Got to meet @RustyCundieff and family tonight a #SDCC2018, talking TALES FROM THE HOOD 2 on a kickass horror panel. Got to tell him FEAR OF A BLACK HAT was one of my favorite 90s movies.

(doesn't get enough love today - SPINAL TAP, but parodying NWA-era hip-hop scene)
Same panel also afforded opportunity to finally meet the great @jenyamato in person - great job as moderator with a full house and packed lineup.
And BIG thanks to everyone who came out for the EVERYONES A CRITIC panel, lots of terrific questions and a special thanks to Bill Watters for inviting me to join the lineup.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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Sep 8, 2018
Thing that sucks is we're now all programmed to hate things based on whether or not we think people we hate will like them or if it was intended for them.

Like, "WWII shooter but one character is anime-hair punk lady cyborg" is the most videogame thing that ever videogamed...
...I mean 5-10 years ago that'd just be a "thing," and 15-20 years ago it'd be weird for any action game to NOT have shit like that in it. And if it was in an Kojima or Grasshopper game without any rationale I think "gamers" would be okay-to-jazzed with it...
..but because it's either assumed that women/SJWS/whatever either "demanded" it or it was added "for" them or they might hypothetically derived some enjoyment from its presence, game-culture decided to HATE it. Exhausting.

And yes, before it comes up - "other side" does this too
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Sep 6, 2018
Kind of daunting to try and explain what Burt Reynolds meant to a generation that maybe only knew him as a meme about timelost ironic machismo. He was part of the "other track" of post-60s Hollywood, the part that wasn't urban, post-anything or geeky...
...SMOKEY & THE BANDIT and STAR WARS were the same year, man. There are no coincidences. Thing is, he *started out* as an exaggeration, telling his own jokes at the expense of his own persona... and he told them so well the "gag" became reality. And he owned it.
He owned it all the way up through it becoming a joke again, and becoming cool again. He blew up his own career at least four times, maybe more. Went to TV (for a sitcom!) when that was a death sentence and came back. Badmouthed the best role of his career...
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Aug 28, 2018
'member when I said Film Twitter should AVOID treating "Ethan Hawke sez superheroes iz fer dum-dums" as some profound call to arms? Juxtaposition of this slab of ultrasmug from a Guardian piece (quoting someone else even!) w/ the blue-highlight pix is why:…
P.S. eff off, it's still stupid as hell that this is a "controversy." But in general A LOT of people in my hyper-detached business should avoid talking about relatability like it's a singular concept where possible precisely because of instances like this.
P.P.S. Additional quoted pieces appeared in LunaLuna and Glamour.

P.P.S. additional quotes from LunaLuna and Glamour. LINKS:……
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Aug 28, 2018
Calling it: They're gonna do "The Joker is good, actually, because rich people and insanity is the only sane defense to living under capitalism and blah blah blah..."

THAT, or "Joker" ends up being a lot of industry pros (some big names involved in this) venting their hangups about the current popularity of comic flicks via a parody of what they think the genre is; which seldom ends well.
[Nerd hat goes on]

A fun thing would be to go full-out and do a complete "Earth 3" movie: Good-guy Joker, Luthor etc vs evil versions of Superman, Batman, and so on.

It's the ONLY "alt universe" thing that needs NO setup, b/c *everyone* knows the baseline DC heroes/villains.
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Aug 10, 2018
Just to be clear: I'm not talking about a PG-13 DEADPOOL movie, I'm talking an R-rated DEADPOOL movie where the curses have been bleeped and the nudity is pixelated and only DEADPOOL himself notices this.

Bonus if he *also* notices how much violence they still "get away" with :)
"No, it's okay. We should all be fine because apparently everything is family-friendly n-"

[graphic death]

"How is THAT okay!!???"
Shit, I want to do this now JUST so it can be used for the "showing off the weapons" scene.

"Look at this gun. This is an ACTUAL gun! You can buy this in STORES right now, shockingly easily! Also ALL THESE!!! And this, this, these - this is MOST imitable stuff I do!"
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Aug 9, 2018
We're asking the wrong questions of/about Jack.

Twitter's real business isn't content or advertising, it's user-data like everyone else.

Why is the "it's okay for Nazis, alt-rights and Trumpers to be here unfettered" model considered "good" for Twitter's user-data business?
Facebook etc clearly have determined that they need to NOT be a place where right-wing lunatics feel safe and free in order to continue having user-data worth selling. Twitter (or at least Jack) seems to make the opposite calculation - why?
This isn't a rhetorical question, I honestly have no idea.

Facebook is panicked because they NEED middle-class hipsters, upscale suburbanites and "high-spend urbanites" to continue using the site. Those are their "money" demos.

Why does Twitter this Alex Jones is "necessary?"
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