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@FAIRImmigration, founded by Dr. John Tanton, is a mouthpiece of white nationalist rhetoric. But it's more than that: it injects its foul ideology into actual policy.

One (latest) example: Temporary Protected Status, or TPS. Read what a federal judge found:

On p29 of the decision, the Court gives yet another example of Acting Secy Elaine Duke, who is supposed to make a dispassionate assessment of conditions on the ground in determining TPS eligibility, said "this conclusion [to end TPS] is the result of an America first view..."
Curious, because America was founded on ideals of welcoming the forcibly displaced. I'm not sure what "American first" has to do with terminating TPS.

If the White House is influencing the decision, we have a problem, because the White House has made A LOT of racist statements.
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The decision by @British_Airways & @airfrance to end flights to #Iran—following an earlier decision by @KLM to do the same—will make it harder for the Iranian diaspora to visit friends & family in Iran, ensuring their further isolation. 1/
These decisions come amid increasing sanctions pressure. Ordinary Iranians are under siege from all directions; at home by repressive forces, by sanctions & Trump’s #MuslimBan; & now some of the few remaining bridges to the outside world are disappearing. 2/
The world has a core interest in the well-being of Iranians—a neighboring people with whom we must build bridges, not destroy them. 3/
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As a practicing immigration lawyer, I have grown weary of the comment, "So, business must be pretty good with Trump in office?"

Do oncologists get happy when the cancer rate spikes?
We're in the business of alleviating human suffering by providing a secure path to prosperity: lawful immigration status in a great country. For victims, families, entrepreneurs, workers...It should not be a minefield, but under Trump, that is exactly what it is becoming.
So what's it like practicing immigration law in this administration?
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We are having oral argument in our case against @Umich to unseal the #TantonPapers:

Court of Appeals of Michigan
3020 W Grand Ave, 14th Floor
Detroit MI 48202

on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 11 AM.
Behind modern players like Kris Kobach, Otis Graham, Jeff Sessions, Steven Miller, and Steve Bannon is a trifecta of anti-immigrant organizations: FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS. All three of these organizations stem from the same man: Dr. John Tanton.…
Tanton donated his papers from 1960 to 2007 to @UMich, provided that 11 boxes would be closed to access until 4/6/2035. I sued to get access now–public documents can't be insulated from FOIA just because U of M promised its donor that they'd be hidden.…
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Today @MuslimAdvocates & Lotfi Legal filed the first legal challenge to the Trump Administration’s implementation of the #MuslimBan on behalf of 36 USCs, LPRs, and Iranian, Libyan, Somali, Syrian, and Yemeni individuals whose visas have been denied or stalled under the ban /1
The lawsuit is a class action on behalf of both US-based relatives and impacted people from the 5 countries. Now that SCOTUS has allowed the ban to remain in effect indefinitely, the least the Trump admin can do is live up to its own law /2
The Proclamation says that every applicant will be considered for a case-by-case waiver if they meet three criteria. But the agencies haven’t put in place a process by which people can submit an application or documents or anything that would allow them to show that they do. /3
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1. On Sunday, @SecPompeo will speak at an event to "support Iranian voices." Some in the Iranian-American community see the #Trump administration as allies in bringing secular democracy to #Iran.

As an Iranian-American, I find this so, so troubling.…
2. Most proponents of regime change agree on a vision of #Iran as “a secular, parliamentary democracy" though they are light on specifics. There is something *totally wild* about casting Pompeo as an ally for any political movement that places secularism on a pedestal.
3. You might think Pompeo's anti-Islam views would be what undercuts any claims that he cares about Iran's common people. He has stated, "The threat to America is from people who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer."
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Thread: USA viewed as 'client state' under political and economic control of Russia.

Already it's exhibiting characteristics of a "post-socialist' / "2nd world" country.

Some characteristics of the worst-off of them? Let a Southeast Asia wonk note some similarities! [1/20]
1. "State Capture:" consolidation of one-party rule under a pretense of multiparty democracy.

(Russian interference on behalf of Trump, Repub gerrymandering, voter 'fraud' laws to suppress Dem turnout.)
2. Complete repudiation of prior political regime.

(Trump's zeal to undo all Obama administration achievements i.e Iran Deal, Affordable Care Act) [3/20]
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A year and a half into this clown show, it is abundantly clear that law is what is being attacked, because if society needs a chaotic shakeup to build some fantasy utopia, the law holding it together must be dissolved.

That's what law is - the glue that holds society together.
Weak laws fragment nations. Strong ones empower them.
Weak laws victimize. Strong laws balance.

