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Thread: USA viewed as 'client state' under political and economic control of Russia.

Already it's exhibiting characteristics of a "post-socialist' / "2nd world" country.

Some characteristics of the worst-off of them? Let a Southeast Asia wonk note some similarities! [1/20]
1. "State Capture:" consolidation of one-party rule under a pretense of multiparty democracy.

(Russian interference on behalf of Trump, Repub gerrymandering, voter 'fraud' laws to suppress Dem turnout.)
2. Complete repudiation of prior political regime.

(Trump's zeal to undo all Obama administration achievements i.e Iran Deal, Affordable Care Act) [3/20]
3. Regulatory capture: appointed state regulators are frequently the biggest crooks in the area they exercise oversight for, or... quickly become so.

(#ScottPruitt, #RyanZinke, #BetsyDevos, etc.) [4/20]
4. Elite of ruling party flout existing transparency mechanisms/norms, and actively work to suppress them.

(Consistent failure of Trump to file income tax returns. Kushner's repeated omissions on security clearance. Pruitt's secret meetings with industry reps.) [5/20]
5. Resurgence and (political exploitation) of religious conservatism

(Anti-Muslim hysteria, '#MuslimBan' push to criminalize abortion) [6/20]
6. Appointment of family as top political aides / successors.

(Jared, Ivanka. This would have sunk Trump if announced in 2015.) [7/20]
7. Erasure of divisions between personal wealth and political motive.

(#Emoluments: Mar-a-Lago as 'Winter White House', Trump's continued promotion of his properties) [8/20]
8. Powerful economic interests / oligarchs directly write and submit laws that benefit their interests.

(#NRA 'dark money' Treasury Department decision) [9/20]
9. Deference/obedience of judicial appointees to appointing official(s).

(SCOTUS nominee #Kavanaugh certainly had a talk similar to the 'I want loyalty' Comey discussion.) [10/20]
10. Paper / Media 'Of Record' is State owned/run and unabashedly supportive of the ruling party.

(Fox News - not owned by Trump but by comrades. Ailes was campaign advisor.) [11/20]
11. Rumors are 'flipped' by State Media into news stories, which are then used as objective facts to smear/suppress opponents.

(Fox News) [12/20]
12. Executive openly abuses women, appoints abusers to power, rolls back socialist-era goals/laws on gender equality. Oligarchs threaten female stars / celebrities into coercive relationships.

(Roger Ailes, Cohen's hush money payments.) [13/20]
13. Ruling elite is insulated from public by bodyguards, state security, wealth

(Bogus 'Civility' debate, Scott Pruitt's 1st class plane trips) [14/20]
Next up: Thought you were outraged? They're just getting started. [15/20]
14: 'Asset stripping': expropriation / sale of natural resources / land at bargain prices to cronies

(Dana Rohrabacher has suggested returning Alaska to Russia. After Helsinki, are you surprised anymore?) [16/20]

15. Use of elections as a means to draw out and suppress political opposition.

(Let's see what happens to figurehead .@Ocasio2018. Fingers crossed.) [17/20]
16. "Absolute power, absolute control." Power (as exercised) is not derived from the will of the people manifested in elected officials: it reverts direction and flows upward to consolidate with Executive Branch/leader. [18/20]
17. Exaltation of military prowess, exercise of military power to distract population as well as accomplish elite goals.

(Iran war? Russia would like that.) [19/20]
18. Relegation of minority group / non majority ethnicity as scapegoat for social issues. (Manufactured migrant crisis when illegal migration is at historic low (Happening now and will accelerate. I should have started with this.)) [20/20]

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Sep 17, 2018
Children are anarchic.

When they're young, parents are by necessity authoritarian communists. (From each parent according to their ability, to each (baby) according to their (often loudly crying need.) (1/x)
Inside the home parents are largely authoritarian depending on the age of the child.

Indoctrination of children is taken care of by schooling systems which almost invariably have components of fascism. If you disagree, you've never been to a USA pep rally. (2/x)
Anarchic children endure authoritarian communism at home and rule-based fascism at school, often confusingly applied with affection from elders.

This tends to produce teenagers that are sullen libertarians in character and deed: "leave me alone", "don't touch my stuff" (3/x)
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Aug 18, 2018
@Castantine @Volceltaire @jeremymstamper @preciouspearl4 @kathygriffin @AmazingDouglass @Amy_Siskind @AngryBlackLady @dianelyssa The schools operated with full support of the US government. see also Aboriginal 'Stolen Generation' (Australia) and Catholic schools (Ireland), huge story in the news this week.…
@Castantine @Volceltaire @jeremymstamper @preciouspearl4 @kathygriffin @AmazingDouglass @Amy_Siskind @AngryBlackLady @dianelyssa It's not my job to choose ideological purity or 'Universal Good' for you. That's an individual assessment that a free society permits us to make, unlike what these kids got.
@Castantine @Volceltaire @jeremymstamper @preciouspearl4 @kathygriffin @AmazingDouglass @Amy_Siskind @AngryBlackLady @dianelyssa lol no

Not all working class ppl are owed support. i.e. cops, armed forces who are deployed against other working class people to defend racial injustice at home, imperalism overseas. Ask your local BLM chapter how they feel.…
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Aug 15, 2018
1/x For all those who are saying after Washington DC that 'white supremacists are pathetic and divided' - they are biding their time.
2/x The USA was founded a white supremacist country by slave owners and gives us the Electoral College as a result.
Otherwise slave states would have never had any political sway. And that's how Trump got in.…
3/x The Nazis *admired* USA racial discrimination laws and studied them.…
The USA fought them with a segregated army to protect / expand its hegemony.
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Aug 11, 2018
1/x For my lefty twitter pals: I want any gains we can get against bigots, racists, crooks menacing our lives. This didn't change from before November 2016. Some tactics have been refined.
2/x I think .@Ocasio2018's positions should be utterly mainstream and unremarkable. And they would, if she was in the EU.

(That said, I enjoy a good twitter dunking.)
3/x The nature and role of the EU as an economic union without a more binding, cohesive political union is worthy of critique and discussion.

Rejecting it wholesale (Brexit) is atuarkic folly.
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Aug 3, 2018
#FollowFriday Thread August 03 2018

Give .@Scalzi a go, plenty of good observations. Also
#FollowFriday .@Amy_Siskind's 'The Weekly List' is a handy summary of the crazy week that just went down. Don't let the news cycle spook you.
Nick .@Harkaway writes novels, he's got a particularly enjoyable one out now:
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May 27, 2018
In the USA, one of the biggest selling genres is the "superhero" genre.
"Superheroes" are dominated by licensed properties from two large companies, Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
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