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1. @realDonaldTrump is an anti-Communist.

The corrupt secret police crap perpetrated by #Weasel Comey + Hillary is stuff Trump understands and detests even more than we do. He will end them.

We'll look at the decisive historical evidence contained in his personal relations...
2. Historical analysis of friends, family, and mentors is crucial. Any politician can deceive in the short term. But looking at the lives of the key influences on a man will show the truth.

I learned that from the brilliant PHD Paul Kengor (read his work).
3. Trump had a close relationship with his dad, Fred Trump
4. Trump learnt from his dad, and took in his political ideology.
5. Fred Trump's political beliefs were ideological and pro-America. For instance, he supported Reagan. In fact, up through his death, he kept a photo of himself and Reagan on his desk
6. Even more telling is that Fred was a "major Goldwater backer and financier"…
7. Barry Goldwater was extremely pro-America, in favor of strong military, small government. He was opposed to Communist scum and FDR's big government New Deal.
8. When Goldwater accepted the nomination as Republican candidate for President in 1964, this is what he said.

He was an ideologue of the very best kind. More of this please:
9. Goldwater got trounced against Lyndon Johnson.

At the time, Trump was 18 years old, and thus impressionable.

Trump adopted the freedom ideology from Goldwater and his dad. But learned that he needed more sophisticated tactics to advance it.
10. The next influence on Donald is Roy Cohn. He died in 1986, but 30+ years later, Trump still remembers him:
11. They met in 1973, became friends, and worked together up until Cohn's death.

Some described Cohn as a mentor to Trump.
12. Here's a photo of Roy back in the day. This is just super cool.

OG here:
13. Roy worked as chief counsel with Joseph McCarthy. They worked together to stop Communism scum, directed from Moscow, who were infiltrating and subverting America.

Here they are hard at work:
14. McCarthy often gets smeared today. But in fact, history has borne him out as totally correct.

This book definitively vindicates McCarthy. And thus also Roy Cohn's work.

"The greatest book since the bible"
15. This is the smoking gun proof that Cohn was a good man. The left really really hates him. Vanity Fair describes him as an "evil man"
16. Here's an interview with Roy. He just talks about protecting America and Americans from subversion, and how great our middle class is.

17. Think about that.

70 years ago, Trump's lawyer was fighting foreign leftist infiltration of our country.

Today, Trump is fighting foreign interests, subversion in our government, and far leftists.

You think that's a coincidence? No way!
18. Recently, America has been exposed to how subverted our own government is, the deep state, and the fact that it doesn't represent Americans.

Cohn showed this to Trump almost half a century ago.

Trump is way ahead of us. It's like he is going slow to show us what he knows
19. Finally, Ivana, whom Trump married in 1977 when Trump was 31 years old. She wasn't a formative influence on his life. But a reflection of his values.
20. Some of the best freedom lovers in the world are people who suffered under Communism and escape it. That's Ivana.

She grew up in Czechoslovakia, a Communist Russian satellite. When Czechs pushed for freedom, this is how Communists responded. Ivana lived through this at 19
21. Three years after Prague Spring, Ivana arranged a false marriage. She escaped to Austria and ultimately to America.

That's the brave freedom loving woman that Trump fell in love with.
22. Communists are scum. Ivana had been an alternate on their olympic ski team. But since she rejected Communism, they erased her history.
23. Ahh and look what we have here.

Trump has actually had secret police spying on him his entire life. He was training decades ago to stop #Weasel Comey entrapment plots.…
24. When Soviets spy, that means they are trying to compromise and influence, or destroy you.

This is the sort of shit that builds hatred. We are upset because we see secret police sabotaging Trump on tv. He lived it his ENTIRE life.

Bet everything he hates them more than us.
25. Trump is naive? A Russian stooge? LMAO.

He is more cautious and aware than all of us. This is a 1990 interview

He wouldn't fly to Russia without having Russian colonels on the plane with him to prevent them from blowing up his plane
26. In sum, Trump loves freedom, America, and small government. He hates leftist subversives.

He has an intimate understanding of our enemies. What we learn now, he lived his entire life.

This is an opportunity he won't pass up. He will destroy them.


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