Chaos and hysteria have been the MO of this administration since the first #MuslimBan. Constantly shocking, descending to new lows, keeping everyone busy with the job of resisting.
Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ne Win-all offensively used chaos to control. If Bannon really is the 6D chess player he's rumored to be, and subscribes to the "Fourth Turning" theory of inevitable destruction, the chaos is an effort to create a self-fulfulling prophecy.
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So Trump and Putin are meeting soon, and just the 2 of them in private.

People are wondering what is going to be said between them in private, though with my crystal ball, sage, and soothsaying skills I already know.

Here is the full transcript in this thread.
P: Hello old friend

T: It has been almost a year. And I really need to catch up on our plan, since our communications have been cut.

P: I know, but you have done great! Destroying the Trans Pacific Partnership as soon as you entered office has helped Mother Russia economically.
T: I said I would.

P: Yes, and removing or watering down Obama era sanctions was also good work, I must give you a cookie.

T: Now, I am getting a lot of backlash on the #MuslimBan, is their any way we can make it a few hundred I let in?

P: Nyet!

T: Maybe just...

P: NYET!!!!!
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We're here in Montgomery, Alabama rallying to say that #FamiliesBelongTogther & to call to #EndFamilyDetention
At the bus stop where Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabamians protest an injustice of our time - the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families all across America. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether
Separating families is wrong and today in Alabama, #TheMarchContinues for immigration reform. #EndFamilyDetention
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Fifteen out of Nineteen 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

Know why Saudi Arabia isn’t included on Trump’s #MuslimBan? This isn’t about terrorism. Trump has businesses there.

This is why the #EmolumentsClause exists. He’s continuing to profit off the presidency. Unchecked
Reminder: Trump brokered a $350 Billion Weapons deal to Saudi Arabia in May 2017

During that same visit, Ivanka, in attendance in an official capacity, received $100 Million “gift to a fund" from Saudi Arabia.
August ‘17: Saudi Arabia moved to dismiss the lawsuit against them holding them accountable for the 9/11 attacks.

Oct 2017: Trump’s SIL & senior adviser Jared Kushner took an unannounced visit to SA - his third trip in 2017.
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I have been digging around to try to better explain what the Flores Settlement is all about.

Yesterday I stumbled across something that stopped me in my tracks.

#FamiliesBelongTogether /1
Jenny Lisette Flores, 15, fled civil war in El Salvador In 1985. When she was apprehended at the US-Mexico border she was held for months in an #immigration detention facility together with unrelated adults. /2…
During litigation the government conceded that conditions were "deplorable." Kids were jailed together with unrelated adults in facilities ringed with barbed-wire. They had little to no education, recreation, or visitation. This lasted months or longer. /3…
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Going out on a bold and really courageous limb there. #MuslimBan
Also, what exactly would Roberts have people believe they're "overruling"? It's entirely disingenuous. As Justice Sotomayor notes in her dissent, there are "stark parallels between the reasoning of this case and that of Korematsu." 1/
Like Chief Justice Roberts's opinion in Trump v. Hawaii, Justice Black's opinion in Korematsu rests on a failure to examine the true reasons behind an order that facially purports to rest on grounds other than discrimination. 2/
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If you're about to post an "exceptional Muslim migrant" tale - don't.

Human rights are not a meritocracy.

If you're about to post a harrowing account of suffering that drives Muslim refugees to seek asylum in the US - now's not the time.

Human rights are not an Oppression Olympics.

If you're about to share a portrait of an all-American Muslim family - save it.

Human rights are not contingent on assimilation.

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I don't often share #woo here for various reasons. Today I'm compelled to share that Mars goes retrograde at 5:04 pm EST. I'm a bit worried abt widespread violence. We must fight back against this grave injustice, but we must do so peacefully. LOUDLY, but peacefully 1/
This is all about rage. Right now all good, non-racist Americans feel righteous rage. The kind that fuels movements. We need to use this constructively, carefully and control it to win this fight, rather than allowing it to explode. Trump WANTS us to erupt in violence 2/
#StephenMiller, who has been strategically inflaming us with outrageous, disgusting trolling (eating in Mexican restaurants, etc): wants us to erupt: they want a Reichstag Fire. They may send instigators into our protests. Brownshirts. Watch for this. Protect each other 3/
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Understand that when highest court in the land sides w/increasingly authoritarian president against a minority group because of hate and bias against that group, it means that the highest court in the land has given a green light for him to eventually come for you too. #MuslimBan
NO ONE WITH POWER IS STANDING UP TO TRUMP. When the US goes full-on fascist, remember all these green lights he was given. And remember the “civility” crowd and their shutting down of any necessary incivility and civil disobedience. Civility = collaboration #MuslimBan #FuckTrump
And understand that for years and even before the #MuslimBan, anti-Muslim bias and violence have been rising in the #USA. SCOTUS has endorsed even more.
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BREAKING: Today marks 523 since 45 took office. He wanted 120 day Ban.

