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1. Clinton friendship with Moscow runs deep. Very deep. We have a near half-century dossier connecting them.

The mainstream media hasn't called them out on this systematic pattern. The emperor has no clothes on.

#Russia #RussiaCollusion #Clintons #HillaryClinton
2. In 1971 Hillary went to work for Treuhaft, Walk, and Burnstein lawfirm.

(Some accounts place their first association as early as 1967)…
3. Treuhaft was such a problem he had been hauled before the House Un-American Activities Committee. He was labeled as one of America's most "dangerously subversive" lawyers.
4. Treuhaft and Walker had both been official members of Communist Party of USA. Walker still was a CPUSA member when Hillary worked for her!

This law firm was very active in fighting for Communist causes.
5. At the time, Gus Hall was General Secretary of CPUSA (this is the same guy John Brennan supported), and he answered to Moscow. He made regular trips to Moscow. His loyalty was to Moscow.…
6. In 1969, Bill Clinton was rooming with Strobe Talbott.

Talbott, at this time, was working as a "journalist", traveling to Moscow to collaborate with KGB, and writing a pro-Khrushchev biography.

(Tretyakov later confirmed Talbott as Russian agent)
7. While Talbott was going to Moscow, Bill decided to... go to Moscow! He stayed at an expensive hotel.

Just your standard American Presidential background right? Go to England, badmouth America, follow that up w trip to Moscow…
8. Bill followed that w a trip to Prague (in USSR). This was a couple years after Moscow had crushed the Prague Spring.

Point of comparison, while Bill was going TO Moscow & Prague, Trump's wife was ESCAPING Prague at exactly the same time

9. In 1971, within this context, Bill & Hillary fell in love.

That is extremely telling. Far from being a curiosity, their love of Communism & Moscow is what they bonded over.
10. You know how we have rogue parallel branches of govt undermining us?

Yeah, Hillary was in on the ground floor. In 1977-1981 she was the board/chair of Legal Services Corporation.

These people fought for illegal aliens and more, w tax payer money of course!

11. From 1982-1988 Hillary was the chair/board on the New World Foundation. They funded CISPES which was a Soviet front spreading Kremlin disinformation and promoting El Salvador Communists.

Today we can all thank @HillaryClinton for what's going on in El Salvador
12. Hillary also funded, via NWF, the National Lawyers Guild, a pro-Soviet+Communist group undermining America from within.

Her old lawyer bosses were connected to NLG.

Hillary kept supporting Communist lawyers for 15 years... at age 40! wow!…
13. Bill Clinton as President now. Nice career.

One of his priorities was giving the Kremlin our money. Right after he got into office 1993

"Clinton presents billion Yeltsin"…

Bill gave Russia our money w no strings were attached.

Nothing about Communist criminals going to jail (indeed they were running the govt).

Nothing about getting our POWs back from Russia which Yeltsin said they had. Maybe alive! We never got them!
15. Yeltsin bombed Russian dissidents and then killed perhaps 2000 of them but lied and said the amount was small.

What did Bill "moscow" Clinton do?

Stood firmly behind Yeltsin. Called him "good old boris"…
16. In 1993, Bill formed the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission. The purpose of this commission was to transfer as much aid, assistance, technology from America to Russia as possible in a variety of fields.…
17. Chernomyrdin was a Communist criminal who Bill and Gore were "colluding" with (using American taxpayer money no less).

Gore, it will be remembered, had his own deep ties to the Kremlin

18. When people started asking questions about the G-C Commission saying perhaps it was out of control, guess who jumped in to defend it?

Our old friend Strobe Talbott who was Bill's #2 man in the State Dept!
19. While we were giving Russia aid, that is to say American taxpayer money, Russia was still shipping weapons to Iran.

^^^ Part of genesis of our current problem.

Gore thought that was OKAY

#RussiaCollusion ???

Was Gore pro America or Pro Moscow?…
20. @BillClinton said we were making peace or something.


Russia was modernizing their weapons with our money. I highly recommend the work of @JMichaelWaller who shares details and wrote about this back then

21. Spend a little time reading about Mountain Yamantau if you want to get angry.

While Bill Clinton was sending billions to Russia, they were working on secret nuclear weapon facilities underneath a huge mountain.

They refused to let us see.
22. Here is Bill Clinton explicitly advocating for massive IMF money to Russia during Boris Yeltsin re-election campaign. Even the @nytimes is asking if something fishy is going on here.

This has all gone down memory hole

#RussiaCollusion #BillClinton…
23. Oh look, that money Bill was desperate to send to the Kremlin didn't help out Russians. It was embezzled...
24. So if Bill was sending American tax payer dollars to the Kremlin the 1990's, do we think that the Kremlin was kicking some of that back to Hillary in the 2000's? Perhaps for her Presidential runs?


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