>> NEW INCIDENT near #Salisbury:: Two collapse in #Amesbury, UK—near site of Russian spy #Skripal poisoning by military grade chemical weapon - BBC News bbc.com/news/uk-englan…
#BREAKING: Police now say pair found unconscious in Wiltshire U.K. were poisoned with Novichok, same chemical nerve agent that poisoned ex-Russian spy Sergei #Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, just 4 months ago bbc.co.uk/news/uk-447196… #Amesbury
BREAKING >> Following detailed analysis of samples, British counter-terrorism police confirm unconscious man & woman in #Amesbury have been exposed to the nerve agent #Novichok—the same nerve agent that poisoned Yulia & Sergei #Skripal #Russia #Wiltshire
UK Home Secy @sajidjavid calls on #Russia to give a proper explanation for the #Salisbury and #Amesbury poisonings, accusing Moscow of using Britain as "dumping ground for poison." #Wiltshire couple remains in critical condition from #Novichok nerve agent. news.sky.com/story/javid-ac…
Chemical weapons experts suspect Amesbury pair were exposed to a discarded item from the Skripal attack, like a coat w/ a container of nerve agent in pocket. Russians revert to disinformation abt Brits planting Novichok to discredit Russia during World Cup.nytimes.com/2018/07/05/wor…
When you remember how careless Litvinenko’s killers were with polonium—a nuclear agent—you can imagine Skripal’s attackers discarding Novichok carelessly too. Wonder how Republican Senators feel now about their appeasement tour of Russia for July 4th?
ICYMI Russia’s at it again: Russian Embassy unleashes torrent of alternative facts in Amesbury case, by @XSovietNews. Reminding the world once again, rapid-fire propaganda/disinformation is how the Kremlin deflects responsibility for its malign activity. stopfake.org/en/russian-unl…
@XSovietNews #BREAKING Police officer, believed to be with Wiltshire Police, is being treated at Salisbury Hospital (where Skripal recovered) a short distance from #Amesbury where Dawn Sturgess and her partner Charlie Rowley fell ill last Saturday from Russian #Novichok nerve agent poisoning.
#BREAKING British woman exposed to nerve agent #novichok in #Amesbury #Wiltshire has died. Met police open a murder investigation. Dawn Sturgess 44, leaves 3 children. Her partner remains critically ill in #Salisbury—site of Russian spy #Skripal #poisoning theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/j…
“It becomes a murder… involving a British national rather than a Russian national." Sturgess’s death brings Skripal poisoning crime back to front pages, forcing UK to reassert its suspicions, just as #Russia enjoys int'l spotlight as 2018 World Cup host.
Investigators believe March 4 nerve agent attack on #Skripal & daughter (& also killed Sturgess) was carried out by #Russian GRU agents sent to ex-spy's Salisbury home. UK closing in on identifying the individuals they believe carried out the operation. #HelsinkiSummit still on??
The Kremlin of course adamantly denies GRU involved in Skripal poisoning. Just as they denied GRU involved in election interference, hybrid war & invasion of Ukraine. Soviet Union ended but Russia's malign activity was reborn under Putin. Only fools & criminals deny this reality.
As Trump invites #Putin to Washington: We just learned UK citizen Dawn Sturgess is dead b/c she dabbed what she believed was perfume from a small bottle. Turned out it was the Russian nerve agent that had poisoned former Russian spy #Skripal and daughter. cnn.it/2L7hta4
#Novichok survivor said he found name-brand perfume still in cellophane wrapped box. He kept it a few days before giving it to partner Dawn Sturgess as a gift. Police say she died from the disguised nerve agent, same used in attack on Russian spy #Skripal. nbcnews.com/news/world/ner…
#UK poised to demand #Russia extradite two Russians tracked in and out of UK and suspected of carrying out #Skripal nerve agent attack in #Salisbury. The #Novichok poison also killed a woman in nearby #Amesbury #Wiltshire. theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/a…
NEW: State Dept spox announces new #sanctions on #Russia for poisoning ex-spy #Skripal in the UK with nerve agent #Novichok, in violation of CBW (Chemical Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991). Ruble dropped further on the news. cnbc.com/2018/08/08/us-…
#Russia rips new U.S. #sanctions over ex-spy #Skripal poisoning as 'unlawful’ nbcnews.com/politics/polit… via @NBCNews
NEW: UK Charges 2 Russian Men in #Novichok Poison Attack on #Skripal & Daughter, Saying They’re Russian GRU Agents—Not a Rogue Operation
- The New York Times nytimes.com/2018/09/05/wor…
More on #Skripal assassins charged in UK today: British counterterrorism police tracked movements of 2 Russian GRU agents, captured images of them from security cameras, identified a hotel in London where they stayed AND EVEN FOUND TRACES of #NOVICHOK nerve agent in their room.
