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Is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a Russian Agent?

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#AmericaFirstMedia #Justice4SethRich #SaveLukeAnon
Okay it’s a seemingly ludicrous question. But if the unequivocal assessment of the intelligence community that Russians interfered in the 2016 election is correct, and new evidence I’m about to discuss is true, it’s a perfectly logical conclusion to reach, so please bear with me.
Firstly, please note this thread contains serious allegations against officials within the DOJ and federal law enforcement. They are allegations I am reporting on, not making on my own behalf. All information contained within the thread is available in the public domain.
Many believe the whole Russia narrative has been a smokescreen to obfuscate illegal spying on a Presidential election campaign by the incumbent Obama and the Hillary campaign; all done in collusion with heavily partisan and corrupt DOJ and Intelligence officials. #Spygate
While there is scant evidence that any actual Russians were involved, there can be little doubt that the exfiltration of emails and data from the DNC campaign and the abject corruption and moral iniquity exposed therein did have a major effect on the outcome of the election.
Some believe, and there is strong evidence to suggest so, that it was nothing to do with Russia; but that Seth Rich was the source of this information who subsequently passed it on to WikiLeaks. #Justice4SethRichSeth
Rich was murdered in July 2016 in what many conjecture was a retribution killing orchestrated by the DNC itself. @WikiLeaks, while being unable to confirm the source in adherence to their strict policy, have done little to discourage that notion.

Whilst the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department have undoubtedly covered up as much information regarding the case as it can and attempted to dismiss it as a ‘botched robbery’, the case has tragically become a political football:
Typically those on the right suspect a political motive for his murder, while the DNC and those on the left attempt to dismiss such allegations as merely a ‘conspiracy theory’.
Now some new and disturbing evidence has just been released which suggests the execution of Seth Rich wasn’t a hit by the DNC after all, or indeed a ‘botched robbery’.
Astonishingly, a new and ostensibly credible witness has come forward to testify that the execution of #SethRich was carried out by law enforcement officers under the auspices of the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, Mr Rod Rosenstein
That’s right! And it’s worth repeating: New evidence suggests that Seth Rich was allegedly murdered by serving federal agents at the behest of, or with the blessing of, or in the tacit knowledge of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein.
But that’s not all; further allegations concerning the motive for the murder cut right into the heart of democracy and justice in the USA. If those allegations are true, the very foundations of that democracy are in clear and present danger. @SecretService @POTUS
So let’s take a look at this explosive new evidence:

#AmericaFirstMedia Group, under the leadership of @realMattCouch first began investigating the murder of Seth Rich some two years ago as a result of the abject cover-up of evidence relating to the inquiry by D.C. Met Police
Full details and updates of progress of their investigation can be followed in the ‘Justice’ series by @HannibalMoot and at

They have worked diligently and at their own time and expense to gradually uncover the truth surrounding that tragic event. Earlier this year they got a major break when a witness came forward claiming to have 1st hand knowledge of the alleged killers and able to name them both.
This new witness, who shall be known as ‘Luke’ hereafter, has been interviewed at length in a recorded and controlled process by an experienced member of the AFMG team with over 20 years of experience in the NYPD and in the presence of an attorney.

His testimony checks out exactly with the timeline of events that night. Furthermore, he provided some details AFMG had discovered independently but which they had not yet made public. His background in the military and intelligence has been verified as much as possible by AFMG.
So it is unlikely that we are dealing here with some publicity-seeking suicidal nutjob; this is an apparently credible witness with a solid background coming forward in order that justice may be served and in doing so has placed the lives of himself and his family at great risk.
But his allegations and evidence go far beyond the murder of Seth Rich. It is claimed Rich was killed not directly for his supposed involvement in the WikiLeaks exposure of Democrat corruption, but that in downloading DNC data onto a thumb drive . . . .
. . . Rich inadvertently downloaded evidence of a wider political espionage scheme; someone had been spying on the DNC and the wider D.C. power base for years!
To understand the background to this alleged espionage scheme we need to go back to Baltimore in 2015. Rod Rosenstein was US Attorney General for the state of Maryland and successfully busted the infamous Silk Road illegal trafficking network.
It’s a long and fascinating story with many interesting connections which you can read all about here:

Part of the team that infiltrated Silk Road were subsequently prosecuted, having illegally transferred a large quantity of bitcoin into their own accounts; corrupt federal agents had effectively stolen from the criminals they were investigating.
Among them are computer experts who Luke alleges continued to work for Rosenstein directly along with others from the team, but in a very unofficial capacity!

