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1/ Just spent a week working pro bono with CARA at DETENTION center in #Dilley Texas (oddly renamed "residential" center) to prepare the #SUPERWOMEN being held there prepare for their credible fear interviews. They told me ghastly stories of persecution suffered in lawless
2/ countries at the hands of gangs who terrorize and extort them, then beat, rape and threaten to kill them and their children if they dare go to the police or say "enough," AND/OR countries with such weak laws, corrupt police, and/or corrupt government officials that are
3/ effectively lawless when it comes to protecting women from violent husbands who treat them like property by repeatedly raping them, telling them they are worthless SIMPLY because they are WOMEN, restricting their freedom to work, express political views, attend church, see
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Happening now: Long line waiting to get into the Senate Judiciary hearing on family separation. Hundreds of families remain separated and accountability is overdue. I will tweet out news from the hearing on this thread. #familiesbelongtogether
.@ChuckGrassley has opened the hearing. The room is overflowing, with many advocate mamas here with their children in their arms, protesting the rights abuses that continue to unfold.
.@SenFeinstein is delivering her opening with a focus on the appalling lack of government transparency regarding the family separation crisis. Months into the crisis she reminds us that we still don't know the total number of children separated from their parents....
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Why did family separation happen? FOLLOW THE MONEY. Then #EndFamilySeparation #EndFamilyDetention and #AbolishICE
Trump administration appointees went from profiting off the deportation machine to working directly in it by @lhfang
Dan Ragsdale.
David Venturella.
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Heartfelt apologies for the disappointment felt by my 1000s of new MAGA followers who read the thread I wrote about my meeting with Pres. Obama that’s bounced around 19M times (literally). But maybe you’ll be interested in what @AlexNowrasteh and @mkolken have to say. #FF
It has been amazing to watch a couple thousand people tweet some version of “where was your outrage when Obama did it?!” at liberals and fake news outlets, while simultaneously showing zero outrage now, and doing nothing to stop it. If that’s the takeaway, idk, Man. IDK.
There used to be three or four main idealogical tent poles to conservatism and the Republican Party: (1) libertarianism/limited government “less government = more freedom; (2) “Moral Majority”/WWJD/“values voters” (3) Fiscal conservatives (4) strong national defense. Not anymore.
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I've been thinking a lot about how my Gutemalan family got to the US. I'm gonna tell you a bit about that.
So first thing you need to know is my dad and his siblings are orphans. My great grandmother and great aunt (who was the grandmother I lost this year) would go door to door find food for my dad and his siblings and his cousins. A 20 something and 93 year old, for 10 kids.
Neither could read or write but by a miracle combination of washing and ironing clothes, going door to door to ask for food, and prayer - they just barely fed 10 kids.
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Parents & children are not just being separated at the border. They are being separated in every state by @ICEgov - an immoral force ripping apart families everywhere. It’s time to #AbolishICE so we can #FreeOurFuture and #EndFamilySeparation.
U.S. Citizens - Call Congress and ask them use their oversight authority to #EndFamilySeparation. We must ensure the rights of children and parents are respected, and our legal system is allowed to work. Call- (202)224-3121 to share this important message. #ReuniteFamiliesNow
@DHSGov - the @UN has recommended guidelines for human rights at international borders . The actions the DHS is taking do not comply with these guidelines. Stop the human rights abuses! #ReuniteFamiliesNow #EndFamilyDetention @womensmarch @UnitedWeDream
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We’re collectively raising our voices against Trump’s morally bankrupt policies and rhetoric toward immigrants. Today we're rallying in streets across the country to say: #FamiliesBelongTogether. #EndFamilyDetention #TheMarchContinues
Ripping children away from their parents and locking them in cages, and stripping immigrants of due process rights offends the Constitution and our fundamental principles of justice, fairness and equality. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether…
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The rear of the #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch #NYC just left Foley Square! Still 1.5 miles of marching ahead across the Brooklyn Bridge! #EndFamilyDetention
This #Antifa dog is bringing up the rear!
Halfway over the bridge! #FamiliesBelongTogether
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We're here in Montgomery, Alabama rallying to say that #FamiliesBelongTogther & to call to #EndFamilyDetention
At the bus stop where Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabamians protest an injustice of our time - the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families all across America. #EndFamilyDetention #FamiliesBelongTogether
Separating families is wrong and today in Alabama, #TheMarchContinues for immigration reform. #EndFamilyDetention
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Easily 10,000 here already in NYC, and the crowd is growing in every direction! #FamiliesBelongTogether #EndFamilyDetention
Press now reporting 30,000+!
NYC #FamiliesBelongTogether is lit!
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Release: Because for-profit or military imprisonment is unnecessary and illegal
Represent: Because represented children and families have a 96% court appearance rate and are 400% more likely to win their claims for relief
Reunify: Because we can do it faster than the government
@RAICESTEXAS @MigrantFreedom @TXCivilRights @ACLU @ProPublica @ThinkLawLab @abogadatejana @AlOtroLado_Org @aldea_pjc @immcouncil Are ready, willing, and able to put these families back together much more efficiently than the government ever could.
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Friends, the family separation + family detention ramp up is best explained by the Overton window concept. Make things really really horrible and then the just horrible will seem OK. #EndFamilyDetention
The #SingleStagingArea explicitly includes the idea of detaining the families together. Please listen to the advocates and communities who have been fighting to keep families together AND reunifying families for years. We’re not new at this.
If you are new to these issues, please pay attention to who is pushing the ideas. People who have an intimate knowledge of the history and booby traps of the system or people who just noticed?
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Letters by immigrant parents telling a judge in their own words what it’s like being separated from their kids.


