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Statements made by Catholic priests on the treatment of the children at the Texas/Mexico border.

To everyone thinking the Church isn’t raising much of a stink - you’re not listening.

Background - hierarchy of the Catholic Church:

1. Pope (1)
2. Cardinals (225)
3. Priests (a lot)
Let’s start with the Pope. He’s a super progressive pope for Catholics.

He acknowledges climate change.
And the gays.

We like this pope. Pope Francis.
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When the govt starts to pat itself on the back for reuniting small babies on Tuesday please remember the following:

1. The only reason they’re doing this is because the litigators at the ACLU got a court order mandating it.


2. They’ve openly admitted to not being able to fully account for where the parents of the 4&under kids. And so they’ll only be helping an estimate 50% of those 2/
3. As in they’ve likely deported parents of nonverbal infants who ya know can’t say their names to caseworkers n such 3/
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Here are a few more pics of @RebLizzi and I leading Shabbat services at the #FamiliesBelongTogther Chicago March that various people got. And the very good @SenatorDurbin made it to services too (kind of by accident, but hey, I'll take it).
Was honored to be tapped as part of the clergy team marching at the front of the #FamiliesBelongTogther march--you can see my short, sweaty profile behind the marshal with the orange stripes. There are probably better pics out there somewhere, I dunno.
And I *think* it'll work for you to see part of my sermon? Maybe? Or maybe it's friends-locked? Not sure. I'll tweet it out tomorrow (too tired now) if I remember. Or if you remind me.…
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We're here in Montgomery, Alabama rallying to say that #FamiliesBelongTogther & to call to #EndFamilyDetention
At the bus stop where Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabamians protest an injustice of our time - the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families all across America. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether
Separating families is wrong and today in Alabama, #TheMarchContinues for immigration reform. #EndFamilyDetention
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Release: Because for-profit or military imprisonment is unnecessary and illegal
Represent: Because represented children and families have a 96% court appearance rate and are 400% more likely to win their claims for relief
Reunify: Because we can do it faster than the government
@RAICESTEXAS @MigrantFreedom @TXCivilRights @ACLU @ProPublica @ThinkLawLab @abogadatejana @AlOtroLado_Org @aldea_pjc @immcouncil Are ready, willing, and able to put these families back together much more efficiently than the government ever could.
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Today was hard. The past week has been hard. The past few months have been hard. The constant barrage has made me sad, angry, & scared for our country. The past 18 months have been frustrating & disheartening. But I'm also finding hope, & you can too. Here's how.
A) I've been deciding on some concrete actions I can take to effect change, like:
- Working to promote voter registration among the students at the med school where I'm on faculty & among the residents I work with
- Writing even more #PostcardsToVoters (through @DemocratWit)
- Finding ways to volunteer with the @azdemparty &/or for @RepSinema's campaign for Senate that fit into my busy schedule (I'm sure it's possible! Somehow?)
- Donating to @kyrstensinema's campaign for Senate, & to @emilyslist, @swingleft, & @RAICESTEXAS
- Phone banking
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#BREAKING We just sued the Trump Administration to end the cruel and illegal policy of tearing apart families, reunite parents and children, and ensure that this never happens again. #FamilesBelongTogether
As a result of this unconstitutional policy, a mother — now in Hyannis after an asylum officer found she faces persecution in Brazil — has been separated from her 9 year old son for almost a month.

Her child is still held in a shelter in Chicago. #FamiliesBelongTogther
Two Guatemalan children were separated from their mother and held in Michigan for five weeks. The children have been reunited with their father here in Massachusetts, but their mother is still being held in Texas. #FamiliesBelongTogther
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Since Trump supporters don't care about immigrant children:

Republican donors/rich Trump supporters are raking in millions, eventually billions, of OUR tax money...but Trump administration could go back to Obama policy and pay less than $40/day per immigrant.
More questions:

Where are the babies, the toddlers and the little girls?
Are those babies the ones that were sent to the adoption agencies?
Why isn't the Trump administration even TRYING to reunite these families?
Is there more profit in detaining them or adopting them out?
640 United Methodist clergy and members released a statement charging Sessions with child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination, and dissemination of false doctrine.
#SessionsLies #FamiliesBelongTogther…
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I AM A CHILD (Thread):

I am child
escaping harm
Wrapped in the arms of my mother
Searching for a place to belong



Our journey
full of terrors
Sacrifices she made
to flee our abusers



It took weeks to get here
there was hope in sight
Uniformed men stopped our entry
Hope denied



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Friends, the family separation + family detention ramp up is best explained by the Overton window concept. Make things really really horrible and then the just horrible will seem OK. #EndFamilyDetention
The #SingleStagingArea explicitly includes the idea of detaining the families together. Please listen to the advocates and communities who have been fighting to keep families together AND reunifying families for years. We’re not new at this.
If you are new to these issues, please pay attention to who is pushing the ideas. People who have an intimate knowledge of the history and booby traps of the system or people who just noticed?
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THREAD: Today there was a #FamiliesBelongTogether rally in DC. @RepJayapal told of visits with 174 women transferred from the Texas border ICE detention facility to Sea-Tac bureau of federal prisons facility. She is not visible in the videos but her voice is clear and urgent. 1/
“We met with 174 women at the bureau of prisons facility” @RepJayapal #FamiliesBelongTogther /2
“They are almost all asylum seekers. About 50% are mothers. They are from 16 different countries.” @RepJayapal #FamiliesBelongTogether /3
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