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1)TwitterFactoFictionMarathon1/#LoneWolfDT: I'm a Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorist: I love chocolate, do art, take care of my aging parents, write poems, take pics, save bugs & moths from death everyday.The Fusion Center Brigade are deadly afraid of me. So they gave me my Judenstern.
2) It's lovely really. Not a yellow star like they wore in the First Holocaust. Just tiny, and sharp, and multiple, and radiating like a beacon. Trackable on GPS, GIS. BAN attached, so any part of me can emit and receive... #LoneWolfDT @nytimes @cnn
3) So, factually speaking, it's not 1 RFID...but many. That's how they do it these days. They like to fill you up with beacons: imagine their sweetness. Tiny teeny little radiators, all over your body! In your ears, your arms, your spine, your skull, your liver, your heart...@npr
4) ...multiple Judenstern beacons, lighting you up like neon as you walk about. Americans get them. Germans get them. The Brits get them. Those Nazis love us all. They call themselves the Fourth Reich--which, I learned recently, means Empire. #LoneWolfDT @ABC
5) So we're in this Empire, & we're radiating, & the entire neighborhood can Watch us.They call it Neighborhood WATCH. Now watching is a v. open thing to do & they do it openly. Still, they're secretive about being watchers at all. That's Fusion Center style, secrecy. #LoneWolfDT
6)So they come by and pick up my neighbors in their ROGUE SUVs, chortling & chuckling all around, to keep it cordial. Then off they go, to the "Commonwealth" -- a clever misnomer for Royal Looting of What You Own & pretending you're not still owned by the Queen. #LoneWolfDT @CBS
7) It's funny how the smartest kids on the block fall for their stories. “Your neighbor is Under Investigation” is one. “Oh yes, Ties to Terrorism” another. “We suspect Pedo Porno Prostituto” a third. And that ace in the hole: “Mentally Unstable, Danger to All!” #LoneWolfDT @nbc
8) And did I forget? Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorist is the banner. Notice, she has no friends. Notice, she walks about alone with her big brown dog. Notice, she has no job. Notice, she keeps to herself. Never mind we told everyone first she's nuts & people fled.#LoneWolfDT @FoxNews
9) KnownOrSuspectedTerrorist is what you need to call her now...& our SECRETLY telling you this means you Belong to us. You're our “ears on the ground.” You're no longer a free thinker, doer, minder of your own business. You dance to our tune. Jump when you're asked. #LoneWolfDT
10) It's quite lovely all around, I'm sure. So many feel noticed. I feel like I'm in a spy movie, gushes the Russian immigrant w. the blonded red hair opposite.She buys so much chocolate, notes the tart Chinese woman with the squint. #LoneWolfDT @awpwriter @NewYorker @GuernicaMag
11) I've seen her chocolate wrappers in the trash, says the man across the street whose spine left him the year he turned 22 and joined the Fat Fusion Boys. Each time I slither by her house, I hear her singing! Campy songs about Freedom—and she can't hold a note! #LoneWolfDT @PBS
12) Yes, that must be Espionage! Call the FBI please! Or do we need the NSA? Who sings Don't Cry for Me Argentina and Mamma Mia like a turtle with a sore throat? Who told her she could sing? She burns our ears out with those audio bugs sizzling! #LoneWolfDT @GeorgiaReview
13) You keep an eye on your kids, say the Fusion Boys who come around. She walks about with a camera. She takes pictures of things. You'll see her recording our cars when we zoom about here, tracking her RFID Judenstern. She's a menace! #LoneWolfDT @harpers @TheAtlantic @Salon