#EndFamilyDetention and #KeepFamliesTogether
“Not knowing anything about my daughter is torture. I am not able to sleep. I desperately want to be with her.” - APF from Honduras who is being held in TX and was separated from his 12 year old daughter


Full letter here:…
“I wake up from my sleep crying because I remember he was taken from me.” - EF from Guatemala, who is being held in TX and believes her son is in NY.

Translated declaration here:…
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Pres. Trump’s executive order still plans to criminalize families — including children. It’s not enough to #EndFamilySeparation or #KeepFamiliesTogehter. We need to #EndFamilyDetention. You can help us fight back.
We’re fighting back on the legal front. Our #SoutheastImmigrantFreedomInitiative provides pro bono legal representation to immigrants detained in the Southeast. You can volunteer.
We’re fighting back by showing up and speaking out. We are rallying for immigrants’ rights here in Montgomery, Alabama — the state where AG Jeff Sessions began his career.…
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President Trump just signed an EO announcing the “end” to family separation. Make no mistake this “solution” is actually to jail families indefinitely. @PWolgin breaks down why family jails are not the solution to #KeepFamiliesTogether #EndFamilyDetention
Republicans in Congress have proposed a number of bills that would equally incarcerate children, indefinitely, alongside their parents. However, family incarceration is not only expensive, inhumane, and highly traumatic for children, but it’s also completely unnecessary.
The government can ensure that asylum seekers show up for court hearings and comply with the process by using proven alternatives to detention. #EndFamilyDetention
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Let’s be clear about what this Executive Order does: Instead of imprisoning children in separate internment camps away from their parents, this administration will now imprison children in the same internment camps as their parents.
The Executive Order @realDonaldTrump just signed does nothing to end the “zero-tolerance policy” that automatically criminalizes any and all immigrants who cross the border without legal papers, including those seeking asylum.

It does nothing to end the imprisonment of children.
Children locked in “tender age” prison camps will still be locked in camps. Family detention camps.

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Thread: How did we get here?
In 2015, I shook President Obama’s hand, thanked him for DACA, and asked him to reverse course & close the for-profit baby jails (also known as “family detention centers”) he opened in Dilley & Karnes City, Texas. What he said shook me to my core 1/
2/ Specifically, I told him, “It’s wrong. And it’s going to be a stain on your legacy.” He stopped moving on to the next person in the rope line and looked back at me. I’d gotten his attention. He turned back, looked at me and “Are you an immigration lawyer?” “Yes”
3/ Just days before, President Obama’s senior immigration policy advisor @cecmunoz had received a chilly welcome during her keynote address to the @AILANational annual conference attendees in National Harbor. She was greeted with silent protest & signs saying #EndFamilyDetention
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Want to know #WhereAreTheChildren ? Here’s what happens when a family seeks asylum at the US border (Thread)
First, it’s important to know that it’s LEGAL to seek asylum at a Port of Entry. CBP is obligated to accept refugee families, but we’ve recorded hundreds of instances of unlawful turn-aways. Families lucky enough to be processed face a horrific system designed to tear them apart
If minor children are traveling with both parents, Dad is almost always detained separately. That means his asylum case proceeds apart from that of his family. We’ve seen many cases of dads deported while his wife and kids remain in the US #EndFamilySeparation
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