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I know there is alot of frustration out there with the Republican Party. I have heard many say that we need to blow it up and start new. Well I strongly disagree with that line of thinking. What we need to do is remake it and rebrand it.

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#MAGA #PatriotsUnited #Trump
The Thing that all Republicans need to embrace is full throated Patriotism. We must become the Party that puts #AmericaFirst. The Dems have gone full fledged Communist , Globalist, and Anti American. #MAGA #KAG
All Republicans need to run on strong borders. This is one of the main issues that pisses me off most about many Republicans, they are ok with weak immigration. The left is going hard on being an open borders society, we can't have wishy washy Republicans on this anymore.
Another thing that needs to happen is that we need fresh young faces and voices to appeal to the younger generation. On this, the left is obliterating us. We can equally balance great policies and being cool and hip.
The Republican party needs to start a campaign to counter the liberal indoctrination that young people are taught in schools from K thru College. This is the biggest hurdle we face imo. #Tcot
The Republican party needs to start campaigning more in Communities of color. Trump was the first Republican to actively campaign in inner cities and communities of color. He even came to California several times. We must not concede anything to the left.
When we bring our message we do not pander like the Democrats do but we articulate conservatism clearly and powerfully and tell people why our ideas are better than the lefts. And when they call us racists , we don't retreat but we call out the hypocrisy of the Left. #MAGA
Republicans need to become the working mans party. In this regard, Trump has made great inroads and he has appealed to the blue collar Democrats . We must continue to pick off these voters going forward.
Republicans need to have great orators but also great teachers and motivators. Reagan was a great speaker but he was a teacher also. Watch his speeches , he always told us why something had to be done. A time for choosing is arguably one of the best speeches ever.
Republicans need to be willing to get in the dirt a bit more. That has been one thing that has gotten us killed in elections, we are too nice. We are in a Ideological cold war with the left, we need to be willing to be edgy if need be. With the election of Trump, I see that now
I know many don't like shapiro but in this regard i give him credit, when he is backed into a corner, he is a savage and can be brutal in defending his positions. Being nice and letting people talk over you is not an option anymore.
I will continue to add to this thread but if you have points to make that I have missed, please comment below and I will retweet the good ones. We are making the Republican Party Great Again. @GOP #MAGA #Tcot

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Sep 29, 2018
Let's talk about Dianne Feinstein's husband. Did you know in the 90s they both came under alot of heat for his extensive business dealings with China , which he continues till this day. Are we going to talk about that again or nah?


You idiots that hate the top 1 % worship a woman that uses her political power to make her husband and his evil friends more money.

You are all a walking contradiction! Read about this woman's history.

Start digging into Dianne Feinstein's and Her husband's business dealings and business associates and it will all make sense.

This is arguably the 2nd most corrupt couple in America besides the Clintons.
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Sep 29, 2018
In the eyes of the Democrats, Brett Kavanaugh is a raging Alcoholic who is also a violent serial gang rapist who tried to murder a 15 yr old girl.

If that wasn't scary in itself, millions of their constituents believe it and the mainstream media advances the narrative.
It is a very sad day for America , no matter what happens. From now until Justice Kavanaugh passes away, he will always carry this .

Once he is confirmed, The leninists messaging will shift to Trump and Republicans placed a serial rapist into the SCOTUS.
I am furious with Grassley because he could of nipped this in the bud from day one. Even a normal guy like me and normal people like you , could see the trap a mile away but this " Seasoned politician " let fear make him open the door for the devil to come in.
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Sep 25, 2018
I am old enough to remember when Q said to Trust Grassley. Today Trump destroys him for being soft !

How many times does Trump have to make Q look bad before you wake up? 😂

Your boy OT has been trying to warn you. Instead of raising hell and calling out bullsh*t like President Trump is doing, you sit back and act like all is well while you eat your figurative popcorn.

Grassley should of never appeased this lying pos!

This is not a f*cking movie or game! This is real life. 2 good men are being put through a high tech public lynching ( Trump,Kavanaugh) and some of you are defending the people who allow it to keep happening 👉 Sessions / Grassley.
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Sep 25, 2018
What have we learned over the last few years about the left? That they are totalitarians who will impose their ideas on you by force. Think about this, they beat you up when you peacefully attend Trump Rallies.

Thread incoming
The left demonizes you and paints you in the worst way possible.

The left unfriends you. How many people have you talked to who tell you that they lost friends for supporting Trump? I know I did.
The left Will Dox people and get them fired and attack their families. See Amy Mek and what they did to The Ice agents.

The left will harrass you at Restaurants .

The left is attempting to purge your voice from the public square.
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Sep 24, 2018
The only time the Keebler Elf had a press conference to defend someone, it was to defend Rod Rosenstein. He never defended President Trump but he defended the man who is actively staging a coup against My President!!!!

In regards to Rod Rosenstein, Katrina Pierson puts the blame where it belongs. Trump blamed Sessions on Sunday and now Trump Surrogates are doing the same thing. The keebler elf can no longer hide. Woke people know who defended this vile pos!

We have Republicans saying that The Jeff Sessions led DOJ is just as bad as The Loretta Lynch led DOJ. My Gawd ! Yikes ! 😳

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Sep 24, 2018
Guess who is next on the chopping block?! Jeff Sessions ! My guess is that he will resign.

The keebler elf coward stopped the Republicans from impeaching Rosenstein and said he was a man he trusted.

Yes , this happened!!!! The coward defended the rat Rosenstein but has never once defended his President!!!!!

F*ck this guy , glad he is next to be fired or be forced to resign!!!!

Activate Sessions Firing/Resignation!!!!

Hey idiots who need someone to spoon feed you , why would Rosenstein think he could convince Jeff Sessions to use the 25th ammendment to remove Trump ?

I'll tell you !

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