14) The Fusion Girls are the ones w. the sharp eyes and black glasses who tear about in Mini Coopers and Maximas with their teeth clenched. They hate when I talk about them. They like to think they're really cool, y' know, like Spies Who Have One Up On You. #LoneWolfDT @VICE
15) But very sad, how they follow the Fat Fusion Boys into Dystopia. The blonde Paperclip Progeny in jeeps too. Dark-haired ones who try to run you down w. lips pursed. Ultrafit slinkers who live in sweats while you're heart-hit & down-there-hit on the treadmill. #LoneWolfDT
16) So, a Judenstern RFID is an all-empowering cue for all around a Lone Wolf. Tracking, hitting, sizzling w. cells/nanoDEWs, microwave pulses, heat hits, nanotech sprays, snapping shots/ideo in public, hitting from a basement next door, a car, an attic: all Protected.#LoneWolfDT
17) Gas leaks in middle of street when they walk by? Covered. Gas vented into their rooms? Covered. Gas sprayed into their cars in their drives or via exhaust-- that's Force-Medication: Covered. Gaslighting via break-ins to homes? Covered. #LoneWolfDT @latimes @BostonGlobe
18) Covered means Protected. Means the Fat Fusion Boys tell the neighbors they can Do What They Like—hit the Lone Wolf any which way they want, pulse-hit, radar-hit, noise-hit, no-one will come after 'em. Sit in yr basement, heart-hit 'em...No Due Process for #LoneWolfDTs. @ajc
19) Y'see, in Nazi Amerika, Lone Wolves gotta be Monitored, Pulsed, Sono-waved, Microwaved, Shocked & Vibrated, Pin-Pricked, Battered, Noise-Hit, Stressed, 24/7.That's the Rule. & they have drones, planes, helicopters, lawnmowers, weed-whackers, yelling kids, to do it.#LoneWolfDT
20) It's this Manual of PTSD/TSD, TBMC they have. All scribed by Military Psychologists. Neuro Behavior Mod is so In. Using RFs. Big bow to MK ULTRA. Thq Gottlieb, Helms, Cameron, Penfield, Delgado. Thq Mengele. Key word: TRAUMA. #LoneWolfDT @APA @WashingtonPost @Mondoweiss @aaww
21) No, I'm not talking about the Trauma Unit at the local hospital or the need to debrief war veterans of their Trauma. I'm talking Trauma as Daily Dish from the Fusion Center Brigade, served in spades to Lone Wolf Terrain: Note, Everyone in the Neighborhood gets it. #LoneWolfDT
22) Trauma Trauma Trauma! Good for breaking into brains, say the Black Op Boys, you can't let up on it. Need to map their brains, say the Dirt Ops Death-Dealers. Keep 'em on edge, strap 'em in Stress. Terminal Trauma Ops. Courtesy Military NeuroPsychos. #LoneWolfDT #GITMO @APA
23) Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research: look it up. We assault the Lone Wolf with Noise & call it Acoustic Stimulii. We send motorbikes, weed-whackers (no sound absorbers), lawnmowers, helicopters. Nonstop. Night and day. 24/7. We neurotech kids to scream. #LoneWolfDT @News
24) We send neighbors to gun their cars and idle below windows, drive in and out all day.We neurotech people into phone calling at key moments. We sling Pulsed Energy Projectiles into faces, skulls, soft parts. We neuro-inject Rage, Tears, Extremes. #LoneWolfDT @poetswritersinc
25) And we time it right so it all hits together....PC freezes & crashes. Loons on streets driving into you. Rage frequencies. Migraines Mind wipes. Spouse Neurotech'd to lose brain & spine at same time. Kids Neurotech'd to lash out at you. #LoneWolfDT @cnnbrk @bbcnews @enews
26) No we're not into Trauma Care, heh heh! But Trauma Creation. Call it Reverse Engineering Trauma Care. We read minds & block thought & action w. Trauma, that's our interest. Yeah, we're the Fusion Center Brigade & our Daily Dish is Trauma! Call us Neuro Psychos. #LoneWolfDT
27) Now the thing is, these Trauma Fiends at the Fusion Center know very well they can't dish out Trauma without Protecting themselves. Hence their hand-outs of Gag Orders and Dire Threats to the Neighbor Watchers. Do as we say or get behind bars...& not Chocobars. #LoneWolfDT