It took the Russian Embassy hours to respond to charges against Skripal's GRU assassins w/ the same old BS: UK hides "the truth," isn't cooperating (with criminals!), won't give Russia classified evidence. I've written on these tired propaganda tactics. stopfake.org/en/russian-pro…
There it is: "Anti-Russia Hysteria," "Mendacious Cocktail of Facts" AKA 🙄Russophobia. That's #Russia's fake outrage defense to stunning UK evidence in #Skripal poisoning, having caught Russian GRU agents practically red-handed in #Salisbury. #Novichok news.sky.com/story/uk-and-r…
"God-level Trolling"—Russian FM spox Maria Zakharova is reduced to promoting debunked twitter conspiracy theories to respond to devastating evidence of Russian GRU agents involved in #Skripal nerve agent attack in #Salisbury. via @bellingcat @EliotHiggins bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-eu…
NEW: Murdered Russian exile survived 2013 poisoning attempt. UK police reopen investigation into murder of Putin critic Nikolai Glushkov, strangled to death a week after Skripal Novichok poisoning in Salisbury theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/s… @lukeharding1968
NEW: #Skripal's GRU hitmen were identified thx to 'defector' spy from Russian Embassy Rome. "Apollo" saw Putin headed to conflict w/ NATO. So began providing MI6 w/ "wide spectrum of routine and sensitive information" about Russia's worldwide spy network. express.co.uk/news/world/101…
Report of defector spy "Apollo" is good time to read @MarkGaleotti⁩ on Russia’s many intel agents active in UK, Europe & No America. GRU hitmen carried out #Skripal poisoning & other major operations in Ukraine & US. But FSB & SVR are also active abroad. And some turn on Putin.
Kremlin recalibrates: Putin Calls #Skripal Suspects 'Ordinary Civilians—Not Criminals.' Previously, Kremlin fumed 'alleged Russians' was UK anti-Russia hysteria—Russophobia. (And before that, well, lots of other propaganda lies & disinformation) nytimes.com/2018/09/12/wor… #Salisbury
For more background, below is a THREAD tracing news about Russian ex-spy #Skripal poisoning in #Salisbury, #UK investigation identifying military grade #Novichok nerve agent, #Russia's #disinformation efforts in response, international response to the attack, and more.
🤔So the Kremlin "found" #Skripal suspects and is now directing a propaganda show? Putin wants the "ordinary men" to come forward, tell their story. “It would be better for everyone. I can assure you that there is nothing special, nothing criminal there. We will see very soon.”🎭
On cue #Skripal poisoning suspects go on RT propaganda TV. Just ‘ordinary tourists in wonderful Salisbury w/ the famous cathedral.’ SNOW cut short the trip—said the ‘nutrition supplement salesmen’ from SIBERIA. @ASLuhn w/Russia’s latest bad disinfo theater telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/09/1…
😬#Skripal Poisoning Suspect’s Passport Data Indicates Ties to Russian Security Services. Report from sleuths @bellingcat & @the_ins_ru: bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-eu…
@bellingcat @the_ins_ru Not surprisingly, passport data contradicts Putin and RT propaganda interview claiming #Skripal suspects are ordinary civilians, just tourists in #Salisbury: 1) No record of (mandatory) internal passport exists for suspect Petrov before 2009 in Russia's central passport database.
