Why does Twitter deliberately target Right-wing accounts for Shadow-banning and why it will sooner rather than later completely back-fire and why they are ultimately going to destroy the Left and what a great day that will be. Thread. 1/15
It is no surprise Twitter targets accounts for “wrong think” or as we on the #Right like to call it “free-think” this is because of two events which are now totally and utterly inextricably linked, #Brexit and #Trump and the Establishment have been rocked to the core. 2/15
Neither of which were supposed to happen & yet they did now the Establishment is determined never to allow it to happen again or even at all, the reason for them happening was nothing to do with social media, but was to do with people knocking on doors and persuading others. 3/15
In the case of the EU Referendum, all the passion, desire and determination came from Leavers who all knew #ProjectFear was and always will be the great lie, the “Liberal Left” however, fell for it hook, line and sinker, why was that? 4/15
Cameron was relying so heavily on #ProjectFear to win he made no post #Brexit plan, what arrogance. However, what Cameron did not understand is hope always defeats fear, it is why we carry on existing as a society and why both Brexit and Trump both won, despite all the odds. 5/15
It is also the reason the Guardian & the Independent have done nothing but slander Brexiteers as racists, bigots & Nazis etc, when the truth is @UKLabour is the natural home of racists & bigots under #Corbyn & #JCsArmyofHate but don’t expect the truth from the Guardian. 6/15
The polls were so heavily rigged against Trump being elected for the pro-Establishment candidate Clinton social media saw no reason to change their algorithm but again, the reason for his success was not to do with social media, but because of again people persuading people. 7/15
And yet again, as with #Brexit all the enthusiasm was with #Trump and his supporters, his rallies became legendary whilst Clinton despite the media’s best endeavours could not muster more than a few hundred people, only the foolish Left could not see it happening. 8/15
The Establishment thinks this will never be possible again, but already we are seeing new and established pro-Brexit parties starting to surge in the polls with no similar increase from the Liberal Democrats, this nation wants to #Brexit, but is simply not being allowed to. 9/15
Meanwhile in the US, an apparent “Blue Wave” is coming to sweep the GOP from Congress and the Senate, orchestrated by the same Establishment which failed so miserably last time. There is no blue wave coming and I predict Trump will do better in the mid-terms. 10/15
Once Twitter has removed enough right wing accounts in the UK the FBPE Liberal crowd will be targeted by @OwenJones84 & #JCsArmyofHate, in the US the progressives will be attacking Democrats, it is already happening with the #WalkAway movement & is only going to accelerate. 11/15
All this is for the same reason as previously stated, only feeble minded, lazy and unmotivated people who cannot be bothered to get out and persuade other people to vote. In the UK they are the Remoaners and in the US they are the Liberals. 12/15
This is why #ProjectFear failed & #Brexit won, it is also why Trump will get re-elected in 2020 & still why the Establishment will not be able to understand the reason why. It will just be fun to see who they blame next time, as “muh Russians” & “racism” won’t work anymore. 13/15
When Twitter has purged what it believes are enough Right wing accounts, then what will be left will be a joy to behold as the Left eats itself and one by one these big tech companies will become smaller and smaller as competitors start to come into existence. 14/15
I am going to be sticking around on Twitter just long enough to see it happen before permanently decamping to GAB, I would highly recommend everyone on the Right does the same and starts by at least setting up a GAB account. 15/15

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When I was younger, the Conservatives were the party of aspiration, law and order people if they wanted to improve their lot in life voted Conservative, you wanted a small state and low taxes and if you worked hard you were successful. 2/10
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Or in the case of the suicide bombers “we may never know their true motivation” even when this is in fact not the case, fortunately no-one was killed this time, which makes a very refreshing change, but that appears to have been more down to luck than anything else. 3/13
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Create a strawman, in this case the word “Islamophobia” a made up word which has been wrongly attributed to the late, great Christopher Hitchens “Islamophobic is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” Instead of by Andrew Cummins who said it. 2/20
Create a victim narrative which is then hypocritically used by the entire British Establishment elite in order to accuse everyone else of not being “multicultural enough” in order to force even more draconian speech laws and “diversity” thrust upon us. 3/20
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Jul 13, 2018
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels. This is exactly how the BBC has been able to spew left wing propaganda for decades now, how have we let it get away with this & what we can do about it. Thread 1/18
The BBC is not some sort of benevolent “Auntie” as it claims to be, it is also far from impartial despite what the liar & anti-Semitic @OwenJones84 states, it is exactly the sort of organisation which Guardianystas and Remoaners support wholeheartedly it is for metro-elites. 2/18
It is so morally bankrupt almost 1,000 people are jailed each year for not being able to afford to pay the licence fee. It has powers of control that are frightening, it also pays its “talent” & behind the scenes staff fortunes as long as they are the right kind of “diverse” 3/18
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Jul 7, 2018
A thread about free speech as supposedly "championed" by @MikeStuchbery_ from now on referred to as "Jabba the Hutch" or "Jabba" his stupidity and descent into complete and utter abject hypocrisy and the lesson he and his followers should learn but won't from this thread. 1/7
Jabba the Hutch & I have crossed paths before when I summarily destroyed him over his claim I was Far Right after he “documented” in a thread the free speech event in London a while ago when he was particularly critical of Shazia Hobbs for legitimately criticizing #SadiqKhan. 2/7
He then went on a pathetic lament about how his beloved Left were losing the battle of free speech and that they must not allow this to happen. Fast forward a few weeks and I happen to come across further moaning from Jabba, this time about his own followers. 3/7
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Jun 22, 2018
A thread about how to beat twitter censorship & tweet suppression if you are on the right and tweet about politics, I have been testing this through various threads so let’s beat them at their own game, now it is time to share the knowledge and see if I am proved correct. 1/10
My last thread deliberately avoided the use of any hashtags, after a single tweet I wrote (also containing no hashtags) received almost a thousand retweets and well over a thousand likes. This is because Twitter can monitor hashtags more easily. 2/10
If you are going to talk about a certain religion, never refer to it directly, everyone will know what you mean though, in exactly the same way you should always tweet about grooming gangs without mentioning where they come from, as again everyone already knows this. 3/10
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