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I am simply overwhelmed today. The support pouring out since yesterday is amazing. I love & appreciate y'all so much, especially long-time followers who help to answer questions. To all the new eyes/minds just learning these ugly truths, Thank You & Welcome. #SayBraveThings
I'm not even going to try to get through all the notifications. If you sent me something in the last 24 hours, chances are I haven't/won't see it, but know that I appreciate all that you are doing to help end this evil. Keep shining the light so the darkness disappears forever.
And just like that, after 3 weeks of radio silence, we are blessed with #NewQ!!! #Qanon @POTUS #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
Many of you have asked me for an interview. Thank you kindly for the invitation. I am not currently doing interviews, but I welcome you to follow & share anything I post here. In the future, if/when I decide I am ready/able to do interviews, I will be sure to let everyone know.
Also, just a reminder that I'm not reviewing or answering DMs right now, and I haven't been for about a month. Finding the healthy balance between interacting online & taking care of my self/mind/body requires boundaries. Thank you for understanding. #SelfCare is #SelfLove
Whenever fear or self doubt creep into my mind or I begin to question myself, God finds a way to let me know I'm on the right path & it will be brightly lit. It wasn't easy to #SayBraveThings yesterday. But 3,000 new followers overnight tells me I'm doing the right thing #Blessed
See, here's the thing. I know I'm telling the truth, because these are my memories, and the pattern of evidence is so abundant throughout my life that I would be insane to deny the reality of this truth in my life. For me, with firsthand knowledge, it's irrefutable truth. (1)
Also, the bad guys know I'm telling the truth, 100%, which is why they target me so often with the same tactics: deny, discredit, deflect, distract; claim survivor is crazy/on drugs/lying/controlled or better yet, "don't dignify that with a response" at all & just ignore her. (2)
The good guys ALSO know I'm telling the truth, as do the awake, aware & informed patriots & citizens all around the world. In fact, the only people who aren't sure of this truth are the unaware, uninformed, deliberately misinformed & brainwashed. It is THESE minds they want. (3)
Furthermore, with logic, we can deduce that the undecided minds, the ones they are fighting for, have no reason or motivation to outwardly attack, deny or demean me or the things I'm saying, precisely because they don't KNOW if it's true or not. They don't have an opinion yet (4)
Which leads to the conclusion that the people who are loudly trying to deny, discredit or demean me (or #Pizzagate for that matter), or who are triangulating to try & sway others' opinions of me &/or #theGreatAwakening using logical fallacies & ad hominem slander are #Hivites (5)
I do not need or want anyone to simply believe me. Do research. Go beyond what I'm saying & see the truth for yourself. The PATTERN IS THE EVIDENCE. If you know the elements, you crack the code. When you see the pattern, you find the guilty. I'm not here to prove it to anyone (6)
And I don't NEED to prove it to anyone. @POTUS & #QAnon & @NSA are already doing that, praise God. What exactly is unclear about "We have EVERYTHING"?! Soon, when survivors #SayBraveThings, the whole world will listen, because we will all KNOW, beyond any doubt, this is REAL. (7)
This is the truth of my life. I am here to own it & to #SayBraveThings so other survivors will know that it's possible to live life in the light of truth & still be loved, accepted, & believed, no matter HOW HARD these serial abusers try to keep us down & silent. #SurvivorsUnite
Understand the nature of the abuse, what it does to survivors, the severity/absurdity of what actually happened, realize that it is MEANT to sound crazy when the victim remembers/reports, & they didn't exactly let us take pictures. The PATTERN = evidence.
External corroboration from disparate sources who do not know each other & who are separated in time & space = a PATTERN OF EVIDENCE. Individual random instances are not a pattern. A connected series of events is a pattern. The pattern is the evidence. #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS
And remember, the @NSAgov already told us explicitly #Pizzagate is real, or did some of you forget/not know about this?
If "muh #pizzagate was debunked" &"he said she said, presumption of innocence" & all that, why are there 40,000+ sealed federal indictments filed in the last 8 months? The yearly average is about 1,000. But nothing to see here, right? Buckle up y'all.
Honestly, I'm confused how anyone can still be legitimately skeptical about the reality of #pizzagate. This is page 294 of the #IGReport. Again, if you're not yet on board with #TheGreatAwakening, you might want to consider waking up now. #QAnon @POTUS #WethePeople #MAGA #KAG
Never mind, I'm not confused. I actually don't think anyone really is all that skeptical about #pizzagate. They are either totally convinced or have little to no information to form an opinion. The GUILTY are the only ones actively working to bury the truth. #HivitesGetLit #QAnon
Remember, this is not a small problem. We're talking about a network of families that could number in the hundreds of millions of people when this is all said & done. That's a LOT of antagonists. If 15% of world population are cult & 1/2 of them are cannibals, you do the math.
But never mind me. By all means, continue sleeping if you enjoy the dream. #TheGreatAwakening is happening no matter what. We've already reached critical mass. There's no stopping it now. #Covfefe #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #SayBraveThings
And of course, it seems during summer, it is always a ritual date. These people are SICK & these rituals FEED them, literally, by way of the hormones & other needed body parts of terrified HUMANS they consume in order to not die. #Cannibals #Hivites #QAnon
After reading that last tweet, I suddenly understand & don't really object to Twatter shadowbanning me for "sensitive or offensive content" - not fully erasing my online presence, but basically removing me from peoples' timelines. I do write some heavy sh*t in a very blunt way.
Oh how I wish these things WEREN'T true. How much EASIER it would be if I were just crazy. No one wants this story. No one wants to deal with the consequences of realizing this is a reality, & you either adapt or die. No one gives up everything & risks all for nothing "Use Logic"
I cannot over-emphasize the scope & magnitude of what we are dealing with here.
for the newcomers who keep asking who my father is:
Or was it my Dad who was training Michael Aquino? Either way, he was a founding member of the Temple of Set, that much is clear.
For those of you unfamiliar, note that Mr "Hanx" is also said to be a member of the Cryptic Order of Rosicrucian, which would explain his connection to my father:
Odd. No matter how many times I invite them to chime in & present their "side" of things, no matter how many truths & accusations I utter, it seems they are all unwilling (perhaps unable?) to say ANYTHING. Fascinating that none of them have even DENIED it.
You know what else? #TruthResonates. As #QAnon says "growth due to confirmations." I began to #SayBraveThings the 1st week of November 2017. Within 6 weeks a whopping 6,000 people started to follow. Today that # hit 30,000. Praise God. #TheGreratAwakening
The more people who know, the less they can hide. The more people who are aware, the safer the world is. The more people who demand justice, the more LIVES & CHILDREN we save. This IS about good vs evil. There is only one enemy: #Hivites. I am just one survivor among THOUSANDS
I appreciate the support everyone, but please, do not praise me or give me accolades. Please just find the evidence, know the truth, & share it with others so the #Hivites can't do this anymore. That's all I care about. It's not about me, it's about ALL of us. #WWG1WGA #Covfefe
#QAnon post 184 Nov 21 2017 22:07:58 (EST)