28) Here's the Checklist for Protection by Deception they hand out: If she comes after you, shout Crazy Crazy Crazy loudly! Call your wife from the porch shouting “She says I'm GPS-Triangulating! She says we're assassins! I think she must have gone Crazy Crazy Crazy!” #LoneWolfDT
29) If she takes pics of the fake-contractors parked in yr drive sending skull-hits w. cells or DEWs to the back of her skull—yes, really Trauma Brain-Hits or Remote EEG Brain-Grazing—run out & shout:“Did you harass my contractors? I'm calling your husband Right Now!” #LoneWolfDT
30) If she takes pictures of the cars on the street, the ones zooming up and down like no police exist in this town or the ones parked with covert antennas/DEWs in the chassis--run out and tell her husband, “We're afraid she's going to put pics of our kids online!” #loneWolfDT
31) If she knocks on your door and tells you to knock it off when you're Radar-tracking, Cell-whacking her nerves and muscles, call the POlice. Shout Crazy Crazy Crazy! Mentally Unstable! Danger to Self & All! Psych-Commit and Force-Medicate! #LoneWolfDT @nytimes @chicagotribune
32) Psychiatrists AND psychologists have been recruited. Psy Oppers reign. Joint Doc of Military Deception's in play. They all advise the ultimate Psy Op: Call Them Paranoid. Call Them Delusional. #UnitedStatesofPsyOps Pretend These Weapons Don't Exist. everydayconcerned.net/2016/06/14/uni…
33) Thing about Lone Wolfdom is: These Quiet-Assault, Burn Ye Boil Ye Weapons are Protected. All manner of weapons used on Lone Wolves In-Community. And The Weapons are Protected. The Weapon-Wielders are Protected. The Fat Fusion Skinks are the Protectors. #LoneWolfDT @newyorker
34) This is why my multiple-chip RF Judenstern's so v. secretly sharpshot & surgically slipped deep into cells & not blazing on my arm like in History. Secret BAN Judensterns, radiating yellow beacons into nanobot skies. That's Body Area Network for the uninitiated. #LoneWolfDT
35) The Checklist for Protection by Deception is what holds the Neighbor Watchers together. No Deception, No Protection. You gotta hit the Lone Wolf –w. Psy Ops, Noise, Cell-Tracks n' Hits, Stalker Stares n' Screams, Power Tools--then pretend it never happened. #LoneWolfDT @abc
36) DEWs don't exist! No-one's using microwaves on you! No-one's aiming sonic weapons at you! Are you paranoid now? No such thing as EMF pulse weapons! No, your neighbor's not radar-tracking you! #LoneWolfDT @cbs @nbcnews @pbs @salon @wired @vice
37) Would you like a pill to prove that to you? Something to dumb you down, dull you down, hold you down? Forget the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate. Forget the Anti-Personnel weapons and Conducted Energy Devices your local PD's panting for. #LoneWolfDT @APA @APAPsychiatric
38) Would you like a straitjacket with those fries? Never mind the Through-Wall radar, Ground radar, Ultra Wide Band radar. Never mind the X-ray vans, Active Denial Heat-skinners, Point n' Shoot Lasers, Masers, Pulsed Energy Projectiles, Predator Drones. #LoneWolfDT @sanfranmag
39) Did you email the Sheriff and mention DEWs? You're having a psychotic break now! Would you like some “Community Intervention” to get you the Help you need? Such a stigma Mental Health's got. #LoneWolfDT @bostonglobe @HarvardRevPsych
40) Look, We Are the Psychos.We're going to say, No you don't have implants. The Govt's Not harassing you, surveilling you, stalking you, implanting you. We went to Med School & are bonafide Brainwashed-WE shd know! #LoneWolfDT @AmerMedicalAssn @APAPsychiatric @JAMA @kenyonreview
