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I’m not surprised that an inclusive, race conscious (not colorblind) Black Conservative, like #TimScott could see right through what his “colorblind” Senate colleagues couldn’t! The judge’s writings sound eerily familiar, so familiar to alt right talking points on gender & race.
And if you look at the publication that the Judge wrote for “The Stanford Review”, whose founder is Peter Theil, it gets even weirder. Why? Because it’s been alleged that Peter Theil (a gay billionaire) has always had major problems with diversity — he even wrote a book on it.
Peter Theil wasn’t born in America; he was born In Germany, and then he later lived in South Africa 🇿🇦. In college one of Thiel’s African American doormats said “One day I heard a rumor that Peter defended #apartheid (which was then still the law of the land in #SouthAfrica)
Africa), which I found morally repugnant. To know that a fellow student, a dormmate for that matter, might defend such a brutally oppressive race-based caste system gave me the willies. But I wanted to give Peter the benefit of the doubt, so I mustered the courage to ...
go to his room to ask him about it. He said, w/NO facial affect, that #apartheid was a sound economic system working efficiently, and moral issues were irrelevant. He made NO effort to even acknowledge the pain the concept of apartheid could possibly raise for me, a Black woman.”
You can read more here…
But there’s more. It’s been alleged that he that this (a gay immigrant) who was educated here, made his billions; is using his coins to use diversity to set diversity on 🔥 ..

Peter Thiel’s Palantir is Powering Trump’s Immigration Agenda…
He also seems to be have strong connections to the “Dark Enlightenment,” movement an obscure neo-fascist philosophy started by a British academic in the 1990s.”…
Dark enlightenment doesn’t say much about Christianity, but from what I can gather; I don’t think it, or any other religion would fair too well under such a demonic regime.
It doesn’t really like obstacles to enlightenment.
But perhaps the most disturbing allegation is that he’s funding individuals affiliated with the alt-right (might even be a member).…
These articles seem to imply that Theil might be stealthy employing diversity to sabotage and create new and misleading narratives about diversity — perhaps even question its value.

Let’s hope not.…
All of this reminded of Cathy Young’s article (she writes about the alt-right) article “The Problem with Candace Owens” and then Kanye West tweeting (maybe during a manic episode) about being “so happy” to meet Theil.

And now this #WalkAwayMovement 👉🏿…
The Problem with Candace Owens…
We were the Brong, the Yoruba, the Igbo, the Akan people. But White Supremacy and her wicked sister colonialism couldn’t process all that diversity, just too much multiculturalism to engage; and so the two settled for one word to describe millions — BLACK.
These RADICALS and their laissez-faire “colorblind” co-conspirators love to question identity-politics; always plotting against reality, always looking to stick a finger, and then an entire hand in God’s eye; they rarely, if ever, talk about how it all this identity came about.
The can talk about EVERYTHING but the “thing”, i.e. the THING which create the “things” they’re a complaining about. They love to talk, talk, ❤️ talk about the “illegal immigrants ” that are “invading our country” while their child is outside snorting coke and smoking pot.
They want to run around the world and open Pandora's jar (it wasn’t a box) and remove fences before even asking, “Why were these fence put up?” And then they look so retarded and shocked to see that their actions have consequences.…
The so-called “black” identity emerges out of and in response to white-supremacy. Africans didn’t swim to America for government cheese and welfare! You can’t set fire to context, and then replace it with your colorblind (or lily-white) preferred pretext.

It’s simply not true.
It was European slavers who thrust identity onto us; it was white Supremacist who were lazy, and couldn’t process it all and so intentionally destroyed culture and families; and it’s this evil that substituted over 46 AFRICAN ethnic groups for just one☝️word, “black”.
300+ years of the transatlantic
slave trade; Jim Crow, #Apartheid, Nazis murdering -millions- of Jews; ink on black suffrage ain’t even dry — and now we’re supposed to believe that “diversity is the problem”!

Yeah, of course, sweetheart

Whatever you say.
You’re Right & White.
"What white people have to do is try and find out in their own hearts why it was necessary to have a nigger in the first place, because I'm not a nigger. I'm a man, but if you think I'm a nigger, it means you need it ...
“… If I'm not a nigger and you invented him -- you, the white people, invented him -- then you've got to find out why. And the future of the country depends on that, whether or not it's able to ask that question."

— James Baldwin
#Racism is an [objective] reality and simply being white doesn't mean you can subjectively redefine that reality! — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The answer to #racism is not #colorblindness. The answer to racism is to embrace a worldview that says diversity is beautiful.

— Pastor Kyle J. Howard

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Oct 9, 2018
Sorry, but anyone telling you that America’s largely White/Southern Evangelical #prolife movement had nothing to do with racism — is lying to you.

It started as an anti-black movement.


Pastors, Not Politicians, Turned Dixie Republican…
“No one needs to say “N..r, n..r” anymore. With help from evangelical pastors, this new generation of politicians has found a new political party and a fresh language with which to stir old grievances and feed their power. “ — Chris Ladd
“By merely refining their rhetoric and activating evangelical congregations, a new generation of Southern conservatives grow ever closer to winning a fight their forebears once thought was lost.”

— Chris Ladd
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Oct 5, 2018
In a party of ignoble buffoonery, a party where loud/mmoral men are applauded in the light of the day for waving the flags of nationalism — but, in the early, rayless, hours of the night commit treason!

In THIS party of WEAK-and-WOBBLY -CHESTLESS- men —- we have an outlier.
Evil needs friends to go forward; evil isn’t always so “balanced “ or calm! One of the most shameful aspects of some so-called “moderate” Republicanism: It’s ability to soothe independent fears.

It has always been a lifesaver to #WhiteNationalism.
The long history of “The Lily White movement” in both the conservative movement and in the Republican Party is a testament to how moderate Republicans empowwed White Nationalism.…
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Sep 21, 2018
The #WhiteSupremacist Republican Journalist — Mr. James Newcomb

“There is but one way open to Republican success, and that is that the WHITE Republican come forward and take charge of party management.”

The Galveston Daily News, Thursday, Oct. 24, 1884

“For over twenty years the south has been in political turmoil growing out of the Negro question, and if anything we are further from a satisfactory solution than in 1865.”
“The Negro troubles are resulting in the great masses of colored people shutting out white #immigration. There is but one way open to Republican success, and that is that the white republican come forward and take charge of party management.”

— James P. Newcomb
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Jan 30, 2018
In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, “When Black Meant Republican”

“It’s easy to forget now, but just a few generations ago African-Americans overwhelmingly identified themselves as Republicans.”

#maga #RepublicanParty
In the fall of 1895 Atlanta put on one in a series of “International Expositions” designed to highlight its progress in recovering from the war. Racial tensions had been growing since southerners, at the end of Reconstruction, began instituting Jim Crow laws.
The organizers of the Exposition invited prominent black leader Booker T. Washington to give a keynote address. The position he took in that speech was a calculated gamble.
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Jan 27, 2018
Early Signs of Trouble - A History of #WhiteSupremacy at First Baptist Church (Dallas).

How a #Dallas church with a history of oppposing civil rights for African Americans formed a long and toxic relationship with the Republican Party. #maga #blackconservatives #BlackTwitter
“In 1956, the Supreme Court had recently struck down school segregation in the Brown v. Board of Education case. President Eisenhower had sponsored sweeping civil rights legislation.”
Dr. King was organizing bus boycotts. Pressure was building against segregation across the South. At that time, there may have been no more influential figure in the Southern Baptist Convention than W.A. Criswell, the pastor of the enormous First Baptist Church in Dallas.
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