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Haiti is in a state of Emergency! Violent protests & fires happening all over Haiti right now! The news reports repeated story about fuel price spikes causing this. I am reporting in real time from Haiti source.

@POTUS @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews
2) Bear with me, I'm typing as it's coming in. The building of Parliament in Port-au-Prince has just completely burned down. HAITI NEEDS ASSISTANCE NOW! @realDonaldTrump
3) These aren’t just protests. The fuel prices sparked rage in an already uncivilized, lawless place. They are starting fires nationwide. Attacks are happening everywhere at the highest levels!
4) President Jovenel Moise, former President Michel Martelly, and President of the Senate Joseph Lambert are all hulled up in their separate homes as protestors start fires around their homes and in the streets.
5) Here is an article from the Miami Herald. 3 people have been killed thus far. They aren't reporting on what I was stating above. HAITI NEEDS HELP! @realDonaldTrump @DeptofDefense @DHSgov…
JUST IN: Kinam, a famous hotel in Port-au-Prince is also under attack. Sogebank, the second largest bank in Haiti is under attack, and the rich town of Belvedere is as well. Forgive me if I misspell anything. #HaitiNeedsHelp
7) Here is another article from WaPo - reads much the same as the Miami Herald. #HaitiNeedsHelp CIVIL WAR IN HAITI. Now's the time to remove the corrupt and save the people!! @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @POTUS @DeptofDefense…
8) FOOTAGE from Haiti. Civil war - Haiti Under Attack - corrupt President is hulled up in his home. Protestors starting fires nationwide - burning buildings down! Blocking driveways/homes with fires in streets. #HaitiNeedsHelp @realDonaldTrump
9) FOOTAGE from earlier that was just sent to me showing some Protestors moving through the streets. #HaitiProtests #HaitiFires #HaitiNeedsHelp @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FoxNews @DeptofDefense
10) The entire government of Haiti is corrupt. Most of the police are corrupt. The Clintons are still in bed w/them. BIG drug trafficking over there. The people of Haiti have had it. They need help taking down the top level. NOW IS THE TIME! #HaitiFires @realDonaldTrump @DHSgov
11) The President is still hulled up in him home. The PNH (police force) seem to be indifferent to his plight. The people of Haiti have the upper hand right now. But they need help. #HaitiNeedsHelp
12) Where do you suppose the drug traffickers get all of these guns from? Serious question. I don't know the answer. But they rule Haiti and their government is involved. Jovenel = Clinton lapdog. #HaitiFires #HaitiNeedsHelp #CivilWar @realDonaldTrump @TGowdySC
13) I just found the first piece of live news video coverage. They claim no deaths reported (false). They are saying nothing about the government officials homes either.…
14) I won't have more intel from my source until tomorrow at this point. I am keeping my eyes on the news. Meanwhile, I wonder what came of this investigation request by @TGowdySC into the DEA in Haiti from May 2018? #HaitiProtests #HaitiNeedsHelp #HaitiFires
15) This is an in depth article I put out nearly 2 months ago on the Drug Trafficking in Haiti, the port connections, Clintons and other people involved. WARNING: disturbing photos at end of article.…
17) @marcorubio @TGowdySC Where is this investigation at? The corrupt government of Haiti and most of the police are all involved in the drug trafficking and starving the people. Haiti is ON FIRE right now. Jovenel hulled up in home. 3 dead so far.…
18) This is Haiti's President - Jovenel Moise - Clinton's lap dog.
21) They are doing a fantastic job reporting on this with photos and video updates.👇
23) Coca-Cola bottling company burning. No doubt.🙄
25) Ezili Danto, NY/Haiti human rights lawyer is reporting the following (I have no way to validate, but she often seems to be "in the know"): "There's a DECHOUKAJ (uprooting) list circulating everywhere targeting corrupt politicians and repugnant oligarchs to clean the swamp."
26) She states: "The illegitimate government is facing the fiercest resistance since Obama-Clinton stole the election for them. Kenneth Merten and his career economic hitmen are scrabbling to stop Trump from cleaning the swamp with his own solution."
27) She states: "The demonstrators have burnt the Clinton edifices in Haiti, including the Oasis Hotel, the Best Western Hotel, the Digicel building was attacked. They pummeled the NATCOM building. The airport is barricaded with trucks and flaming tires."
28) She states: "It's inaccessible. American Airlines has cancelled flights. No vehicles can move around Port au Prince or surrounding cities because stones block all along with burning tires. Reports coming in also indicate the Deli Mart supermarket is totally ransacked..."
29) She states: "…Boulos' businesses are singled out as well as that of the coupmaking imperialist Oligarchs. Cars parked in front of puppet president Jovenel Moise's house were burnt to a crisps."