@bellingcat @the_ins_ru (@Bellingcat report con't)
2) #Skripal suspect Petrov's passport has markings reserved for operatives of the state under deep cover, per Russian police source. In addition to "Do Not Provide Information" stamp, there's a handwritten "SS"—common abbreviation of "top secret"
@bellingcat @the_ins_ru (Bellingcat report con't)
3) Another clue pointing to the non-civilian status of #Skripal suspect "Petrov" is the absence from his passport file of any information about his international passport. Usually the file contains a list of all government-issued ID documents. #Salisbury
@bellingcat @the_ins_ru 4) Another "fantastical coincidence": #Skripal suspects' passports were issued nearly simultaneously, their numbers only 3 digits apart (-1294, -1297). Passports -1295 & -1296—the 2 issued between "Petrov" & "Boshirov"—have similar oddities, indicating Russian agents. #Salisbury
NEW: Dutch intelligence arrested and deported 2 Russian GRU spies in The Hague planning to break into Swiss Spiez lab, the independent lab investigating both #Russia ally Assad’s chemical weapons attacks in Syria and #Skripal poisoning in #Salisbury, UK. nltimes.nl/2018/09/14/two…
So Russian spies were hoping to hack computers at Spiez lab used by OPCW watchdog investigating #Skripal case. I wonder if that was before Lavrov's crazy false accusation the lab found BZ not Novichok, citing "confidential information." Perhaps expecting GRU to manipulate data?
I've tried to keep all #Skripal #Novichok #Salisbury tweets in one (long!) THREAD. Alas, they appear broken. And there are some straggler relevant tweets. The main threads are: 1/
(1/ begins👇—March 5)
Gotta love those bureaucrats: Turns out the phone number on the passport file of ordinary-Salisbury-cathedral-loving-vitamin-supplement-selling civilian NOT-Russian-GRU-who-poisoned-Skripal "Petrov" seems to be🥁the Russian Ministry of Defense. #FantasticalCoincidence @bellingcat
@bellingcat #Skripal poisoning suspects' Kremlin links keep piling up. Reporters following up on Bellingcat's brilliant investigation of Petrov & Boshirov's passport files (summarized above) have called the phone number found next to "top secret." Confirmed: It's Russia's Defense Ministry.
@bellingcat Even before Bellingcat's investigation, Russian propagandists couldn't credibly defend #Skripal suspects' "civilian tourists" story. RT chief told BBC she asked in interview if they had Novichok & they said no. When pressed on how ludicrous that interview was, she bailed on hers.
Excellent THREAD on #Novichok attacks and motive behind the Kremlin targeting #Skripal, Litvinenko etc. These men could expose Russian organized crime networks, and therefore the deepest foundations of Putin's mafia state. Also why the Kremlin resorts to even ludicrous propaganda
After journalists called the apparent Russian Ministry of Defense phone number discovered on #Skripal suspects’ passport files, the number’s been shut down. But not before @thebell_io called asking for “Petrov” was told he had reached an “administrator.” Of what? A “minimart.” 😅
😉More unintended fallout from #Skripal suspects' interview: TripAdvisor temporarily bans reviews of #Salisbury Cathedral after a "Alex+Ruslan of Moscow" wrote "finest spire outside Moscow…definitely didn't poison anyone while there" meduza.io/shapito/2018/0… via @meduzaproject
"Another nail in the coffin for the 'sports vitamin salesman' story" indeed. After Kremlin propaganda media RT trotted out for an absurd interview the 2 Russian suspects in #Skripal poisoning, independent outlets are confirming & adding to @Bellingcat passport data investigation.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
#BREAKING Nikki Haley Resigned as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations via @NYTimes nyti.ms/2A0IDZ7?smid=n…
Nikki Haley resigns as UN ambassador, after meeting with Trump in WH—reportedly planned for 6 mos. Odd timing, tho, for Trump to lose a top woman after Kavanaugh & right before midterms? She’s been a notable loud voice against Russia’s malign acts. Will her replacement be also?
Nikki Haley profusely praises Trump and the family. Ivanka’s great and “Jared is a hidden genius that no one understands.” A bit over the top. But you can’t work for Trump unless you blather on like a sycophant. I bet she can’t wait to get the hell out of the embarrassment admin.
