your picture and genotype! Your future bae may be here ❤️❤️❤️❤️

AA (Taken sha)🙈

#Tweet4SickleCell #WorldSickleCellDay2018
As we were saying!

Today is #WorldSickleCellDay2018 and we are joining the rest of the world to create awareness about this disorder and to plead with those who have the traits to break the cycle by marrying right

We are also encouraging the sickle Cell Warriors to stay strong, pay attention to their health so as to live a better, healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

Sickle Cell is not a death Sentence #Tweet4SickleCell
For married couples who are genotype incompatible, there is good news!!

You can test for the genotype of your baby in the early weeks of pregnancy.

But the challenges are
1. It is very expensive

How many average nigerians can afford it


If you find out the baby is SS, what do you want to do about it?

Nigerians are sensitive about discussing abortion talk more of actually taking an elective decision to terminate the pregnancy, we are we really ready for this? #Tweet4SickleCell
If you decide to keep the baby,Are you ready financially and emotionally to bring an innocent child into the world to suffer the pains of living with Sickle Cell Anaemia?

Ask a sickle cell warrior to tell you about their struggles #Tweet4SickleCell
Yes, there are treatment options. procedures like bone marrow transplant is available.

But again, how about the cost implications and challenges.

Are you ready for this?

Is prevention not cheaper/better than cure? #Tweet4SickleCell
“I was AS before but after fasting and praying my genotype changed to AA”

Me: Either the First test was wrong or the 2nd is wrong! You need a tie breaker! Get a 3rd opinion, from another lab!

A moment of silence for all the children we lost in those days that were called “Abiku” “Ogbanje” and those mothers who were shamed for birth children that refused to stay alive

Ignorance! Now we know better.

We can break the Sickle Cycle #Tweet4SickleCell
For all Sickle Cell Warriors out there, here are a few tips to help you live healthier.

Take lots of fluid. dehydration can increase your risk of a sickle crisis.
Drink more fluid if you’re exercising or live in a place with hot weather
Take your routine drugs as directed. Get vaccinated for vaccine preventible infections.

Treat infections promptly before they get complicated

Your doctor must always be a call away. Stick to doctors advice always
Avoid extreme of weathers as they can cause painful crisis.

Not too hot, not too cold!

Find more sustainable ways to relieve your pain including heating pads or physical therapy, warm baths, massage. Etc

Pain relief must not always come from a pill bottle

If it gets too bad, SEE A DOCTOR ASAP
Your mental health is important!

Get love and support from family and friends! Go out on dates, do exciting stuff, acquire a skill, listen to good music, go see a movie, etc

Take like Jeje! Enjoy life!
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