30) She states: "The Gran Ravine gang leader Tèt Kale who helped with the PHTK (s)election, was executed a couple of days ago. The puppet government is on the run. Report has it, ex-president Michel Martelly has fled the country..."
31) She states: "He left his security stranded and they've abandoned his home to the people's rage. A helicopter came and took Martelly, his children and wife out of Haiti towards, of course, the Dominican Republic."
32) She states: "This point is, is it too late for the Jovenel Moise corrupt government that's regularly tear gassing the people, even students in school, and regularly takes over people's lands, ..."
33) She states: "...allows the Clinton oligarchs to amend the Haiti Constitution for their pay-to-play mining oligarchs, World Bank/IMF hit men? The White House is considering its option."
34) She states: "There's a report that a navy ship is coming from the coast of Jamaica to Haiti to take American citizens home. Our source says, "Don't be surprise to see Black Hawks in our skies." I am told the U.S. Ambassador cannot move from the Embassy."
35) She states: "I am told she went out yesterday & had to return to the Embassy because her motorcade could not get to its destination. The UN also went out to "observe" & they also rushed back to Camp Delta quick. But not before losing one UN. truck to the hot Haiti streets."
36) End of report from Ezili. I will try my best to stay on top of this and pull info from all sources I find. I'm waiting to hear if there is any new information from my direct source. Stay tuned and pray for Haiti.
38) The Prime Minister "Lafontant has failed in his mission to govern efficiently," said lawmaker Jerry Tardieu, a member of the Lower Chamber of Deputies who represents Petionville. He called for the prime minister's immediate resignation.
39) A city in metropolitan Port-au-Prince, Petionville had at least two of its luxury hotels attacked and drivers were pelted with rocks as demonstrators reinstated fiery barricades Saturday and others fired gunshots.
40) "He has lost the trust of the population & no longer has the credibility to carry any of the reforms needed in Haiti," Tardieu said. He called on Lower Chamber Pres Gary Bodeau to reconvene their 117 members within 72 hours to resume no-confidence vote on Lafontant & his gov
45) Sorry, I am trying to find a translation for the speech above or any news on it. My source is dark right now.
48) Some updates on Haiti - I am pulling in info from other sources on here to keep it all in one thread. I also have more news coming in from Ezili I will add to this as well.
52) THIS has to do with the U.S. (Clinton and cronies) involvement of rigging their elections to maintain control. Sound familiar?
53) These are the numbers they state: Reminder the current president of #Haiti, Jovenel Moïse (@moisejovenel), was elected with only 595,430 votes from an electorate of 6.5 million.
55) I am including these here so people understand the actual control Hillary Clinton had and still maintains over Haiti. Martelly was the former President before Jovenel Moise. Both were rigged elections.
57) In addition to the below, @AmericanAir says it will operate four round trips to #haiti today and cancel three others.
58) @Jacquiecharles: "Among those killed during #Haiti’s civil unrest was a police officer & two police stations were set on fire. More than one analyst of the situation has told me: The last thing you want is @pnh_officiel shooting someone. Recipe for an even bigger explosion."
59) ..and "In his speech last night @moisejovenel said police would be cleaning up the streets. But reality is officers like the CNE workers & public worker employees are barricaded at home. Police pay doesn’t allow these guys to live in decent & easily accessible neighborhoods.
60) More reports from Ezili: "The U.S. State Department, headed by former CIA head, Pompeo are talking to the "key" opposition to the current government. They are not opposed to getting rid of the Obama-Clinton travesty, however..."
61) Ezili: "there are also, career diplomats with nearly 40 years of career machinations to maintain Haiti's poverty, chaos and indirect occupation which has never stopped since 1915. Men like Thomas Shannon, Kenneth Merten, Larry Swing, and..." #Haiti
62) Ezili: "Thomas Adams, who have worked for both Bill Clinton & the Bush Dynasty Administrations are still in play in Haiti and running things for the global oligarchs, Deep State, and big business. The current Trump Ambassador comes out of this heritage & held UN titles also."