41) No, you Won't be scanned by radiologists. Yes, you Will have anti-spychotics, neuroleptics—some high doses! You Will be “Diagnosed” by a bonafide Neuro Psycho as Schizoid. Or Paranoid. Or Schizophrenic. You Will be neutralized. #LoneWolfDT @TheDoctors @DailyMailTV @CBSMiami
42) So the Slimwits of the Fusion Brigade know perfectly well Trauma Creation is Home Grown Terror. Noise Assault: Disturbing the Peace. Gaslighting & Break-ins: Terrorizing. Psy Ops & Neighborhood Ganging-Up on anyone: Psychological and Social Terrorism. #LoneWolfDT @SouthPark
43) Protection by Deception: Protection of Terrorism. They also know: sneakily beaming n' pulsing EMF/Sonic Brain & Body Damage weapons on anyone—be it 1 2 or 3 singled-out targets in neighborhoods—is not just Outright Terrorizing, it's Radiation Assault & Battery. #LoneWolfDT
44) That they'll Protect, since these cancer-gifting Assault Weapons are juicily Plausibly Deniable. Invisible. Hit with impunity, pretend DEWs don't exist: that's the Protocol. Of Occultists fused at the hip to falsity. Battery in Secrecy. What cd be juicier. #LoneWolfDT @npr
45) But traceable to cell towers, drones, satellites. Ground radar, underground bunkers. Utility companies, plumbing, heating installations. Antennas, repeaters, transducers. Car doors, hoods, trunks, handles. Backpacks, purses, houses, sheds, garages. #LoneWolfDT @democracynow
46)Traceable to contractors w. names. DOD, USAF, ABCs. I am speaking abt the Trail of Terrorism here. Home-Grown, Domestic. Which snakes along by Judensterning millions as patsy. Fedex, UPS, USPS, Sunrise Scavenger, Capitol Waste, Natnl Grid, Comcast, Xfinity. #LoneWolfDt @time
47) Verizon, Stop n' Shop, tree-cutters, landscapers, plumbers, heaters, fuel oilers, carpet steamers, swimming pool cleaners, rooftop Kings: all involved. Tons of these run by Special Ops (Remember Jade Helm 2015?) Civilian-Mil Ops. #LoneWolfDT @mashable @theonion
48) Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorist: She questions corruption because she has a spine. Oh so very Dangereuse. The Commonwealth Fusion Center-and USAF-has to run a massive Multi-Million Dollar Domestic Terrorism Op to tell everyone so. (Threat Level: High.) #LoneWolfDT @big_picture
49) She has Ties to Terrorists & Tea with Terrorists! All the while: Fabricating Records, Lies, Connections, Setting Up Stings, desperate to make her Look like one! Parallel Construction, Framing, Entrapment in a chocolate cone—frosting on that, anyone? #LoneWolfDT @smashingmag
50) Think the smart ones on the block have an inkling? (They who play dumb when the Fusion Skinks visit.) Trillions get spent. Gen Dynamics' drones zip abt, tracking n' testing their 100s of sensors bedded sans Consent in gum line, ear canal, triceps, top of the head. #LoneWolfDT
51)Copters, Cessnas, ground crew, all involved in sending signals. SIGINT. RINT. MASINT. HUMINT. NEURINT. Contracts to stalk, Psy Op. Contracts to V2K. Contracts to monitor. Too much to take in for readers of the Deep State Times? (@nytimes)Settle down.The NWO's here. #LoneWolfDT
52) Crack houses supplanted today by Fusion houses. Just ask the Lone Wolf's neighbors—everyone knows. That the transient crew-cut, bearded, clean-shaven, Rastafarian lot in n' out of the duplexes & flats are running EMF Squid'ing Ops. EEG Cloning & Heterodyning Ops. #LoneWolfDT
53) Heat & Heart Hitting Ops. Hive Minding, Swarm AI. Don't apply if you have an IQ. Do apply if you're a convict. Failed GED?Climb on board.Sign here, get the BCI gear, EEG-heterodyne to yr heart's content.Point n shoot. AI sets up for you: we do the whole-body burn. #LoneWolfDT
54) Pinprick stick from top to toe, no organ excluded. Say “Behavior Mod” not MK Ultra. Say Mind & Body, full Bio Control.We can make you burp & fart. Have a stroke, blood clot, heart attack, hiccup. Crack yr knee, yr wrist, hip & chin. Burn alive, freeze alive. #LoneWolfDT @WSJ
