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Oct 8, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
African nations that have borrowed from China, soon will be indebted to only them. Some countries have borrowed over 80% of their GDP. China has become the bag man of Africa.
China's Rising Power in Africa npr.org/templates/stor… In recent years, China's trade with the continent has reached more than $55 billion and continues to grow, with predictions that it will double by 2020, if not before.

China is now Africa's third-largest trading partner. But as its profile has grown on the continent, so have
Oct 2, 2018 11 tweets 2 min read
‼️Thread - Zero Tolerance Epic Fail‼️

According to an unpublished report by DHS IG report is the government’s first attempt to autopsy the chaos produced between May 5 and June 20, when President Trump abruptly halted the separations under mounting pressure.

The DHS Office of Inspector General’s review found at least 860 migrant children were left in Border Patrol holding cells longer than the 72-hour limit mandated by U.S. courts, with one minor confined for 12 days and another for 25.

Many of those children were put in chain-link holding pens
Sep 27, 2018 22 tweets 6 min read
Here comes the lies.

Kav’s turn. He was very obsessed with the placement of his name card. Very nervous, no smile. Good.

Oooooh he’s pissed 🤣🤣🤣🤣 as if he was the one who was attacked. His wife looks sad and worried. She’s dressed in black. He’s in the verge of yelling. He is showing the Dr. Hyde @lawrence mentioned right now, bad move. No more choir boy. He’s scaring me, I no longer have any doubt that he’s guilty.

He’s got a different opening than published yesterday. Extremely defensive. His wife is holding back tears. He looks on the
Sep 27, 2018 39 tweets 9 min read
Grassley is a liar. The two other lawyers have said that the Rep have not interest in talking to them.

What a difference between Feinstein and Grassley. Feinstein introduced Ford, Grassley did not. Mysoginistic pig

#ChristineBlaseyFord #WeAreWithChristine I’m sure glad the gop is not questioning, it would be ugly. Hatch is just glaring at her as are his aids behind him.

Both of her lawyers are flanking her, her husband is behind her, he pushed her chair in, rubbed her shoulder. I’m so glad she has the support.

Here she goes
Sep 23, 2018 10 tweets 3 min read
Shell and Exxon's secret 1980s climate change warnings
Newly found documents from the 1980s show that fossil fuel companies privately predicted the global damage that would be caused by their products.

tinyurl.com/ya5hk9b3 In the 1980s, oil companies like Exxon and Shell carried out internal assessments of the carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels, and forecast the planetary consequences of these emissions.

In 1982 Exxon predicted that by about 2060, CO2 levels would reach double the
Sep 16, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
🚨📌Fat Leonard testified for the first time, and the trans was released on 9/1.

Since the arrest of “Fat Leonard” federal prosecutors in San Diego have methodically filed charges or secured indictments against 32 defendants, including 27 Navy officials, for their roles accepting bribes from Francis, owner of the ship servicing firm Glenn Defense Marine Asia. Hundreds more Navy personnel who had interactions with Francis or his company have had their cases reviewed internally by the Navy, with several facing court martial.
Sep 15, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Kobach aims to drive out migrants living in Kansas illegally

Kris Kobach highlights his national reputation as an immigration crusader in running for Kansas governor by promising voters that if he’s elected he’ll work to drive out illegal immigrants to halt what he says is the $377 million in benefits provided to them by the state each year. He's using alternative facts.

Fact check: His figure for what Kansas could save annually comes from a September 2017 report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "The Fiscal Burden of
Sep 8, 2018 13 tweets 4 min read
🚨Why today after the hearings?
David Brock: I knew Brett Kavanaugh during his years as a Republican operative. Don't let him sit on the Supreme Court.

Twenty years ago, when I was a conservative movement stalwart I got to know Brett Kavanaugh both professionally and personally When the TV camera panned to Hillary Clinton, I saw Brett — at the time a key lieutenant of Ken Starr, the independent counsel investigating various Clinton scandals — mouth the word "bitch."