63) Ezili: "So, it's against this background you have these "meetings" happening between the usual suspects to "calm the streets," or otherwise buy off the so-called opposition "leadership." We've seen this hundred of times." #Haiti
64) Ezili: "Here's what to expect. Worst case scenario. Right now the gang members from Gran Ravine, and other areas of the country, groomed by the Deep State and anti-democratic oligarch sectors since 2004, who have acted as mercenaries for the status quo billionaires.." #Haiti
65) Ezili: "in Haiti and police force to come out, infiltrate, and shoot at civil and peaceful demonstrators have publicly said they will no longer kill the people for this government. That's new." #Haiti
66) Ezili: "But don't think there are not now, as I write this, a concerted effort by the rogue DEA/CIA and morally repugnant Bigio-Mevs Haiti oligarchs and their PHTK men-in-pink [Legal Bandits] to turn that scenario around." #Haiti
67) Ezili: "Do not be surprised if you see this united uprising, where practically every Haiti sector, is against the imperialists, the earthquake-richened oligarchs and Clinton-Bush-Obama local political, narco-trafficking puppets, start to be turned into..." #Haiti
68) Ezili: "...a Black on Black crime scenario where the Guy Philippe sort of gangs who have decided to stop killing for empire, are bought off again, paid off to do just that. Infiltrate, entrap, criminalized the current IMF riots." #Haiti
69) Ezili: "Best case scenario: No more innocent Haiti lives are sacrificed to feed the rich. The high prices subside, the people who have worked for months without a salary find some immediate relief. A national sovereignty government..." #Haiti
70) Ezili: "begins that allows all the sectorsof Haiti post-earthquake disenfranchised society to take back the reigns of their country and place the interests of the LOCAL Haitians ahead of that of the career diplomats and the billionaire shysters they work for." #Haiti
71) Ezili: "Jovenel Moise government falls. Haiti's riches are used to elevate the nations economic interests not the interests of the Frank Guistra/Bill Clinton/Bush-Exxon corporatocracy. The Diaspora Remittances getting plundered by Digicel, the transfer companies..." #Haiti
72) Ezili: "...and USAID cronies, is reversed. The NGO dependency-to-rule system ends. Haitians rule Haiti. Dignity, honor, and respect for all, are restored." #Haiti
73) Ezili: "Extra U.S. military has landed. But the fact is, both sides of the vicious U.S. duopoly, are part of the deep state cabal orchestrating the plundering and privatization of the most helpless nation in the Western Hemisphere - an innocent people threatening no one."
74) Ezili: "These Haiti riots must be contextualized as predictable IMF riots when the oligarchs squeeze the poor so dry, so viciously, they're hungry dust rising up with nothing to lose. Teachers, doctors, and nurses working for the state, retired pensioners,..." #Haiti
75) Ezili: "...and many others, including police and security officers, have not been paid by the state for months on end. The Clinton slash of the Haiti minimum wage, along with the hike in food prices, taxes and now gas prices, is horrific for the people." #Haiti
76) Ezili: "This is a planned failure at the highest of levels. The people, from all sectors of Haitian society, are absolutely fed up with the state looting on behalf of the global elites and their local henchmen. The government hike in gas prices,..." #Haiti
77) Ezili: "...along with the failure to pay professionals working for them, as well as the basic illegitimacy of the vote that placed them in office and their high taxes and fees imposed since they came into office, all, contributed to triggering these riots." #Haiti
78) Ezili: "The IMF conditions all over the global south are vicious. And, according to reports, South Africa is also about blow up in riots. This is a worldwide phenomenon caused by imperialist oppression, its corrupt elections, its IMF-globalist privatizations,..." #Haiti
79) Ezili: "...fake "Free Trade," fake justice apparatus, all as evidenced by their dark, deep state drug trafficking, human trafficking and their financial institutions' "structural adjustments" conditions,..." #Haiti
80) Ezili: "where the oligarchs' profits come before the public good and a country's national sovereignty." #Haiti

That was one hell of a report from Ezili!
81) Something else Ezili noted is that "the problem in Haiti is about an illegitimate government who disenfranchised and oppresses its people for the oligarchs and IMF/World Bank banksters." #Haiti
82) On June 26th I went on a rant over the new IMF report for Haiti. Below is the report along with my rant:
83) I find it truly amazing (not really) that @USAID_Haiti isn't even mentioning what's happening in Haiti. The only mention at all is the RT from the @USEmbassyHaiti with a phone number for U.S. citizens in #Haiti to call.
84) And the only thing the U.S. Embassy in #Haiti is reporting on is how the travel is effected. Are you kidding me? Don't you think a statement should have been made by now? Did I miss this somewhere? I wonder if there will be mention in a press conference at some point?🙄
85) There are U.S. citizens over there as well, so you would think if for no other selfish reason, they would at least update people as to what's going on. Nahhhh, better to keep folks in the dark. #Haiti
86) Hold up, I did just find this piece from @FoxNews that posted 4 hours ago. I wonder if there is any mention on television? I rarely turn it on these days. What's the point? #Haiti…
87) The @MiamiHerald is generally pretty good about staying on top of #Haiti news as well:…
88) Look at that, the Chicago Tribune is reporting on it now:…
89) THIS IS BIG: Protestors taking to the street to demand the resignation of #Haiti's President Jovenel Moise!