55) Push words out of your mouth—from your sleeping brain. Haptic Touch--so you think we're ghosts. High whines in yr ear the Doc will call “Tinnitus.” Voices in yr head the Psych will call “Schizophrenia.” You can't touch us. #LoneWolfDT @wired @RollingStone @peoplemag @sciam
56) “The mental patient has no insight into her own condition.” We get to say you're Mentally Ill each time you squawk. We have helis and Adult Day Care vans. We have syringes, Drop You Like a Stone drugs, brawny cops. We think we're Covered. #LoneWolfDT @arstechnica @abc7 @apa
57) Call it Neuro Hacking, Bio Hack, Body Hack. Tiny tweet: Yes, the Brain and Body have been hacked. Any brain, any body. We neuro-hack dogs to frenzy-bark. Babies to scream: on streets and planes. Toddlers to streak. Cats to yowl. Bees to sting. Not SciFi. #LoneWolfDT @nybooks
58) Call it Neuro Policing. Sources and Methods: we're “Gathering Intelligence” from yr brain. We reserve the right to interrogate you. In Dreams no less. We get to hide it under Covers. We're Invincible, Unbreachable. We get to redact. (You.) #LoneWolfDT @PutnamBooks @thenation
59) Nah, Phoenix ain't rising. Nanobiosensors rain down on you. Fluoride clogs yr pineal gland. Vaccines shoot nanochips & neural lace into you. Your brain is being mapped. Wifi irradiates you, ELFs mind-control you. All of you. #LoneWolfDT @LATimesBooks @aaww @MastersReview
60) Note: The Fat Fusion Boys cdn't convince a soul w. half a brain this LoneWolf label means a thing--without Lies, Threats, Gag Orders, MockerMedia BS Frenzy abt #TIs being nuts. So they threaten, zoom, lie till they're blue, revive Neighborhood Lies & Terrorize. #LoneWolfDT
61) That's a lot of Lies & TerrorIze. Daily-Dish runs of Targeted-for-Terrorism & Trauma in the neighborhood--to convince anyone (no-one's convinced) the Judensterners need to be watched like hawks watch mice. Don't miss a tweet! Day after day, yr after yr, 24/7. #LoneWolfDT @CBS
62)Just so these Fat Fusion Boysn'Gals w. brains the size of peas (or Pea Nuts) can keep their $$ contracts going & loll about on decks or dine on dead animals, smoke their fat cigars & swish along Eyes Wide Shut.All you gotta do is shout Wolf!Actually #LoneWolfDT! @ApogeeJournal
63) Well, lovely chatting. Back to Neuro Redacting. By the Group Wolf Brigade running Amuck in Amerika. Pardon me while I go mind my mini-RF Judensterns now, those Fusion Trauma & Terror Boys are back Zoom Vrooming by in their brandNew SUVs up my street. #LoneWolfDT @lithub
39-a) Do Sheriffs have a partiality for Tweets? Fri aft, right after tweeting 39) in this #LoneWolfDT First Twitter FactOFiction Marathon, making ref. to emails sent to Sheriffs, Quincy sent a 'copter to fly right over my head as I sat outside: @newyorker
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Aug 28, 2018
Motherlode of Open Disclosure, thx to Sherri M Guarnieri: US Army Research Labs, Oak Ridge, STEM advertise for researchers to poke into Tactical Bone Conduction using #stealthDevices, radio signals, skull vibrations for person-to-person communication stayconnected.orau.org/en-us/job/Unit…
It is well known by the US Military that radio and audio signals can be transmitted into the skull via SKULL VIBRATIONS accomplished through BONE CONDUCTION. In other words, Voice to Skull via bones & sneaky bone conduction interfaces--BCIs/transducers. #stealthDevices
The fact that this research is being publicized now suggests that US Army may now be whitewashing Black Ops/Covert Ops research reported by many as V2K and Synthetic Telepathy abuse. Note that this is supposedly to support stealth BC transducers for "Warfighters" in threat situs.