But there's a lot more to know about Kavanaugh than just his Pavlovian response to
Sep 7, 2018 8 tweets 2 min read
10 attacks Obama unleashed on Trump, GOP in midterm speech

💣"What happened to the Republican Party?"
💣"The politics of division and resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home in the Republican Party." 💣"Republicans who know better in Congress, and they're there -- they're quoted saying, 'Yeah, we know this is kind of crazy' -- are still bending over backwards to shield this behavior from scrutiny or accountability or consequence, seem utterly unwilling to find the backbone
Sep 5, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
WH recycling rebukes😂😂😂
Trump, White House attack new book from Bob Woodward
wapo.st/2Q4Uew7 "The president urged senior White House aides and Cabinet members to speak up if they disagreed with how they were quoted in the book. "

Yes read that again😝
Sep 2, 2018 17 tweets 5 min read
‼️A Sunday morning Mike Pence thread‼️
Pence's plan to outlast Trump - He was Manafort's pick
He plays the part of unctuous toady so fully that the conservative writer George Will called him "America's most repulsive public figure." But don't be fooled. The vice president is doggedly pursuing his own ambitions on the side. The Oval Office has been his goal since high school. He has seeded the federal government with his loyalists and is building his own nationwide political organization

Read this it will answer the questions: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
Sep 1, 2018 15 tweets 5 min read
During the Cold War Washington feared Moscow was seeking to turn microwave radiation into covert weapons of mind control. More recently American military itself sought to develop microwave arms that could invisibly beam painfully loud booms and even spoken words into people’s heads.

😱Now, doctors and scientists say such unconventional weapons may have caused the baffling symptoms that, starting in late 2016, hit more than three dozen American diplomats and family members in Cuba and China.
Aug 25, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
‘He’s Unraveling’: Why Cohen’s Betrayal Terrifies Trump politi.co/2w2KQB8 Threading it out:
"For 16 or so hours after Tuesday’s double-barreled bombshell news, President Trump couldn’t even publicly say Michael Cohen’s name. That was the first signal he had been wounded by his former fixer’s guilty plea.
Aug 22, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
6 big questions after yesterday’s convictions:

1. Did Trump commit a crime?
We may never know if Trump committed a crime, because a decades-old Justice Department opinion says you can't indict a sitting president.
But can you indict a sitting President of crimes committed b4? 2. How is Trump’s company implicated in all this?
Trump Organization okayed $420,000 in reimbursements to Cohen to pay women, then tried to hide the true nature of those payments by describing them as legal fees and retainers.🤔
3. What else does Cohen know about Trump?
Aug 21, 2018 21 tweets 5 min read
💥Thread: Warren Introduces Accountable Capitalism Act
Comprehensive Legislation to Eliminate Skewed Market Incentives and Return to the Era When American Corporations and American Workers Did Well Together
warren.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/… 1. Requires very large American corporations to obtain a federal charter as a "United States corporation," which obligates company directors to consider the interests of all corporate stakeholders: American corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenue must obtain a 2/
Aug 18, 2018 10 tweets 2 min read
‼️Fat Leonard has returned (I wonder where he got off to!) Thread‼️
A grand jury in San Diego indicted retired Capt. David W. Haas, 50, of Kailua, Hawaii, on charges that he took $145,000 in bribes from Leonard Glenn Francis, a Singapore-based defense contractor known as 1/ “Fat Leonard” in Navy circles.

Indicted separately on fraud charges were Ricarte Icmat David, 61, a retired master chief petty officer, and Brooks Alonzo Parks, 46, a retired chief petty officer
David and Parks live overseas. Not sure if they will return, or will be extradited
Aug 15, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
I knew Ivana was involved, betting Melania is too."The operation began during a 1978 trip to Czechoslovakia not long after Trump’s marriage to Ivana, in which the newlyweds piqued the interest of the Czech Ministry of State Security (also known as the StB) enough that a secret police collaborator began observing Ivana and met several times with her in later years."
Aug 14, 2018 24 tweets 5 min read
🚨Is this another threat Vlad?🤔 I will hit the hot spots in this thread:
Kremlin says nothing good will come from proposed new U.S. sanctions
Read Bill here:

reuters.com/article/us-rus… @karolcummins 1/ S. 3336 Mr. Graham Mr. Menendez, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Cardin, Mr. McCain, and Mrs. Shaheen
To strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to combat international cybercrime, and to impose additional sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation, and for other purposes. 2/
Aug 13, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
‼️Stephen Miller's Uncle Speaks Up‼️Thread
"Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle."
Let me tell you a story about Stephen Miller and chain migration.
It begins at the turn of the 20th century in a dirt-floor shack in the village of Antopol, a shtetl of subsistence farmers in what is now Belarus. Beset by violent anti-Jewish pogroms and forced childhood conscription in the Czar’s army, the patriarch of the shack, 2/
Aug 11, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read
#CorruptionWeek #Collins Thread
so Collins and his congressional pall have been using their positions on the committees and boards to make millions. Surprised? Evidentally there’s no rule against it. That’s about to change, but in the meantime... Mr. Collins may have been the largest investor in health companies on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but one-third of its members also bought and sold biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device stocks.