90) UPDATE ON #HAITI: My source told me that former President Michel Martelly and his family have arrived in the Dominican Republic via helicopter, and that President Jovenel Moise may be traveling to the DR or another location to try to get to a safe zone...
91) My source also sent me a long video of scenes from the streets of people running, gun fire, a woman lying dead in the street, and a man running with a boy in his arms who was missing half his leg. It is too graphic to share. It's awful what's happening over there. #Haiti
92) Protests continue as they insist their corrupt President Jovenel Moise be removed. Now, switching over to updates coming in from @Ezilidanto reporting that generally the Haiti oligarchs have the corrupt police, street gangs, and UN troops firepower on their side...
93)... to shoot the demonstrators who want their country back, but in this case, that is NOT happening. The United Nations is nowhere to be seen. She states, "the gang members who admit they kill for Jovenel and Martelly during the voting to get them elected and"...
94)..."and to illegitimately stay in office, have publicly announced on Haiti radio, they won't kill demonstrators for this government any longer." She states, "Most pivotal, the police are also holding back. The U.S. - EU militaries are holding back." #Haiti
95)..."Where is Bigio and his Israeli mercenaries who are routinely seen manipulating and paying poor starved youths to infiltrate peaceful demonstrations with violence? Something welcoming is going on that STOPS them from their normal murderous rampage." #Haiti
96) Side note: if you are unfamiliar with who Bigio is, I wrote an article about his building going up in flames a couple months back... #Haiti #Bigio…
97) Back to @Ezilidanto's updates: "Please let it be that the powers that own the Haiti oligarchs are finally on the people's side. But we're not banking on this lasting. We know that, as of yesterday, the oligarchy that wants Jovenel to stay in power, like Digicel,..." #Haiti
98)..."the Clinton-Bush career diplomats and CORE group "friends of Haiti", have rallied by focusing the media's attention - not on the illegitimacy and corruption of the PHTK Bandit Legal/Syrian Lebanese plunderers - but with stories about "stranded Americans"..." #Haiti
99)..."and a near total internet blackout and telephone access blackout to silence the people's uprising. But today, there's a major demonstration and strike starting right at Chanmas with thousands expected. What happens to them today, is pivotal...." #Haiti
100) @Ezilidanto has a message for @realDonaldTrump @POTUS: "What we, justice advocates want to tell the Trump Administration is: Please weigh in on the side of the suffering Haitian people. Do not support the bloody reign of thieves, thugs and drug dealers..." #Haiti
101) @Ezilidanto message continues..."Execute the secret indictments held by DOJ and take the narco-traffickers and international money launderers out of Haiti and to prison. Let Haiti live." @realDonaldTrump @POTUS #Haiti

102) While I was typing that, my source just sent me this short video from inside the airport in #Haiti showing people trying to "get out".
103) My source just forwarded this message to me: "SOS rue Montalais incessant heavy fire are heard. Avoid this area. Location is growing at the international airport. Private planes are on the runway at the airport. Suitcases are not inspected...." #Haiti
104) ..."These characters leave the diplomatic lounge and go directly into the private plane. Demonstration at the Constitution Square in the Champ de Mars.
Stones are being fired at the bikes and cars on the RexTheatre side. Avoid this area." #Haiti
107) And the U.S. Embassy #Haiti is full of information for folks. All they have stated is to seek shelter, flights are canceled, and in today's news....
108) Remember when the #Democrats had a #MSM meltdown over an alleged comment @realDonaldTrump made about #Haiti? They were so concerned and appalled, and supposedly fought for the people of #Haiti? @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi @RepMaxineWaters @DNC #Resist ARE ALL SILENT NOW!
109) Where is their love for the #Haiti people now? Where is their concern? What say you @RepMaxineWaters @DNC @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi #Resist? Everyone knows what you all RESIST: Justice, Peace, Truth, Stopping #ChildTrafficking and #DrugTrafficking. You are all FRAUDS!
110) And while the #MSM #FakeNews @CNN @ABC @NBCNews @maddow @MSNBC @CBSNews all push the #Haiti false narrative about the cause being "Gas Prices", #WeThePeople know this is about @HillaryClinton @BillClinton #Bush corrupt control over elites & rigged elections in #Haiti!
111) If everyone can retweet 108-110 and hammer the @DNC and #MSM, maybe we will get some kind of response? Doubtful, but let's hammer these #Resist HYPOCRITES who care about nothing but $$$$, power and control, all of which is slipping away from them at rapid pace! #MAGA
112) It seems appropriate to put this short article here I published back in April:…
113) #Haiti President Jovenel Moise sure isn't making it sound as though he has any intentions of stepping down or escaping Haiti anytime soon. And, wow.... is he that small, or are they that large? He is 3rd over from the left.
