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9/11 was my 25 yr wedding anniversary.

I was at home in MN instead of New York holding a conference call.

Most of my team was in NY. I was introducing another team to explore a joint effort.

My guys were mostly Soviet Era Jewish immigrants.
2- My guys came over as teens in the 1980s.

I started the call when I received a call from my wife. (Ex wife now). She asked if I knew the WTC tower was hit. I said no and turned on TV.

Shortly afterward the second plane hit the second tower
3- everyone except me was in NYC or nearby

I told everyone on the call what was happening.

A guy from the new group exclaimed his fiance worked in the WTC. He dropped off. One of my guys said his wife, a pharmacist, worked around there too. I told everyone to take day off and..
4- to take care of personal business and their families

I had one guy who wanted to stay on and discuss business

It's like he didn't grasp what was happening

I told him to turn on news and we'd get back tomorrow
5- as the 9/11 attack progressed, I wandered outside to the street and scanned the skies.

A neighbor joined me. He was a senior pilot at Northwestern. (Delta now)

He told me the FAA had airlines train for a massive hijacking event
6- It would be 19-20 simultaneous hijackings was the scenario

No one foresaw the massive suicide attack against multiple targets
7- that evening, my 16 yr old daughter had a varsity soccer match in neighboring suburb

The National Anthem played before the game was done in a almost silent world.

The school would normally have had the skies busy with air traffic from MSP
8- Later as darkness started to set in with skies absent of any planes, I could see occasional barely visible blinking lights of an interceptor

This was serious shit. The world has changed. It would never be the same.
10- My superior, also a Russian Jew immigrant in NYC area, told me months later his aunt lived across from the WTC.

She saw all those people jump to their deaths. 4 montgs later she committed suicide.
11- Over the years I led teams with global mixes. I had two Muslims that when facing pressure to improve job performance, would freak out.

One while we had a short work visit to Toronto, would go to mosques during meal breaks, breakfast-lunch-dinner.
12- Normally, these were working meals with the hosts. When the guy would come back, he'd spend his time raving about the great mosques & do no work. I took him off that project in 2003.

In 2007, I led a small subset if a project.
13- It was a troubled project. I took over from a muslim who then reported to me. Although I thought we got along good, he got pissed and at a key moment and announced he was taking off two weeks and going to Pakistan.
14- Both these guys were born in USA from parents who immigrated. They spoke with thick accents. Both were smart and seemingly nice family guys.

We talked about travelling then having to cut the grass when we got home. I was Minneapolis, one was Dallas another Rochester NY.
15- Again, I worked with international teams. All Faith's. But these two showed me how fragile our culture is.

These two showed how their religion would become either an obsession or a tool for them to stop dealing with real life.
16- @ThomasWictor I know you say you're against those who say ban #Islam

You should see the massive Islamic Centers that have popped up all over Minnesota.

This isn't normal. I hope the new Saudi ruler Salman will stop this aggressive action.
17- I support @potus travel ban.

There is no reciprocation on non-muslim freedoms in muslim majority countries.

Look I believe there are a lot of great muslims. But that doesn't mean there's not something going on.
18- @realDonaldTrump originally said a ban until our officials figure out what's going on.

Minneapolis is ground zero for Somalians

Here's a link about day care fraud…

There's a massive cover up going on... Islamification by MN leftist continues non-stop
19- I'm white x-catholic. Raised by depression era WWII parents. My dad was Army Engineer Officer whos men, all black, died in a sea landing fighting the Japanese.

My mom was a Yankee working for the army at bases in the deep South. She said she was treated badly by Southerners.
20- Both saw the discrimination blacks had to deal with. My mom said she was treated like that too by white Southerners.

They raised theur kids to accept all people.
21- My parents good friends in the '60s were Japanese Americans. So they practiced what they preached.

Americans have to step up against this radical islam ideology. Clearly it is just a political tool.

I hope your right @ThomasWictor that Iran will go down.
22- I hope and pray muslims will be set free. Islam must reform. I've known these people. They're normal people, but Islam gives them an excuse to be abnormally bad.

We must demand they coexist & be peaceful.

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