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Dear #MAGA+#TrumpTrain

36,914 American soldiers died fighting communism in Korea

58,220 American soldiers died fighting communism in Vietnam

Putin embraces the totalitarian ways of Russia's past

Trump AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU are insulting and disrespecting both those
lived through hell, and those who died.

You disrespect the families of those whose loved ones served

2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam 10% of a generation

5.7 million Americans served during the Korean War

Over 8 MILLION gave it all to fight communist totalitarianism
But yet you MOCK a real hero like @SenJohnMcCain who served in that fight and follow a joke boy scout like #CadetBoneSpurs

You and your Trump are NOTHING but cowards and traitors following a man committing treason

You are boot lickers to Putin

Putin is NOT our friend!
Journalists killed by Russian leaders…

Yet you stand by Trump and his attacks on the media that are right out of Putin's play book

He pushes news created by Russian troll farms and calls respected journalists fake news and the enemy of the state
He took an oath

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Yet, he blatantly attacks out #1stAmendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,


or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

You think your rights are secure in regards to the #2ndAmendment but when he attacks the 1st with no regard, and the NRA was infiltrated by #MariaButina, where do you REALLY think things are headed?

Maybe you can ask @DLoesch but she is to busy torturing squirrels I think

What can you expect in an America modeled after Putin?

Look into his
Human right violations
Poisoning/murder of British people on British soil
Illegal Ukraine invasion
Weaponizing Syrian refugees against the EU
Hijack elections home/abroad
Cyber attacking our infrastructure

This is why we #Resist

This is why #TheResistance grows

This is why #TheResistance2018 is not going away

This is why #TheResistanceVotes in Novemer

This is why #theresistance2020 will still be around

This is why The Resistance is starting a #BlueWave #BlueTsunami2018!

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Jul 5, 2018
So Trump and Putin are meeting soon, and just the 2 of them in private.

People are wondering what is going to be said between them in private, though with my crystal ball, sage, and soothsaying skills I already know.

Here is the full transcript in this thread.
P: Hello old friend

T: It has been almost a year. And I really need to catch up on our plan, since our communications have been cut.

P: I know, but you have done great! Destroying the Trans Pacific Partnership as soon as you entered office has helped Mother Russia economically.
T: I said I would.

P: Yes, and removing or watering down Obama era sanctions was also good work, I must give you a cookie.

T: Now, I am getting a lot of backlash on the #MuslimBan, is their any way we can make it a few hundred I let in?

P: Nyet!

T: Maybe just...

P: NYET!!!!!
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May 15, 2018
So I have come to realize that I have become the character Red Forman. I guess this needs a back story, so I will start there.
So I am a nice guy, really. I will help family and friends. You need a move I will help, need a shoulder, I am there. So my wife's mother has this friend, and she is a real lonely cat lady. I mean, not like hey all my friends passed and I outlived them, she is that age but
because they wrote her off. So last year and before that she was having problems with her son or whatever, he is an adult but when he did the lawn work he put it off for to long or screwed something up, so I out of the kindness of my heart offered to help. NO charge, never asked.
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Apr 4, 2018
How the NRA created their marketing plan
The NRA like any other business, has a marketing plan to sell its product. Some say they are a nonprofit org, or even a civil rights group. This is a lie, membership dues raise some money most is from corporations such as gun manufactures
To make money you find a product that is not in great demand, then create a demand for it. Through the 1900s Americans were settling into urban settings and the demand for private ownership firearms decreased. People no longer needed to hunt, protect their homestead, or the like.
1st, the NRA would loosen laws that were meant to keep dangerous people from gaining access to firearms. Now criminals would always find ways around the laws but doing this made it easier for them to gain access to them. The less red tape the more weapons gangs could now access.
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Mar 31, 2018
1st off, this post in no way aims to pass the blame of mass shootings from fire arms to something else. The lack of thorough back ground checks, along with the effectiveness of the tool is most to blame for the higher incidence+higher causality
But what is driving society mad?
So here are the failed excuses

Bullying leads kids to lash out this way

If this were true shooters would be mostly from groups of people who are most subject to this, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. They are not.

Violent games/music/movies

These have existed in the past

We do not spank kids anymore

Maybe most were in the past, but not all kids were spanked in the past. This is also a failed argument.

All these excuses, but the root of the problem is violence but not in games/music/movies.
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