114) Mission groups making return home after rioting in Haiti - Two mission groups that were stuck in Haiti are back in Middle Tennessee, while others are waiting to return. #Haiti…
115) A group of 36 Triangle residents is safe, but their mission work in Haiti is on hold after riots there prompted the U.S. Embassy to urge American visitors to the island to shelter in place. #Haiti…
117) This doesn't sound good, sadly. Someone needs to remove this evil man.
118) UPDATE: It seems the strikes may be coming to an end. I'm just digging in now to see what is taking place.
119) According to CNN just 1 hr ago (who knows if accurate):

The US embassy in Haiti has requested additional US Marines and State Department security personnel to bolster security amid the riots that are taking place there, two US officials tell CNN.…
120) CNN: The approved request includes a Marine Security Guard Augmentation Unit, consisting of approximately 13 Marines, as well as other security personnel who would reinforce members of the US Marines Corps and State Department security personnel already in place.
121) CNN: "We do not discuss specific security matters concerning the protection of our facilities or personnel," a State Department official said in a statement Tuesday. "The security and safety of Americans are among our highest priorities."
122) CNN: "Local law enforcement and U.S. embassy security authorities will take appropriate measures to safeguard personnel and visitors." #Haiti
123) With everything going on in #Haiti, this is hitting today:

Storm Beryl downgraded to an active tropical wave is expected to affect Haiti on Tuesday and cause heavy rain with gusts of wind. Risk of flooding, landslides and mudslides.…
124) Update from @Ezilidanto: "it seems, Empire's psychos have rallied...are busy paying off union "leaders" and handing out big checks everywhere to buy off whoever they can to squash the movement against the narco-trafficking Haiti oligarchs and their political..." #Haiti
125) ..."and Core Group U.S.-EU economic henchmen.... Jovenel Moise is still in office. The repugnant oligarchs will probably force a "reparations" payment for their property damage, as is standard....And the beat goes on, and on and on..." #Haiti
126) ..."We're looking for a miracle here for the people of Haiti and the world masses." 🙏 #Haiti
127) UPDATE: My source just contacted me to let me know that 70% of #Haiti's communications are down. The storm moving through is slowing things down, but this is still a full blown protest that will continue once the storm moves through, despite what our news may be reporting.
128) My source says it is confirmed that the Prime Minister of #Haiti, Jack Guy Lafontant, has in fact resigned. However, they will not stop protesting until President Jovenel Moise and all of his corrupt cronies are uprooted as well.
129) So while the U.S. continues to keep it's focus on the U.S. citizens who are stranded or who made it home safely while stating the strikes have ceased.... there may very well be a civil war erupting once the storm moves through. #Haiti
130) My source also informs me that Kenneth Merten, #Haiti Special Coordinator, as well as other Clinton/Obama cronies, still remain in the U.S. State Dept. and need to be replaced. They are still working w/Clintons and the controlling powers in #Haiti.
131) Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in #Haiti is reporting as of tonight that it will be open for routine and emergency American Citizens.
132) I've seen comments all across the board on the situation in #Haiti, and there is one thing I want to say: Does all of this seem extreme? The fires, some of the violence, blocking off official's homes and the airport? Yes. However, one cannot possibly understand...
133) ....what these people are going through because I'm pretty confident 99.9% of the people reading the reports have never endured such a level of poverty. When you and your children are starving. You work for a couple months and don't get paid. You are in dire straits...
134) Living in a land run by a corrupt government, drug traffickers armed and ruling the streets. It's completely lawless. Therefore, if you and your family were starving, how far would you go to rise up against your government? That's all I'm saying. Pray for #Haiti. 🙏
135) 💥Finally! We have an on the ground video news report speaking some truth about what's happening in #Haiti.
136) I just received this video. Today in #Haiti, they continue to protest for the removal of their corrupt government.
@threadreaderapp unroll please
137) My source is telling me the people of #Haiti are not backing down. They want the entire judicial system replaced and Jovenel Moise arrested for drug trafficking. They want Michel Martelly, who fled to the Dominican Republic, arrested for drug trafficking as well.
138) My source states they want the removal of Kenneth Merten (U.S. #Haiti special coordinator) and other Clinton cronies that have yet to be removed. And just like us, they want to know why Hillary & Bill Clinton are still walking the streets.
139) THIS RIGHT HERE! My blood is boiling right now! THIS is what the U.S. Embassy in #Haiti and #USAID are promoting just 11 hours ago while the people fight for their lives against a corrupt government. @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
140) Hillary Clinton with Michel Martelly. Kenneth Merten with Michel Martelly. He is the former President via the rigged election Clintons and Merten orchestrated. #Haiti
141) Guy Philippe, drug trafficker who was extradited from #Haiti to the U.S. January, 2017 and remains in prison in Florida. This is him with #Haiti's current President Jovenel Moise.