"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.
Identify and list.
They don’t hide it.
They don’t fear you.
You are sheep to them.
You are feeders.
Godfather III.

• • •

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Oct 9, 2018
Q says that their need for symbols will be their downfall. This is true, because it's how we see them. But in truth, their fatal flaw is most definitely NARCISSISM & the inflated sense of entitlement that comes with it. They aren't even be able to consider their own failure. WOW.
"...people will imagine that peace is assured for them, & then calamities shall spring up on the earth - the sword, famine, & great confusion" 2Esdras16:21

They won't even see it coming. They will assume a false sense of security, because they've always been protected. NO MORE
The sword = The word of God / Truth
Famine = no more supply of innocents to eat
Great Confusion = their own incredulity coupled with the intense brain fog & cognitive impairment of complete adrenal failure.

This is GOD's doing. It is already written and WILL come to pass. #QAnon
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Oct 7, 2018
Wow. I just found the paper that got me into the University of Michigan. The subject matter is astonishingly apprapiate for this moment in our history. #WWG1WGA There is more that unites us than divides us. It's time to evolve beyond identity politics & instead focus on behavior.
In this country we are all supposed to be EQUAL under the law. That means equal application of standards and punishments. No more justifying discrimination of any kind based on historical wrongs. Clean slate. New day. Political correctness is #MindControl #WWG1WGA #SayBraveThings
I think we all would do well to internalize these concepts and understand how antidiscrimination policies are often discriminatory and therefore unjust. People are people. Behavior is more important than identity. #QAnon #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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Oct 7, 2018
I am so very proud of @cronsell in this moment. I wish y'all could witness him in real life. The soul inside this man shines so brightly.
#SayBraveThings is a profoundly life-changing concept. Remain true to yourself, listen to your BODY, honor its messages, CARE for yourself/body, reject deception in favor of TRUTH. Have courage & conviction to LIVE your truth, no matter what others think/say/do. #TruthIsEvolution
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Oct 7, 2018
Traumatic memory is transmitted as many as 3 generations beyond the person who experienced the trauma. This is science, not fiction. Inter-generational abuse is a CURSE on the children's children's children. WARNING: "The sins of the father shall be revisited upon the children"
Deut 5:8-9 "You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall now bow down to them or worship them; ...
"... for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and fourth generation of those who reject me"

This is in the BIBLE folks, before anyone understood DNA or the science of reproduction. The truth is the truth is the truth.
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Oct 7, 2018
2 Ezra chapters 14-16. Consider "sword" may mean sword of truth.

#theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #ByePhoenicia #BurnDownBabylon #ItEndsNow
@POTUS #theStorm is here.
@POTUS I believe this is talking about cannibals, the World they built, what they will suffer and who among them will survive. The famine is here because they are already starving. Their inability to eat causes brain fog/confusion. Truth will end those of them who survive #theStorm.
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Oct 6, 2018
@McV_Awakening My dad claimed the Hivites have been tasked by God to commit as much evil as they can imagine until humans "wake up" and stop falling for it & see them and shut them down. So basically, this is a test. If we pass, "God" returns, which in the story is Enki (EA) from Sumer tablets.
@McV_Awakening He could have just said things like this to confuse me & get me to accept abuse. He's a confirmed liar and a mind control master, so his word should not be taken at face value. The research I've done, however, also points to Anunnaki/Sumer/Temple of Inanna as the root of Hivites.
@McV_Awakening Basically their (Hivites) entire existence essentially serves a function: Inoculation of humanity/consciousness to evil & clear demonstration of why cannibalism & deception should be avoided (because it kills the cannibal's body & harms the deceiver).
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