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This Republican control over all parts of our government defies comparison. On second thought, it feels like a Biblical punishment..Remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt?
#RepublicanPlague #CrimesAgainstHumanity #RiseUp
First, the waters of the land of Egypt were to be turned into blood....
The Clean Water Rule protected smaller bodies of water, like streams and wetlands, from discharges of all kinds of pollutants. But not anymore: #RepublicanPlague #CleanWaterAct
The EPA has delayed implementation for 2 years as the agency “clarifies” (read: eliminates)the rule.The decision is a clear gift to industrial polluters who loudly protested the reg in 2015 & GOP lawmakers who have falsely claimed the rule regulates “puddles on private property.” Large freighter ship spilled red and yellow toxic sludge into waterway. People in small boats float on the spill.
In fact, The #CleanWaterAct protects important waters, including streams that feed the drinking water supply of one in three Americans.
#RepublicanPlague #CleanDrinkingWater #GOPLies What are the dangers of water pollution? Heavy metals, microbial pollutants, organic matter, sulfate particles. Person drinks from polluted glass of water.
Flint water has been contaminated since 2014 under a Republican administration that chose to put austerity measures before public welfare..they chose to ignore warnings. Is this what you want for your community? #RepublicanPlague #CleanWaterAct #FlintWaterCrisis
The second plague: Frogs swarmed forth...They covered every inch of land and entered the houses and bedrooms; wherever an Egyptian turned, whatever he touched, he found there the slimy bodies of frogs, the croakings of which filled the air. #RepublicanPlague #GOPCorruption
The modern “plague of frogs” is the co-opting of a benign cartoon frog (Pepe) to become ubiquitously associated with the “alt-right” movement.We’ve been listening to the slimy croaking ever since..#RepublicanPlague #GOPCorruption
In the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign, Pepe became closely associated with the alt-right, a loosely knit movement of white nationalists and neo-Nazis who used the character to promote racism and anti-Semitism. #RepublicanPlague #HatePolitics
As the movement grew more active online, Pepe was repurposed as a KKK member, a Nazi stormtrooper and, eventually, Adolf Hitler. At one point, Pepe's catchphrase, "Feels good man," was recast as "Kill Jews man." #RepublicanPlague #HatePolitics #AntiSemitism
The alt-right stole Pepe the Frog &now his creator is taking him back.Matt Furie,the artist behind the comic frog has taken legal action against sites/people aligned with the white nationalist movement
We wish #MattFurie well in his fight against #HatePolitics #RepublicanPlague
The third plague: Then God ordered Aaron to strike the dust of the earth with his staff, and no sooner did he do so than all over Egypt bugs crawled forth from the dust to cover the land. Man and beast suffered untold misery from this terrible plague. #RepublicanPlague
We have global warming to thank for an increase in the rate of bug bite related infections.  Bugs thrive in warmer climates, including ticks that carry the potentially fatal Lyme disease and perhaps even flu bugs.  #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChangeDeniers
As winters shorten, ticks are showing up earlier each year and leaving later.  As a result, the number of cases of Lyme disease has doubled in recent years. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChangeDeniers #LymeDisease
Already, scientists have observed a widening of malarial zones with new cases appearing in previously unaffected areas. The change is thought to be due to rising temperatures and an expansion of areas habitable for mosquitoes. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChangeDeniers
The new research, detailed in the October issue of The American Naturalist, shows rising temperatures would mean insects would not only spread out, but also multiply more quickly. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChangeDeniers
The fourth plague to harass the Egyptians consisted of hordes of wild animals roving all over the country, and destroying everything in their path. #RepublicanPlague
Regardless of where we live in the world, the conflict between humans and wildlife is of growing concern. People have the right to protect their property and livelihood, but animals and their natural habitats also have a right to be protected.#RepublicanPlague
Shrinking habitats from population growth and development have caused human populations in the U.S. to clash with bears, wolves, coyotes, and other species #RepublicanPlague
..that have been forced closer to cities and towns, posing a threat to humans, livestock, and even pets who are left unattended outside. #RepublicanPlague
The White House is currently reviewing a regulation that some environmental groups fear could nix protections granted to nearly 300 threatened species.The ESA affords wide-ranging protections to species on the brink of extinction. #RepublicanPlague
Then God sent a fatal pestilence that killed most of the domestic animals of the Egyptians. How the people must have grieved when they saw their stately horses, the pride of Egypt, perish; when all the cattle of the fields were stricken at the word of Moses #RepublicanPlague
Factory farming is an industrial process in which animals and the products they generate are mass produced. The animals are not seen as individual, sentient beings with unique physical and psychological needs but as eggs, milk, meat, leather etc. #RepublicanPlague
Because factory farming is a business,its goal is to maximize production &consequently, profit.Since animals are seen as mere commodities, they are bred, fed, confined &drugged to lay more eggs, birth more offspring, and die with more meat on their bones #RepublicanPlague
Because animals live in such a manner and are denied normal social interactions, they experience boredom and stress so great that it leads to unnatural aggression.