142) Bill Clinton & Laurent Lamothe, former Prime Minister of #Haiti - also corrupt. And another photo of the old gang. But don't be fooled, the Clintons still run the show over there. They need Jovenel to stay in power. This is why the people are REALLY fighting for their lives.
143) And it goes all the way back to Aristide with the Clintons power over there. They buy them all off. Get the most corrupt to run the show and all of their drug traffickers to rule the streets. And make no mistake, some of those drugs come straight through to the U.S.
144) If you haven't read this yet, I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with all of the players and the operation because this extends to a lot of people. @TGowdySC was trying to get an investigation into the DEA in #Haiti. Has it happened yet?…
145) Most people think that the Clinton and gang takeover began in 2010 after the earthquake. It goes way back. September, 1994 to be exact. Remember Anthony Lake, the National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton? Yeah, that guy. Here's a new piece of info for you... #Haiti
146) Anthony Lake flew to Puerto Rico to meet with the "elite" from #Haiti. The richest of the rich. They all met in Puerto Rico to discuss how the Clintons were going to essentially buy them all off and run the show in #Haiti. And that's when it all began.
147) The takeover. The rigging of 3 presidential elections. But did you know the Clintons actually made their first trip to #Haiti in 1975 for their honeymoon? I'm sure that's when their devious plotting began. In fact, they were into some strange stuff...…
148) Now if you scroll down in that article, you will see a video from March 31, 1995 of Bill Clinton giving a "return to democracy" speech. There are some interesting finds with that video. His words will turn your stomach, as they do the people of #Haiti.
149) While I'm waiting for more updates on #Haiti, please check out @Ezilidanto timeline to learn the truth about what's transpired in Haiti. She has posted some great videos today of her speaking about the facts.
150) I also want to include this 2-min clip of @Ezilidanto explaining the breakdown of #Haiti's minerals, gold, oil, and other sources worth big $$ that have been stolen over the years and how it's effected their land and the people. It's not just the gold mines folks.
151) It would let me run the full 3-min clip. So here is the ending to the clip in the above tweet on #Haiti's minerals.
152) Here is what #Haiti's President Jovenel Moise has "portrayed" between yesterday and today, while the only thing the news reports on here pertains to mission groups stranded or making it home to the U.S.
153) More of what #Haiti's President, Jovenel Moise is "portraying" to the world on just what is taking place in Haiti right now. You know who he got his "playbook" from right?🙄
154) Given everything taking place in #Haiti right now, you might find this case quite interesting. This is in the courts right now. I'm keeping tabs on it and update the article as it proceeds. The connections are QUITE intriguing. An interesting web:…
155) This is another article you may find of interest regarding one of the Haitian human trafficking connections with the U.S.…
159) JUST IN: Video of another fire burning near the market (not the market itself). Fire fighters arriving now. Reports coming in stating fire are starting in new places. #Haiti
160) This was just sent to me. My source tells me President Jovenel Moise of #Haiti has called on Voodoo to help him stay in power, despite the fact he was once opposed to Voodoo. It is a powerful force in Haiti.
161) Jovenel Moise is who the people want gone. It doesn't appear he intends on leaving, only gaining more power. #Haiti
162) A very good question. Why hasn't Michel Martelly been arrested? Or Jovenel Moise? OR the "elites" working under them, drug traffickers and the U.S. arm still working with all of them in their pay-to-play schemes? #Haiti
163) Notice this is just now "Breaking News" in mainstream. How many days ago did I report on this? They all have to get their ducks in a row with the leaders running the show before coming out with real news. #Haiti 🙄
164) This is a phenomenal Interview with Ricardo Seitenfus by Dan Beeton and Georgianne Nienaber from 2014 pertaining to #Haiti and offers a LOT of insight to the elections, connections and corrupt.…
165) President Jovenel Moise of #Haiti makes false promises to the people of Haiti tonight. "Develop agriculture"? REALLY? It's been all shut down for some time now (Clintons) so the corrupt can make $ on importing, while the people go hungry.
166) @Ezilidanto reported this tragedy tonight: "PICHO, a white mold/fungi or disease evidenced by white or greyish white lesions is spreading on every plant, crop and agricultural produce in Haiti. This white lesion is spreading on branches, shrubs and tree limbs and..." #Haiti
167) ..."killing all our fruit trees and plants including our coconut, grapefruit, orange, avocado, rice and millet. #Haitian peasants will tell you "PICHO" was never seen in Haiti before the suspected, geo-engineered, Hurricane Matthews" - ...