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Aug 26, 2018
Deadly NLWs tested, used by #DoD WITHOUT the consent of Americans--"temporarily incapacitates a large, hostile group without causing life-threatening consequences to the targeted individuals" #TargetedIndividuals #SurveillanceTechnology #DualUseTech pica.army.mil/pmccs/combatmu…
Active Denial Systems using Millimeter Wave Tech have been developed, tested, and are operational as "Deterrent" on "Targeted Individuals" a term the US Military uses: protected.networkshosting.com/depsor/DEPSpag… #SurveillanceTechnology #DualUseTech
Newsflash to Mr. Mattis: US "Non-Lethal Weapons' aka Counter-Personnel Weapons using RF, Acoustic, & Spectrum Technologies are NOT humane, NOT reversible, and NOT non-lethal. This tech is being used on many today, and is reported always as CRIMINALLY INHUMANE. @DeptofDefense
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Aug 24, 2018
If anyone out there in Intel is really working on this: RELEASE All Local Lists at Fusion Centers, City Law Enforcement, FBI, via FBI's KST Lists, any other lists, all listed under FISA, Patriot/Freedom Act, lists given to CIA & NSA, DOD, USAF #QAnon #Q @realDonaldTrump
IF Fusion Centers, @DHSGov, @NSAGov and @FBI were LAWFULLY protecting the USA, & LAWFULLY listing legit criminals, spies, terrorists (instd. of civic-minded suburban moms & dads, artists, writers, journalists, professors, engineers, nurses) they'd have no qualms releasing lists.
The SECRECY of Surveillance Lists, the REFUSAL by Corporate AND "Truth" Media to address #SurveillanceAbuse being reported by thousands, & the REFUSAL by Congress to demand transparency all point to MASSIVE Cover-up of UNLAWFUL listing, targeting, surveilling, trafficking to DOD.
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Jun 1, 2018
When the @CIA @FBI @NSA @DHS have to go to the lengths of installing a High-Freeze Jamming Beam Operation via heavy-duty earth-digging trucks and such--after a week of lunatic plane action over #Quincy and drones, and helicopters around me, you have to know they're losing it.
For a whole week-but most especially the last 1-4 days, Logan has been routing planes nonstop in a huge noise barrage over Pine Street, Elmwood Street, Sherman Street-all in a block around my home-while predator drones and thug cars on street have aimed heart-hits on me nonstop.
Ever since I posted my launching post on @Steemit, I have been Massively cyber-hacked, cyber-whacked, and cyber-stopped apparently in efforts to stop me publishing further on @Steemit. I encourage all to read my posts at @EccEveryday and watch the videos at Ramola D Reports.
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Mar 10, 2018
March 9.18/1/2: A couple ruminations on Media Perfidy. While @CIA planes drop toxins down on us, and @DHSGov @FBI roll anyone they like into Black Ops Surveillance using #DEWS, #neurotech #radar, minions at @nytimes @wired @thedailybeast @guardian collect $$ to Mock surveillees
March 9.18/2/2: They call them #TargetedIndividuals. They say they called themselves that.They say they met each other online for "support," like alcoholics or drug addicts. They say they formed a "community," & all need Mental Health intervention. Meanwhile, neural dust rains.
March 9.18/3: They (MockMedia) run POPPCons for the sinister slavers in Intel. (Psy Op Propaganda Pieces) They toil to con the sleeping American public. On every human targeted & trafficked to #DOD/#CIA's non-consenting experimentation programs, they write NO DUE PROCESS.
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