#RepublicanPlague #FactoryFarming
To curb this aggression, conceal the disease that results from such horrendous living conditions, and stimulate aberrant growth, farmers routinely administer drugs to animals, which in turn reach meat-eating consumers. #RepublicanPlague #FactoryFarming
The consequences of this agribusiness are institutionalized animal cruelty, environmental destruction and resource depletion, and health dangers. Republicans favor cutting regulations that try and protect animals, consumers and cruelty-free farming.#RepublicanPlague
Then followed the sixth plague, which was so painful &horrible it struck the people of Egypt with horror & agony. God told Moses to take soot from the furnaces, &sprinkle it towards heaven; as he did so, boils burst forth upon man & beast throughout Egypt.#RepublicanPlague
In 2018, our “Plague of Boils,” is the austerity budget of the #RepublicanPlague now in power. They implemented their #GOPTaxScam and gave more money to the wealthy and they are savaging budgets that help & protect the people. (Cartoon by meatleg.com)
The Prevention and Public Health Fund accounts for 12 percent of the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 2010 Affordable Care Act set it up specifically to try to lower health costs by preventing diseases before they happen.#ProtectOurCare
The CDC uses the PPHF to help states deliver vaccines, watch for infectious diseases, keep an eye out for lead in water, promote breastfeeding in hospitals, prevent suicide and watch out for hospital-associated infections. It totals $931 million for 2017.#RepublicanPlague
Not only would the proposed American Health Care Act explicitly cut the PPHF fund, but Donald Trump has said his 2018 budget would chop domestic spending &funnel more cash to the Defense Department.
#RepublicanPlague #ProtectOurCare
The PPHF also helps ensure that our nation is prepared against emerging threats such as bioterrorism and Ebola and other infectious diseases. Cutting these funds will hurt patients' health in the short term and compromise national security in the long term.#RepublicanPlague
Now, Moses announced to the king a seventh plague; that a hail-storm of unprecedented violence was to sweep the land; no living thing, no tree, no herb was to escape its fury unhurt; #RepublicanPlague
Maria. Irma. Harvey. Sandy. Katrina. Andrew.
While hurricanes are a natural part of our climate system, recent research suggests that there has been an increase in intense hurricane activity in the North Atlantic since the 1970s. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChange
In the future there may not necessarily be more hurricanes but will likely be more intense hurricanes that carry higher wind speeds and more precipitation as a result of global warming.The impacts of this trend are likely to be exacerbated by sea level rise #RepublicanPlague
Scientists are continuing to refine our understanding of how global warming affects hurricane activity. Cutting edge research is beginning to be able to attribute individual hurricanes to global warming. The #GOP rejects this science. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateScience
Because of climate change, such a storm as Hurricane Harvey evolved from a once in every 100 years event to a once in every 16 years event over this time period. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateScience #ClimateChange
President Trump has derided climate change as a hoax. Mr. Pruitt has declared that carbon dioxide emissions from cars, power plants and other sources are not the primary contributor to global warming, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. #RepublicanPlague
The E.P.A. has removed many mentions of climate change from its website and is rolling back regulations aimed at curbing carbon dioxide emissions. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateScience #ClimateChange (Cartoon by Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune)
As soon as Moses left the palace, he raised his arms toward heaven and an east wind brought swarms of locusts into Egypt, covering the sun, and devouring everything green that had escaped the hail and previous plagues. #RepublicanPlague
Hundreds of crop pests are advancing away from the tropics at a rate of nearly two miles a year, research has shown.
The mostly likely explanation for the trend is said to be climate change as rising temperatures make new habitats more inviting. #RepublicanPlague #ClimateChange
Pest invasions driven by global warming have serious implications for agriculture and food security, according to scientists.
Already, between 10% and 16% of global crop production is lost to pests such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, insects and worms.#RepublicanPlague
Losses caused by fungi and fungi-like micro-organisms alone amount to enough to feed 8.5% of the global population.
Agricultural pests are mainly spread by being carried on transported farm products. But the second most important factor in disseminating pests is weather.#Agri
Pests whose traditional homes were warmer regions near the equator were branching out to new locations they would have previously found too cold. #RepublicanPlague #Agri #ClimateCrisis
Dan Bebber, University of Exeter: “If crop pests continue to march polewards as the Earth warms, the combined effects of a growing world population & the increased loss of crops to pests will pose a serious threat to global food security."#RepublicanPlague #Agri #ClimateCrisis
The first head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) slammed President Trump and Republicans in a new interview, saying their environmental policies and denials of the threat posed by climate change are dangerous for the U.S. #RepublicanPlague #NationalSecurity
It's a threat to the country,"William Ruckelshaus, first head of the EPA who was appointed by Nixon told HuffPost.”If you don't step up &take care of real problems, &don't do anything about it, lives will be sacrificed."
"They certainly are killing everything.” #RepublicanPlague
Then followed the ninth plague. For several days all of Egypt was enveloped in a thick and impenetrable veil of darkness which extinguished all lights kindled. The Egyptians were gripped with fear, and remained glued to their places wherever they stood or sat. #RepublicanPlague
The Trump administration is doing away with a decades-old air emissions policy opposed by fossil fuel companies, a move that environmental groups say will result in more pollution. #RepublicanPlague #AirPollution #CleanAir
The (EPA) said it was withdrawing the "once-in always-in" policy under the Clean Air Act, which dictated how major sources of hazardous air pollutants are regulated. #RepublicanPlague #AirPollution #CleanAirAct
Under the Trump EPA's new interpretation, such "major sources" as coal-fired power plants can be reclassified as "area sources" when their emissions fall below mandated limits, subjecting them to different limits. #RepublicanPlague #CleanAirAct #AirPollution

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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allowed some individuals who were brought to the US illegally as children to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and become eligible for a work permit in the U.S. #DemHistory #WhyIVoteDemocrat
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), enacted by the U.S. Congress & signed into law by Pres. Barack Obama in 2009, designed to stimulate the U.S. economy by saving jobs jeopardized by the Great Recession of 2008–09 and creating new jobs #DemHistory #ForAll
Obama’s first major legislative effort was to enact a recovery program that would stimulate the economy by creating or saving millions of jobs and staunching the bleeding from the recession. #DemHistory #ForAll #DemsWork4USA
#ARRA introduced in the House of Representatives less than a week after Obama assumed office/on 1/28/09 the House passed its version of the bill, which envisioned an $819B package of gov spending & tax cuts & was passed without the support of any Republicans #DemHistory #ForAll
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