168) @Ezilidanto continued, "Today I spoke with people, peasants and their family, who are so hungry. So without hope. The earth won't bring the food to them as it used to. They've never seen this sort of white disease on their plants and crops, ever before."... #Haiti
169) ..."Some folks are able to eat not once a day, but once a week. They desire we focus on this and not today's resignation of the Prime Minister. They desire that we make this reporting an S.O.S. about the picho disease and how the puppet government and ruling Bigio-Mev..."
170) ..."oligarchs oppress and oppress them, ignores their plight, their very humanity. Some of Haiti's sell-out government officials are getting 10,000 per diems to sell out the country." #Haiti
171) ..."The people feel these politicians and civic leaders could care less about the famine, the police brutality, social apartheid, Petrocaribe billions that are missing, the billions in quake funds that's been squandered, the fake elections,..." #Haiti
172) ..."cholera democracy and its terrible economic and facist oppression. The Haiti oligarchs and puppet front men are beholden to the IMF and its remèd chwal - poison, not Haiti, they say." #Haiti
173) ..."Haiti's apartheid can no longer be ignored with a Black face as frontman for the white oligarchs, local and international." #Haiti #HillaryClinton #BillClinton
174) ..."We name the culprits who are the career diplomats running things in Haiti since the Duvalier-Clinton-Bush era: Larry Swing, Foley, Anthony Lake, Kenneth Merten, Thomas Shannon, Thomas Adams.... not to speak of the Clinton Foundation donors." #Haiti
176) 2-min news clip with footage in #Haiti, including Digicel's burned building. The opposition is not happy. They want their President to step down.

177) The fall guy: #Haiti PM Jack Guy Lafontant officially resigns, continued protests in the streets, and calls for more resignations from "corrupt government" as stated on vid. Good footage in this 2-1/2 min news clip:
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179) WOW. If this illustration isn't telling, I don't know what is. #Haiti LOOK👇
181) Jacqueline Charles, the Caribbean Correspondent for the Miami Herald who authors the articles pertaining to #Haiti is on the inside with Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Kenneth Merten (still has his damn job), and others. This email is dated 2011. She's still doing it.
182) So take any of her articles in this thread with a grain of salt. She is only reporting what they want her to report. Some truths, some lies. They have their bases covered in all arenas. When will the rug be pulled out from under them?! #Haiti
183) Wow, yet no surprise here. Look who's having her shirts made at the slave factories in #Haiti. Beyonce! No doubt! 🤬
185) UPDATE ON #HAITI: Below is what President Jovenel Moise is reporting. He states: "On Monday, 16 July 2018, I receive representatives of the Vodou sector in the dialogue with the various actors of national life at the National Palace."
186) My source contacted me this morning stating that Michell Martelly (former President of #Haiti) and his family are back in Haiti now. They had fled by helicopter to the Dominican Republic during the heavy fires and protests. And...
187) My source also states there are strong "rumors" circulating that the Clintons are pushing for Michel Martelly to be the new Prime Minister. This would not be good, as he has worked with them for a long time to maintain control over #Haiti. I will report more as info comes in
188) And here we go.... working on selecting a new PM, yet fails to mention Kenneth Merten and the Clintons will have THE say in this. #Haiti
189) And now we are bringing in the Catholic Church. Never a good thing. #Haiti
190) Oh look who just won the Cabot Prize for journalism. She's been reporting for the Miami Herald since 2006, and "#Haiti is her specialty." Oh don't we know it.🙄…
191) Meanwhile, President Jovenel Moise continues matters as per usual, putting on a facade of cleaning up #Haiti and looking out for the people. You can see by all of the pics of him, he is but a mere puppet for the #ClintonCartel.
192) This is from February, 2018, but a VERY important read. #Haiti

“There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with pedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to,” MacLeod told the newspaper.…
193) UPDATE: President Jovenel Moise of #Haiti continues with his (facade) meetings to make Haiti a better place for its people.🙄
194) My source tells me that Moise may be looking at Lambert for the new PM. If this is the case, it is not a good choice. Joseph Lambert is currently President of the Senate of #Haiti and involved in a plentiful amount of scandals, including but not limited to, drugs.
195) Excellent article. I highly recommend reading it in its entirety. I've highlighted a few key points from a portion of the article below. Understand, the Clintons strategically adjusted the tariffs to make $ on exporting food product into #Haiti & wipe out the local farmers.