Americans killed by Refugees:
•0 Attacks
•0 Deaths
•3 Revoked & a 5-4 SCOTUS Approved Ban

Americans killed by Americans:
•89,611 Shootings
•22,558 Deaths
•496 Mass Shootings
•0 Gun Bans
•Dred Scott: Blacks are alien—cant bring suit
•Plessy: Blacks are alien—racial segregation is legal
•Cherokee Nation: Cherokees are aliens—cant bring suit
•Korematsu: Japanese are alien—can be put in Concentration Camps
•Hawaii: Banning Muslim aliens is legal

I see a trend.
Justice Sotomayor’s dissent and citing Korematsu nails it.
•Japanese has been replaced with Muslim.
•Progress was not made today.
•History will record this injustice.
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I'm one of a few million Americans awake when we should be sleeping because of the pain of #cancer or some other chronic illness.

Adding to our sleeplessness is knowing #healthcare is under threat. We may not be able to afford it due to the #GOP's actions.

It's terrorizing.
My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider. As a small child I was taught the legacy of #MLK.
I watched people invoking MLK on Monday. Not in defense of #votingrights or in outrage over how the #SCOTUS ruled on two pivotal cases on gerrymandering.
MLK wasn't being invoked for #votingrights but for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who lies to America every day about policies that could very well kill me & others.

Policies that are hurting millions.

Policies that have kept me a citizen without equal rights in my own country.
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What was all that yammering before the Supreme Court about the "presumption of regularity"? #MuslimBan
"Typically, executive orders are the product of weeks of collaborative work.... The order Trump signed this week, hastily written amid an escalating crisis and rushed to his desk before he left town for a political rally, was the opposite."
Just like his other executive orders on immigration, in fact. Imagine that.
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Speaking of next week's SCOTUS decisions, Trump fanboy Neil Gorsuch's role will likely be pivotal. What was it that Gorsuch found "magnificent" in Trump's first address to Congress? His false statements in support of the #MuslimBan? #Throwback —>
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To every MoC (or candidate!) who isn't speaking out against Trump's new family separation policy, I remind you of this quote:

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis preserve their neutrality.” #FamiliesBelongTogether 1/
This quote seems now to have been written specifically with Trump-era America in mind: From the #MuslimBan to taking healthcare from millions to ripping children away from parents at the border, our great moral crisis continues.

Yet, too many MoCs continue to remain silent. 2/
Still, it’s hard to imagine something any more cruel and grotesque than what the Trump White House is doing now to families at the U.S. border. 3/
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I just wasted over an hour of my life trying to explain the #MuslimBan and The Wall to Trump supporters who claim Trump loves Muslims and Mexicans.

They told me I was racist for claiming Trump was racist and said I was a "pathetic excuse for a journalist" and "Fake News."
I don't know how we fight this entrenched distrust of reality. I just never witnessed anything like it before. Folks joke about Trump supporters not being well-educated, but it's something much deeper.

The Mexicans and Muslims for Trump rode into my mentions on the tails of an attack on Michelle Obama.

I'm not going to ignore those attacks. MO was one of the two most important FLOTUSes in my lifetime. She helped change the discourse on WOC on this country by her presence.
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We will just add these tweets to the "Coincidence Thread"

I'm here to tell you that these are not a coincidence & this is a just warning to repent. Places like Hawaii, California, Florida & NY have all but kicked God out.
I don't say these things out of fear, there is no fear in love
Hurricane Preparedness Week
2018 Hurricane Names that stuck out to me:
HIM = #Harvey #Irma #Maria
Remember Maria & Jose? Both are Spanish derivatives of Mary & Joseph #FujiwaraEffect #Sept23 #HurricanePrep #HurricaneStrong
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If Sessions was really interested in unclogging court dockets, he'd focus on identifying fraudulent cases instead of gutting protections for deserving people.

Don't drink his Kool-Aid. This is about exclusion and nodding to his white nationalist base.
Similarly, 45 campaigned on stopping illegal immigration, but with the #MuslimBan and #DACA and #TPS revocations, and support for gutting #familyimmigration, the people he's going after are people authorized to be here. People with valid status.
Somehow, he said #DACA was unconstitutional, but when he unilaterally overrules an agency like the Board of Immigration Appeals, that's ok.

Hypocrite much?
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