Astonishingly, Luke also alleges that said computer experts were engaged on behalf of Mr Rosenstein in the illegal hacking of not only the DNC, but others also, including possibly the Republicans. Let’s take a look at some of the specific allegations as told by Luke directly:
The allegations below made by Luke are taken from a press conference on 10th July. The event is shambolic and the audio difficult, but I would suggest it is worth struggling through to make your own assessment of the sincerity and integrity of the witness

1/ Three people were involved in the summary execution of Seth Rich; a serving DEA agent and a serving ATF agent, both of which have been identified by name and a third involved in the tailing and surveillance of Rich over a period of 1-2 weeks leading up to the murder.
2/ They were part of a ‘dirty tricks’ squad controlled by Rosenstein whose purpose was to obtain ‘dirt’ or create and plant ‘dirt’ on political operatives and “the threes” - federal judges appointed by the President under the 3rd Amendment.
2b/ It is alleged that Rosenstein sought to control the whole justice system for his own survival and benefit.
3/The ‘dirty tricks’ squad was made up largely of compromised agents; dirty cops who in some cases owed their continued freedom to Rosenstein. As a result of the protection provided by him, they were able to carry out serious criminal acts with perceived impunity.
3b/ Those alleged crimes included, but were not limited to espionage, money laundering, sedition and treason. The murder of #SethRich was considered a relatively trivial matter.
4/ Illegal surveillance had been carried out by this team for more than 15 years; initially for the purpose of manipulating cases, but after Hillary Clinton entered the Presidential contest for 2008, this was stepped up to include her own private servers.
4b/ The hacking escalated to a level where they could see and alter almost anything happening on those servers, which included those at the DNC.
5/ In the summer of 2016 they detected an intrusion into the DNC servers; someone had extruded a massive amount of data from that server. The real problem was not the DNC information taken however; this person had unwittingly scraped evidence of their illegal hacking operation!
6/ Having identified Seth Rich as the exfiltrator, they then set about tailing and surveilling him, during which time they learned that he always carried on his person a thumb drive; something they obviously felt they needed to take possession of.
7/ On the night of his murder, they stopped Rich as law enforcement officers. Making him get down on his hands and knees they verbally humiliated him while shooting him in the ribs and back before searching him and removing the thumb drive before leaving him to die in the street.
8/ All of this happened as a result of Rosenstein’s illegal spying and blackmail operation. If he did not authorize the murder directly, he likely had knowledge of it and was their protection.
8b/ Rosenstein was their protection for all illegal operations, which is why they felt comfortable bragging about it on the assumption they would never be prosecuted.
9/ Luke has much more hard evidence to offer: There are times dates, places addresses. Different players in different countries, bank routing numbers through which they laundered money etc.

So going back to my original question; if the IC is correct in their unequivocal assertions that the Russians hacked the election AND Luke’s testimony above is true and accurate, one logical conclusion that must be considered is that Rosenstein is indeed a Russian spy.
Yes, that’s the very same Rosenstein overseeing Mueller’s investigation into Russian spying and possible collusion with the Trump election campaign. #TrumpRussia #MuellerTime
Luke states a different view however; he believes that the Russians were not primarily involved in the DNC espionage, though there is a Russian tie-in as a result of information sharing with Rosenstein’s team over bitcoin and money laundering moving in and out of Russia.
It should be noted that currently there is no documentary evidence in the public domain to verify Luke’s real identity, the identity of the alleged attackers or any of the allegations he has made. There may be all kinds of reasons for these allegations to come to light now.
Therefore it would be perfectly reasonable to dismiss all of his testimony at this point in time, though it seems likely much more of his evidence will come into the open over coming weeks and months.
The important point here is that there is some probability that Luke’s allegations are true. In consideration of the enormous implications for justice in the USA, that possibility MUST be considered and at the very least investigated by competent and non-compromised authorities.
AFMG have compiled a comprehensive pack including all the evidence they have gathered during their exhaustive investigation, complete with all the recorded testimony and documentary evidence provided by Luke. They however are not in a position to fully validate all that evidence.
In an effort to bypass Rosenstein's DOJ, this pack was handed over personally to a senior member of staff at the office of @RepDevinNunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in April of this year. Now this is where the whole thing becomes worrisome:
Since handing over that evidence pack, including the true identity of Luke, there have been no further contacts from the office of @RepDevinNunes or any branch of federal law enforcement. Attempts by AFMG to make further contact with his Chief of Staff have had no success.
Luke, who now fears for his own life and the safety of his family and is obviously now in serious peril, has not been contacted by law enforcement, federal or otherwise, nor from the office of Mr Nunes, any other branch of government or the @SecretService.

Given the gravity of the assertions he has made against one of the highest officers in government, that he has further evidence to offer, that he has placed his life in serious jeopardy by coming forward, . . . .
. . one would assume that he would at the very least be contacted and interviewed for further information. Or maybe the case was simply passed to Mr Rosenstein’s office. . . .


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