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Oct 8, 2018
⚡️Mueller is unraveling a MAJOR & dark thread in Russia investigation. (Dead) GOP operative Peter Smith apparently wired money to hackers as "Russian students" at same time Clinton emails were released by Wikileaks. Elaborate secrecy & planned projects suggest foul play. THREAD👇
So GOP operative PETER SMITH had an elaborate & well-funded scheme to get Clinton emails. In email w/ apparent hacker, they discuss wiring $150k to "Russian students" & being pleased w/ released Clinton emails just days after Wikileaks releases in Oct. wsj.com/articles/gop-o…
This is the first reporting I've seen casting some doubt on GOP operative Peter SMITH's suicide. Hours before his death, he spoke w/ a financier about another anti-Clinton project. He was excited & brainstorming about how to proceed. Financier was stunned when he heard of suicide
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Oct 7, 2018
🕯#OTD Oct 7, 2006: Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya murdered to silence her fierce voice on Putin mafia state corruption, atrocities, propaganda. Her truth is louder today: Putin's guard dogs hurtling Russia back to USSR abyss…Journalists risk death, bullet, poison, trial.
#Politkovskaya was a journalist & human rights activist, not distinct in authoritarian Russia. Anna said journalists owe duty to tell the truth about the state. One last investigation was into mass poisoning of Chechen schoolchildren, authorities gaslighted as media mass hysteria
Before Trump, Americans might've read #Politkovskaya reports of gaslighting officials who blame media hysteria to cover up the poisoning of schoolchildren as absurd. We see now that gaslighting propaganda is a hallmark of illegitimate authoritarian states. theguardian.com/world/2006/mar…
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Oct 5, 2018
Oh gawd. Collins is repeating a Republican talking point about Democrats deciding before Kavanaugh was named to oppose him. So, folks, there you have it. OK for Republicans not to let Obama nominee have a hearing for a year, but Dems can't oppose a man, now credibly discredited.
.@SenatorCollins, what a disappointment. She's reciting Kavanaugh's judicial record, but nothing about his overt lack of judicial temperament. Truly shocking. It's not just Trump. Republicans behave like Soviets, believing the ends justify the means. Every damn time. Wow
@SenatorCollins Collins now sounds like Senator Kennedy: "I asked him point blank if anyone influenced his decisions…he said NO" "Judge Kavanaugh fits w/in the mainstream of legal thought." Now she's citing ABA, who just announced they're reopening their evaluation. What a farce. Sorry, America
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Oct 5, 2018
Grassley: “In another era, Kavanaugh would’ve been confirmed with a unanimous vote.” He ain’t wrong! And blames “left-wing” conspiracies. NEWS for Mr Grassley & Republicans: Women are constituents NOT conspirators! The era of dismissing women, our stories & our rights is OVER!
Schumer: Kavanaugh was problematic from the day he was named by hard-right special interests. The dam broke with Dr Ford’s sexual assault allegations. Republicans blame Democrats bc they have a flawed nominee. It’s the shameful culmination of scorched-earth politics of hard right
Schumer: Kavanaugh was evasive bc he knows his views are deeply at odds w/ the progress America’s made in the last century of jurisprudence & at odds w/ what most Americans believe…If you have doubts abt his credibility, don’t confirm. Ask Pres for another name. Save the Senate.
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Oct 1, 2018
More on that bar-room brawl, adding to a pattern of a belligerent & aggressive drunk/Supreme Court nominee: Kavanaugh wasn’t satisfied w an answer a guy in a bar gave him, so picked a fight, threw a glass of beer in the guy’s face. There’s a police report. apple.news/Am3cwBQu-TEKqo…
Yale classmate who witnessed a bar fight: What the incident illustrates about Kavanaugh “is just the aggressiveness that came along with the alcohol, the hair-trigger machismo… [T]hat was kind of Brett’s shtick. He was aggressive… belligerent” when drinking.
The most 80s thing ever: They were drinking pints at a bar after a UB40 concert & Kavanaugh was sure some guy was the lead singer Ali Campbell. He wasn’t but Brett started a fight b/c of how the guy talked to him. (BTW UB40’s big hit was “Red Red Wine”🍷) nyti.ms/2xUsgvG
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