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Aug 15, 2018 10 tweets 2 min read
IMO, following are Narendra Modi’s greatest achievements:

1. Paki high commission no more a power centre in Delhi
2. Iftar power politics have halted
3. Manufacturing sector is entertaining boom
4. Indian MIC was born
5. Insurance sector avoided death by allowing 49% FDI

.... 6. Formalisation of economy initiated, this will have long term positive impact
7. Almost all desi defence projects revived
8. Highway building picked up pace
9. Indian Railways staring at a modern future, structural changes initiated, no more minister driven region centric focus
Jul 8, 2018 31 tweets 6 min read
In the name of the Thunderous Warrior Monk who inspires Men and Beasts alike....Let there be Truth! With his massive body that shakes with every move, the Head Of The Council of the #Order raised the veil....
May 19, 2018 7 tweets 1 min read
Last, but not the least, much respect to Muslims & Christians. They have shown (yet again) why Abrahamic religions are such a formidable force in the world. They way they have unitedly and tactfully voted against BJP in Karnataka shows their deep knowledge of politics. RESPECT. Look at the way they are forcing their clients (the so called secular parties of India) to shun all their differences and come together as one united option against BJP is simply admirable. What a formidable force.
Apr 6, 2018 15 tweets 3 min read
This concept of unipolar world is as fictitious as the ideal communist state. Collectivism in all its form is sheer bullshit.

Religion, Communism, Socialism, Babaism....they all suck...equally! The world was never an unipolar one. And it will never be.

The probability of that becoming a reality is as much as your masturbation dream becoming a reality. Enjoy. #LosersDream
Apr 3, 2018 6 tweets 1 min read
Buddhism brought nothing new to the world. It is a part of Sanatan Dharma in every sense. It is time to initiate a merger. Destroy the artificial divide. Sanctity of finality of Vedas are not mandatory in Sanatan Dharma. Upanishads and Puranas are examples. Sanatan Dharma is a non stop quest for ultimate truth. There are no full stops. Only add-ons. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism & Hinduism are ONE!
Mar 17, 2018 13 tweets 2 min read
All these ideas like Aryan Dravidian divide, Caste divide, Linguistic divide are inspired by One core energy - Water!

Can only be neutralised by One core energy - Fire! Why do you think there is better synergy between North & East???

- Ganga.
Oct 27, 2017 6 tweets 1 min read
And the cover was removed.... "ॐ अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् ।
होतारं रत्नधातमम् ॥"