#PeterStrzok hearing thread:

Why is @TGowdySC so angry? He’s gonna have a stroke he’s so angry. Why is this personal? Anger is a personal feeling not a professional one and is disgusting in this venue.
@RepJerryNadler in all these hearings is demanding hearings on what is more important: the children and the RU election interference. Questioning Goodlatte reasoning for not holding those hearings. Pure frivolity and a waste of time at this point. Hypocrisy changing excuses.
@RepCummings reading quotes from @TGowdySC and @BobGoodlatte6 not to interfere in the Mueller investigation. “If you are innocent, act like it” they had no intention of interfering with SC. “But now they are doing the opposite. Behind closed doors they are asking individual
“involved in the SC investigation, 10ps of questions confidential human sources, FISA apps, and potential witnesses in the SC investigation. In public they are holding emergency hearings, issuing subpoenas, and threatening contempt and impeachment even demanded that Rosenstein
“finish it the hell up”. So what has changed? There has been one obvious development. The SC has now obtained 5 guilty pleas, and indicted 18 others, including some of Trump closest advisors *cummings now puts up 5 poster size photos of the guilty*
@TGowdySC is speaking to #PeterStrzok as if to a child. I feel like I’m watching Matthew McConaughey.
Strzok has a prepared statement given to him by the FBI, that he cannot answer these questions due to an ongoing investigation. This is a public hearing BTW.
Goodlatte tells Strzok that he is under subpoena asks if he objects. Strzok says yes he objects, and Goodlatte says he can’t.
@RepJerryNadler PoO “this puts Mr Strzok in an impossible position. He has been instructed by the FBI not to answer these questions.
If you have a problem with that should be brought up with the FBI.”
“The gentleman‘s Point of order is not well taken”
“1st, Mr. chairman I do not believe I am here by subpoena but I am here voluntarily. 2nd I will not, based on direction of the FBI, answer that question”. SMACK
Mr Strozk is objecting to in regards to not answering the ? due to advise of FBI is exactly what Don Jr and all the rest refused to answer questions and Republicans were fine with that excuse. This hypocrisy is so thick. Goodlatte is threatening contempt.
@RepJerryNadler is an attack dog! He is insisting on a point of order and Goodlatte won’t let him. He relents and let’s Nadler repeat his previous PoO.
Now RG is quoting SCOTUS rulings. This is awesome! Another PoO to say that there is an existing PoO that the chmn is ignor
@RepJerryNadler appealing the ruling of BG. @RepCicilline calling out BG in Defense of JN PoO. BG pointed finger is now shaking. @JacksonLeeTX18 citing attorney-client privilege is the same as the FBI telling him not answer questions. What they’re doing is pointing out
hypocrisy with this hearing and all the other hearings in regards to witnesses in the RU investigation WHO REFUSED TO ANSWER!
@RepJerryNadler motioned to adjourn, @RepCicilline seconded. BG said they were not recognised for that purpose. Damn I love @cspan
Start watching at 38 min and watch the Dems fight for us and the rule of law!

Watching FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok on 2016 Investigations @CSPAN c-span.org/video/?447953-…
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Here comes the lies.

Kav’s turn. He was very obsessed with the placement of his name card. Very nervous, no smile. Good.

Oooooh he’s pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 as if he was the one who was attacked. His wife looks sad and worried. She’s dressed in black. He’s in the verge of yelling.
He is showing the Dr. Hyde @lawrence mentioned right now, bad move. No more choir boy. He’s scaring me, I no longer have any doubt that he’s guilty.

He’s got a different opening than published yesterday. Extremely defensive. His wife is holding back tears. He looks on the
verge of tears. He’s outraged. He won’t quit.

He should, he’s a disgrace.

This anger does not serve him well. It is a typical rich kid, elitist attitude that we hate. Bad move.

He’s crying. Dr. Ford did not.
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Grassley is a liar. The two other lawyers have said that the Rep have not interest in talking to them.

What a difference between Feinstein and Grassley. Feinstein introduced Ford, Grassley did not. Mysoginistic pig

#ChristineBlaseyFord #WeAreWithChristine
I’m sure glad the gop is not questioning, it would be ugly. Hatch is just glaring at her as are his aids behind him.

Both of her lawyers are flanking her, her husband is behind her, he pushed her chair in, rubbed her shoulder. I’m so glad she has the support.

Here she goes
Dr. Ford is reading her opening statement. She is so nervous and has asked for coffee.

Questioning begins with Rachel Mitchell who apologises for Dr. Ford’s terrified testimony and says that’s not right.

First question regarding when Dr. Ford reached out to WaPo.
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in a deposition taken for a court martial case for Cmdr. David Morales, an active duty fighter pilot charged with conspiracy and bribery.
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