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the coordinated push to rehabilitate Chris Hardwick is one of the scummiest things I've ever seen. let's just quickly review
this is Dykstra's essay. definitely merits a trigger warning, but if you're okay w/ that I'd recommend reading it. it's disturbing and detailed and concrete and coherent. notably Dykstra takes pains to point out mistakes SHE made as well medium.com/@skydart/rose-…
we can caveat things all we like: memories can be faulty, people can exaggerate certain details, etc. but on a basic level you either believe Dysktra's claim that Hardwick was a cruel and abusive boyfriend or you don't. if you don't, here's what you have to believe:
1) you have to believe that Dykstra made up an incredibly vivid and specific story to hurt her ex-boyfriend, a story that would not help her career one bit and would engender the widespread nerddom contempt she's currently getting
2) you have to believe that she planted the seeds of this fake story SIX MONTHS EARLIER on Reddit, in this thread where she describes how scared she is to out her abuser reddit.com/r/TrollXChromo…
3) you have to believe that Hardwick, despite almost infinite financial resources, has a PR team so inept that they forgot to dispute any specific claim in Dykstra's account, opting instead for the weaselly unfalsifiable "accusing me of conduct that did not occur"
4) you have to believe that Hardwick, despite twenty years of savvy navigation through the entertainment industry, couldn't think of a better place to leak texts than the outlet that famously carries water for Harvey Weinstein and literally DONALD TRUMP tmz.com/2018/06/19/chr…
5) you have to believe that Hardwick's texts demonstrate her dishonesty, despite the fact that they CORROBORATE Dykstra's account that she cheated on him and he was gracious during the breakup
essentially there are two possibilities here:
1) Dykstra is telling the truth, so Hardwick can't convincingly rebut her
2) Dykstra is a "Hand That Rocks The Cradle"-esque diabolical supervillain and Hardwick has happened to slip on eighteen straight banana peels
Hardwick's exes have said he was nice to them. I'm glad! is it possible that a guy would treat a less-famous partner 17 years younger than him differently than he'd treated partners that were roughly as old and famous as him? absolutely. come on. of course it is
they're not all going to be Harvey Weinstein! it's easy to #BelieveWomen when there's 30 of them... more often there's just going to be one. I don't know Dykstra but I don't see why she'd make all this up, or why Hardwick would react this way if she had. I believe Chloe Dykstra

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Sep 29, 2018
in addition to supporting and listening and engaging politically, there is another thing my fellow dudes and I can do: look around our respective worlds and double-check for assault survivors whose stories we may have shrugged off
what the GOP is doing is historically ugly in one sense, but in another sense it's life as usual: dudes shrugging and not involving themselves in women's pain. "I know him. I don't know her." "who knows what happened." "not my business"
this is hardly the first time a woman has come forward against a powerful assaulter, only to see him avoid consequences thanks to the silence of men around him. this happens in every industry. there are several recent examples in mine
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Jul 19, 2018
lmao, just remembered "William Bigelow" was the Breitbart pseudonym of BEN SHAPIRO'S DAD
in this 2012 article Shapiro erroneously identified a former Gitmo detainee as the perpetrator of a suicide bombing in Israel. once this was proven false, instead of correcting the slander they changed the byline to Shapiro's dad's pseudonym instead. goddamn brain geniuses
PS: this is literally the case. "William Bigelow," author of several articles defending and valorizing Ben Shapiro, was actually David Shapiro, Ben's dad. incredible alpha move to have your dad ooh & aah over you under a fake name politico.com/blogs/on-media…
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Jul 19, 2018
facts feelings etc, but I do feel bad for Ben here. he stumbled onto a lucrative grift as a teenager, but he’s a Valley kid... he wants to be a real boy again. but whenever he gets close he’s undone by things he’s done & said. tragic!
when he watches Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin bray at each other across a bar table, part of Ben thinks, “this is boring and it sucks. there’s a better life than this.” part of Ben wants out. he wants the malign things he’s done & said to not count. but, the thing is: they do
Shapiro grew up thinking you could sling all the incendiary filth you wanted... it wouldn’t stop you from being “respectable” once you decided to be. he wasn’t wrong to think that. Buckley’s lionized. Buchanan was all over TV. shit, CNN hired Erick Erickson!
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Apr 4, 2018
the 4yo and I are going to Legoland today. we’re so fucking amped we might punch somebody
we will be there for 30 hours. she packed five sets of clothes
she’s also insisting on bringing a tiny mesh bag of seashells. “for the hotel,” she says mysteriously
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Dec 16, 2017
dreading my own Star Wars opinions
great news: it turns out my opinions about the new Star Wars movie are terrific
Star Wars characters don’t spend enough time going “this place is WEIRD! holy shit, that thing is WEIRD!”
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