196) Also know: the wealthy "elite" went along with this plan. They do not care about the people of #Haiti either. Here is the link to the full article from above. #Haiti #ClintonCrimeFamily #ClintonCartel…
197) More Vodou meetings. #Haiti
198) Doctors without Borders closing #Haiti hospital for women, where 40,000 babies have been born since the earthquake of 2010 when they setup shop. They will continue to operate 4 clinics.…
199) In case you are unfamiliar with the rice farming industry in #Haiti that is now nonexistent due to the #ClintonCrimeFamily. This article explains it. And this is just one area of Ag.…
200) A few key facts: In 1995 he forced the nation to drop tariffs on rice imported from America. Haiti dropped its import tariffs on rice from 50% to 3%. Clinton claimed this move would help Haiti jump into the "Industrial Era."
201) After adopting Clinton's policies, Haiti became the fourth-largest importer of rice from the U.S, even though they were the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Most of the imported rice came from Clinton's home state in Arkansas.
202) This policy was especially harmful for Haitians, considering that rice was one of their main crops. This has resulted in mass starvation in Haiti. Many of the Haitian people have even resorted to eating cakes of mud and straw.
203) Bill Clinton's statement after the destruction: Since 1981, the United States has followed a policy, until the last year or so when we started rethinking it, that we rich countries that produce a lot of food should sell it to poor countries and relieve them of the burden...
204) ..."of producing their own food, so, thank goodness, they can leap directly into the industrial era. It has not worked. It may have been good for some of my farmers in Arkansas, but it has not worked. It was a mistake. It was a mistake that I was a party to."
205) ..."I am not pointing the finger at anybody. I did that. I have to live every day with the consequences of the lost capacity to produce a rice crop in #Haiti to feed those people, because of what I did. Nobody else."
Read the whole article.…

• • •

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Oct 4, 2018
AMAZING how Underwood can knock this out in 48 hrs isn't it? I've only read 3 pages and it reads as a perfect projection of the #CLINTONS! Clinton crony Schneiderman out, Underwood in. Who's next?! @CharlesOrtel…
Hey Underwood @NewYorkStateAG, you may consider turning your focus to the Clinton's 50 foundations, organizations & shell companies. Oh, let's just be honest and call them what they are: FRONTS. Not a good idea? Too scared? Too owned?…
@NewYorkStateAG Underwood, tell us how it was being bred right out of Harvard into the hands of the Clintons? How was it working for Billy boy? You know what's going down at Dartmouth right? That leads to your buddies #ClintonCartel. Those Ivy Leagues.…
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Oct 4, 2018
1) Who is Monica McLean? I posted this to the attention of the FBI on 10/1/18 alerting them to investigate her connections. Then on 10/2/18 the story broke about Ford’s x-boyfriend’s statement.
2) Ford's x-boyfriend's statement said that Ford instructed Monica McLean as to how to pass a polygraph. Today, Ford’s attorney’s released a short statement from McLean stating this is not true. Monica is pictured far left.
3) At 3am I was digging into McLean because her background and potential connections concerned me. I found the McLean Family Trust home in Rehoboth Beach, DE. The same place that Ford spent days at while drafting her letter on Kavanaugh.
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Sep 30, 2018
1) Who are the billionaires in the "Giving Pledge" and what are they up to? Almost 2 weeks ago I put a shout out to diggers to help dig into some of the members of this group so I could thread everyone's research. This is the original thread:
2) Read the thread above first so you understand who the Giving Pledge is and why it's so important to understand what they are all working on. Below I will continue to add completed threads done by those awesome diggers who took the time to research.
3) First, Penny took the time to cross reference the Giving Pledge members with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Good thinking Penny.
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Sep 29, 2018
I will be very busy over the next few days...
I am working on Part 2 to this.... 6 Dartmouth Professors Under Investigation: Connections (BIG):…
1-1/2 min clip from the brilliant @CharlesOrtel regarding this article and Ivy Leagues. Be sure to watch his full show every week, "Sundays with Charles". Links are under the video:
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Sep 29, 2018
1) "The Quest to Find a Trillion-Dollar Nuclear Fuel on the Moon." India is planning this launch in October.…
2) India’s space program wants to go where no nation has gone before -– to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of dollars.
3) The nation’s equivalent of NASA will launch a rover in October to explore virgin territory on the lunar surface and analyze crust samples for signs of water and helium-3.
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Sep 27, 2018
1) My observations from Ford’s testimony. I was going to wait until after Kavanaugh, but I’m going to put this out there now. This is my theory on Ford…
2) She very likely did suffer some kind of assault. I do not believe she is lying about that, as I could feel her legitimate fear around specific triggers. That said, I believe she had her memory flipped. Here’s why…
3) The biggest red flag for me is the fact that back in 2012 her therapist had 2 written notes about this sexual assault, but did not write Kavanaugh’s name down. Yet, Ford said she told her husband and her therapist his name.
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