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Refamous is lying, @arttavana . #ComicsGate began when Cultural Marxists began successfully demanding that the exaggeration of female form be stricken from the art of comic books (see victims Milo Manara and Frank Cho) and then began using this new influence to impose more...
...unwanted change on classic comic books and characters. Cherished superheroes were replaced with flat and uninteresting new alternate versions solely because they were deemed "non diverse" white males, and complaints were met with accusations of "bigotry and harassment."
The books themselves became rife with terrible stories, cultural lectures, and most irritating of all, typos and grammar mistakes that should have been discovered and corrected by the assistant editors, if not the editors themselves.
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What made #Comicsgate a successful scam:
1. Vague enemy that can't objectively be debunked. "Comic shops are closing! It's likely for a number of reasons and there's no way to ID the leading cause, but we can assert it's because of SJW politics because nobody can prove it's not."
2. Harnessing existing anger. People are dumb animals, we act when we feel scared, threatened or angry. There's already a large faction of angry right wingers online, it was just a matter of assembling them and convincing them that "SJWs" are what they're really angry at.
3. Call to heroism. "Comics are dying and SJWs are to blame, but you can save them and send a message to the big two by giving me $35!" Nevermind that giving $ to a guy on IGG does nothing to help your LCS and money raised via political posturing is meaningless data to Marvel/DC.
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While it's still in its early planning stages, my proposal for "Operation Canadian BaCon II" is ready. Read more about it here:…
The CBC Boss Battle is coming in the Summer of 2019. Be prepared! :)
#GamerGate #ComicsGate #NotYourShield
The alpha version of the CBC #GamerGate Archive has now been assembled. It contains audio, video, articles, screen captures, and related documents covering 97% of all known material from Canada's national broadcaster referring to us and weighs in at around 4.6 GB. 1/2
Some tentative statistics (covering all CBC media):
- Hit pieces or significant mentions: 29
- Gamedrops: 10
- Ombudsman reviews: 8
- Related incidents: 3
- Trivial mentions: 4
- Missing hit pieces with no known archives: 2
More material will be slowly added. #GamerGate 2/2
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HEADS UP: If you're supporting comics and trying to enforce some positivity in light of all the #comicsgate nonsense, do not, DO NOT, use #movetheneedle. It is not a positive response hashtag to comicsgate. I know some of you out there know this, but let's be clear:
Comicsgate is just Gamergate again. This should be obvious. It holds the same intention, and that is, to put it bluntly, abuse women and minority-status peoples within an industry while masking it as a social movement.
There is going to inevitably be push back to that statement, that's part of how it works. We all went through this in 2014, we should know the signs. What's different now is movetheneedle, and it's important to figure out the distinction.
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In the USA, one of the biggest selling genres is the "superhero" genre.
"Superheroes" are dominated by licensed properties from two large companies, Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
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1) Whoever taught this guy statistics needs to take whatever college degree he has and slap him with it.

This freaking idiot right here is trying to do a demographics breakdown of people that support #ComicsGate, aka 'please Marvel, stop hiring shit writers.'
2) His initial conclusion? "They're mostly fat redneck guys."

3) Dipshit, it is called fucking covariance. Have you NEVER taken a statistics class?
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When people say they just want 'good stories' and no politics or 'SJW' issues in their entertainment-what they are saying is that when they were kids, they completely missed the subtext of every story, movie, comic book, etc they took in. These stories have always been political.
Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Wonder Woman, on and on and on- these are Political / 'SJW' stories. And the message, if you were paying attention at all is one of inclusion, deep compassion for your fellow man, and social justice.
So if you look at say, Ms. Marvel, The Last Jedi, Black Panther, or whatever and say- "I just want stories like when I was a kid, get these politics outta my face!" The truth is- you weren't a very observant kid. And you grew into a stunted adult. You missed something vital.
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A few thoughts tonight for #ComicsGate about digital, and hopefully some new information you may not have considered before. And yes, I'll get it out of the way up front: I really should just do YouTube. But hey, you're in for the thread show now. Sorry. But here we go! 1/23
So, when digital first started being a thing for comics there was this strange revolt on the part of retailers. Retailers were wary that digital would wipe out the LCS, and publishers were bending over backwards to reassure people that this wouldn't happen. 2/23
DC in particular were making these statements at Retailer Summits and to LCS reps that no, digital was something they would try but in no way would it come at the cost of the traditional publishing business. But just about every LCS was worried and saying so. 3/23
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People who question Marvel's current publishing strategy, and why the creators seem so determined to stick to it, should understand that the company is not being illogical; they are responding to the data they have. And one of the biggest sources of data is Cons. #ComicsGate 1/18
I've been going to cons as a vendor or attendee for 20+ years. Cons have changed a lot, but the biggest change is NOT what most people always point out... that media has taken over the Con. That's true, but the big change is in the people who go, and why they are there. 2/18
Con attendees are not the day-in, day-out comic buyer. Con attendees are by and large more casual fans of the actual books, even though the cosplay may trick you into thinking they are "super fans". They are "super-fans", but of the idea of comics far more than the titles. 3/18
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So You Think You’ve Been Targeted By Alt-Right/Liberals/Crazy People Trolls: a thread (and semi-response). #ComicsGate #ComicGate
Have you ever woken up and discovered you have hundreds of notifications out of nowhere on Twitter? That sinking feeling in your stomach is that you're about to deal with a whole lot of nonsense... and all before you had your first coffee. Keep calm, let's get you through this.
First, take a breath. You don't know what you're about to wander into, but ask yourself: do you care? Is any information you're about to see relevant to your life or happiness? Likely not, so remind yourself of this before you engage.
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I love this:
- Suddenly #comicsgate is ok w/blocking, but only when they do it.
- The only harassment they've done is block ppl? Suuuuuuure.
Honestly, it's just six panels, but it's like a peeling an onion.

There's layers here enough to keep a psychiatrist busy for *days.*
This is actually a great jumping off point for a thread I wanted to do on entitlement and how that plays into all this, but that'll keep.
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I'm trying something different for #comicsgate #comicgate & I hope it helps shed some light, an attempt to bring context, bear w/ me. /1
This will be a longer thread, & I may or may not respond to comments because I plan to stay focused on the topics to get through it. /2
I plan to talk about the comic BUSINESS, INDUSTRY and MARKET because a lot of what we see now is impacted by the dynamics of that. /3
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