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In the name of the Thunderous Warrior Monk who inspires Men and Beasts alike....Let there be Truth!
With his massive body that shakes with every move, the Head Of The Council of the #Order raised the veil....
Everyone in the council were awestruck as the head of the council raised the veil from an ancient yet majestic chest…a massive pile of manuscripts emerged! It was evident that the manuscripts were really ancient and really precious and extremely well kept!
My Dear Future Rulers of the World, I present to you the most precious weapon that laid the foundation of this council….I present to you our most ancient creation - The Chatur Vedas!!!
Before the Head of The Council finished his statement...

But Vedas are about Eternal Universal Knowledge, aren't they? Asked the inquisitive council member from Shih (Sanskrit Lion - Simha…Chinha…Chin…CHINA)!
Yes Vedas are all about eternal universal knowledge, replied the head of the council.

Let me reveal a secret for you all…
...And the council continued their discussion, as the leader started revealing the secrets about how it all began. The journey of Power. The journey of Society. The journey of Control. The journey of Half Truths….
It is obvious that the Head Of the #Order is a master narrator. His tales always appears real, because the the basis of his narration is the fragrance of Truth. They never tries to sell lies. They just sell Truth with a bit of adulteration, as per their convenience. Half Truths.
Indic people believe that the Vedas (Knowledge) is eternal. Yes they are. Knowledge is always eternal, with or without our perceptions. So, there is no doubt that the Vedas are eternal.

Where is the scam then???
The scam lies in the formalisation or compartmentalisation of Knowledge. That makes it a beehive. A beehive is an arena of politics, hierarchy, propaganda and control...!
Compartmentalisation of knowledge makes it easier to understand initially, gives it a shape and purpose, makes it most accessible to masses. Creates powerful associations and organisations. Makes it consumable and 'Believable.' But, it also prepares ground for corruption...
Because it converts ‘Knowledge’ into ‘Information’…Information is hackable, Knowledge is not! Information can always be converted into a product or a propaganda, Knowledge is always static & priceless. Information is memory based, Knowledge is purely experience based...

Information is social it can't exist on its own. The journey of information start when Zero (Knowledge or nothingness) gets divided. Information has fragrance of knowledge, no doubt, But its only partial knowledge....Half Truth. Knowledge is lonely, because its static…
Then another member raised a query...He is tall, probably 6 feet 5. Very sharp nose, dark brown eyes with fair complexion, lean and masculine built with carefully groomed stubble. He was wearing a white gown with a brown head scarf. He looks sharp and Godly. He spoke softly...
How did you convert Knowledge into Information? How did all these started…?
The Council Chief looked straight into the eyes of his handsome council member and turned back and started walking towards his giant throne…

As he was walking his massive belly was shaking, all the ornaments on his short yet massive body was making a weird and scary sound...
His bald head was shining as if they were asking for complete devotion and surrender from his council of future rulers of the earth…

And the leader spoke…
You all know how we control information now via various means and intellectuals. This is extremely important to build a favourable perception for the council. But it all started with One Man. The first intellectual who had right kind of pedigree. An extra ordinary narrator...
He was our first employee. The man with a gigantic hunger for recognition, immortality, power and Godhood!

His name was Krishna Dwaipayana (The dark islander)...I called him Vyasa !
Without him, our journey would have been impossible…without him principle laid by the barbaric council of #SEVEN would have been the prevailing one even today…!
It all started in Dwarapara Yuga. The #Order was consisted of only one member - Myself, by the grace of the Merciful One!

Before Vyasa of Dvapara Yuga, there was one Veda. Unorganised, uncouth, unclassified and unavailable. During that time, Veda was like a treasure hunt....
Each individual irrespective to their race, lineage or societal hierarchy were free to chase the mysteries and very nature of the universe. Till then Vedas were a quest, not a product. And all these Rishis and Rishikas were editors and contributors of Veda!
The core purpose of Vedas before Dwapara Yuga was Experiential Knowledge. Rishis used to share their experience without any mandate for others to do the same. Vedas were truly beyond numerics then....
However due to lack of communication and synchronization among them, the Veda was scattered, in fact, Rishis have carefully and intentionally kept it like that. Unorganised. They knew the difference between a seeker and a believer...
There were around 400 Rishis who have authored Veda. Out that of the 400 Vedic rishis, 30 were women – Rishikas. Each hymn mentions the author Rishis name on the top. The scattered Vedic information was really vast and unorganised.
Due to lack of script, it was difficult for one person to remember whole of Vedic Mantras and teach. There were around one lakh Vedic hymns before Vyasa. Currently only twenty five thousands hymns are available.
Vyasa did a great job in compiling all these Vedic information info four parts – Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Sama Veda, Atharva Veda.
Then he arranged further each Veda into four sections –

(1) Samhita
(2) Brahmana
(3) Aranyaka
(4) Upanishads
The inquisitive council member from Shih asked again…”The same way we divided religions, nations, tribes, race, organisations etc? Deriving half truths from the ultimate truth or former half truth???
As the leader of the Council smiled at the member, his golden teeth shimmered…
To be continued...


Part II and closure of "The Beginning" on next week end!

#Order Vs #SEVEN

• • •

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Aug 15, 2018
IMO, following are Narendra Modi’s greatest achievements:

1. Paki high commission no more a power centre in Delhi
2. Iftar power politics have halted
3. Manufacturing sector is entertaining boom
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Last, but not the least, much respect to Muslims & Christians. They have shown (yet again) why Abrahamic religions are such a formidable force in the world. They way they have unitedly and tactfully voted against BJP in Karnataka shows their deep knowledge of politics. RESPECT.
Look at the way they are forcing their clients (the so called secular parties of India) to shun all their differences and come together as one united option against BJP is simply admirable. What a formidable force.
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Apr 6, 2018
This concept of unipolar world is as fictitious as the ideal communist state. Collectivism in all its form is sheer bullshit.

Religion, Communism, Socialism, Babaism....they all suck...equally!
The world was never an unipolar one. And it will never be.

The probability of that becoming a reality is as much as your masturbation dream becoming a reality. Enjoy. #LosersDream
There are only winners and challengers! Throne of the world is not Draupadi! It’s not up for sharing. It never was.
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Apr 3, 2018
Buddhism brought nothing new to the world. It is a part of Sanatan Dharma in every sense. It is time to initiate a merger. Destroy the artificial divide.
Sanctity of finality of Vedas are not mandatory in Sanatan Dharma. Upanishads and Puranas are examples. Sanatan Dharma is a non stop quest for ultimate truth. There are no full stops. Only add-ons. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism & Hinduism are ONE!
Adi Granth by Guru Arjan Dev Ji is a must read for every Hindu. You may call it a summery of Vedas & Dharma Shastras. Beautiful. Must read. Those who call Sikhism separate are either evil or idiot.
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Mar 17, 2018
All these ideas like Aryan Dravidian divide, Caste divide, Linguistic divide are inspired by One core energy - Water!

Can only be neutralised by One core energy - Fire!
Why do you think there is better synergy between North & East???

- Ganga.
Similarly, Southern states are better synchronized because of common rivers that they share!
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Oct 27, 2017
And the cover was removed....
"ॐ अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् ।
होतारं रत्नधातमम् ॥"
अग्निः पूर्वेभिर्ऋषिभिरीड्यो नूतनैरुत ।
स देवाँ एह वक्षति ॥
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