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I wonder how many spinal taps I've had in my life. It should be ZERO based on my waking life. But now I know they took my CSF. I have a particular memory of a ritual when my mother is there, I was 16, she told me "Whatever you do don't look & remember to open the purple envelope"
When I was young & would go to the doctor, if I was going to receive a shot or they were going to take blood (aka a needle was present), she would say "Whatever you do, just don't look." Thus, this memory involves a needle & given all the elements I remember, it was a spinal tap.
Also, the "remember to open the purple envelope" is a mind control trigger, just like "Whatever you do don't look" - it is a code that initiates a forget program. When I ran, she sent me a card in a purple envelope that said "I'm happy my memories come easily to me" 6 times. Hmmm
Since we know that these #Hivite Luciferian serial abusers pathologically reverse the truth, and knowing that this is a forget program, the words "I'm glad my memories come easily to me" are supposed to have the opposite effect & shut down recall. This program was installed at 16
This happened last year, when she sent me the trigger card. I was 36. What this means is that MY MOTHER CONTINUES TO ACTIVELY PERPETRATE MIND CONTROL ON ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT, which is a direct & immediate threat to my life, health & safety. I reported her to police for stalking.
For this reason, I can never, EVER interact with any of them ever again. They have proven to me beyond any doubt that any verbal, visual, or physical interaction with them in any way is an immediate danger to my life & they have ZERO respect or compunction toward taking it. WTAF.
Imagine you're 35, recently disabled, very sick, extremely sad & grieving for a life you planned that will never happen, returning to live w/ your mother to receive care, believing she loves/cares for you & wants what's best for you. You 2 are VERY close. You tell her EVERYTHING.
Suddenly this "mother" you think you know/love is behaving in VERY strange ways when you remember #CSA & the second you utter "Luciferian" she LEAPS off the couch, pretends she has to take the dog outside, takes too long, & sneaks a phone call to her husband, one of my abusers.
This was right before I left. Later that night I said to @cronsell, "I don't know if my relationship with my mother is going to make it through this" and I was DEVASTATED & completely shocked at the thought. It was not something that lined up with my understanding of her/reality.
It took a few months for my inner world to help me see how guilty she is/was, & how much she has influenced (aka mind controlled) my choices & engineered my social life. The pattern indicates she was responsible for securing my handlers, 1 partner & 1 friend usually #ByePhoenicia
The summer before my senior yr in HS (17) she forced me to get a waitress job @ T&J Coney Island on 14mi in B'ham. The "J" was for John (Gjono Vulaj) & he was 24. Within a few weeks, they orchestrated a play: trigger, escalate, create fear, offer savior [John] to form attachment.
The play involved stalking by Peter Rubin Robins Brown, a classmate at Roeper, the #Hivite Luciferian C I A #MKUltra grooming school they sent me to so they could train the next generation in mind control & cult tactics. They practice on ones like me. 7 other vics confirmed this.
Back to Gjono. John was a pedo groomer/mind control handler who not only groomed me to transition from child prostitution to adult prostitution & "trophy wife" (aka Stepford Wife) training through mental, emotional, physical & sexual abuse. Remember, he was 24, I was 17. #WRONG
He was also the person they used, even up until age 34 when they did a "giving over ceremony" to the man they would trick me into marrying (I've previously referred to this as the "Suicide Bomb" ritual, which I will explain, in time). They used him to TERRIFY ME before rituals.
Side Bar: Gjono Vulaj & fam are ALBANIAN. I know Albania has come up at least once or twice in #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon research ( I think it's something to clue in on as a trafficking and cult hub in Europe. Not being racists, simply stating facts.
Gjono "John" Vulaj committed many many many many many crimes against me
After we broke up, he married a 16 year old Albanian child (he was 26). Within a few years he divorced her & stole their child. This man needs to be neutralized immediately @FBI @NSAGov @DHSgov @POTUS @ICEgov
So let me just say, Thanks Mom, for socially engineering me at 17 into a relationship with a psychopath who abused & tormented me for the next 20 years at your behest so that y'all could parasite off me & whatever other disgusting illegal inhumane bullsh*t you #Hivites do.
When I went to tell her for the first time that I was dating my 24 year old boss while 17 & a senior in HS, I was REALLY nervous because I fully expected her to forbid it. Wouldn't YOU? I f*ing would. I WANTED her too. I NEEDED her to show me she loved me enough to set boundaries
Once I told her she said "Is that it? I thought you were going to tell me you were a lesbian. What a relief." And was like??? She then had to backpedal since she momentarily broke cover. The lie she told was "I just know how hard it is for people to grow up gay." That's true, but
See, since she was responsible for engineering my handlers (1 partner & at least 1 friend, always) it would make HER job infinitely HARDER if I were gay. See, men are easy to find in this, it's easy to get a mind control handler/pimp from any number of avenues in the network. But
It's significantly more difficult, especially when you are restricted to a local area, to find a partner handler to fit the bill if that person must be female, gay AND an aware/active/initiated member of the cult who is well trained in mind control. That's not an easy one to cast
So her reaction (instead of any number of more appropriate ones like concern, anger, prohibition or at least discussion to come to understanding) was RELIEF. She was RELIEVED the attachment ritual worked & I was now officially being fully handled/pimped/controlled by Gjono Vulaj.
In hindsight, I see things clear as day. These people literally Truman Showed me. They literally Truman Showed me. How is a person supposed to come to terms with that? This was my mother?! Everything I thought I knew about these people was a LIE. I didn't know them at all.
Did I mention Gjono Vulaj told me his dad used to have John Gotti over for dinner all the time & that he himself had done hits for the mob? @NSAGov @ICEgov @DHSgov @POTUS @FBI These people, as I keep repeating, are #AmericanTerrorists #EnemyCombatants & organized criminals #QAnon
My mother let me spend the night at Gjono's house a LOT my senior year of HS, which makes ZERO sense in any normal world. He lived with his parents, as well as his elder brother, Tommy & his wife w/ their 4 kids & his sister with her daughter. There were 11 people in that house.
One night while I was sleeping there, Tommy brutally beat & nearly killed his wife. The father was banging on the door telling him to stop, that she will just take it out on the kids, that they don't want the police called. She refused him sex. She was a dependent immigrant.
John played tapes for me of the tapped phone convos in the house she was having with family back in Albania, trying to plan an escape. John said all the phones in the house & the restaurant were tapped.

The next day, the woman did not look like a person. Her face swollen & blue
He brutally assaulted her. He nearly beat her to death. Then, the next morning, she is downstairs making breakfast for the whole family with a smile, acting as if nothing happened, because obviously if anyone decides she's messed up in any way, she reasonably believes she'll die.
This event traumatized me. I was extremely terrified for her during the assault. I felt powerless to help her. I wanted to call the police, John wouldn't let me. It clearly happened all the time. I didn't know how to process what was happening. The next morning made it worse.
Just before Gjono "John" Vulaj & I broke up a few weeks before I graduated, he came to Roeper campus. He pointed to Rafel Mahmood, a classmate & said "after me, you're going to date him." I was incredulous because I HATED Rafel. He was a liar, cheater (at school) & plain 'ol D*CK
A few weeks later we went on Senior Trip. My dad was a chaperone at my request. By the end of the trip I was dating Rafel. What a coincidence. I dated him for the next 3 years, got pregnant twice & had 2 abortions after being hounded & nagged (suggested) by multiple cult members.
Rafel offered me $15K to have the 2nd abortion b/c I was adamant I wanted to keep the child. I offered he could forfeit his parenting rights/obligations. I didn't need his money or his help. I didn't want to have another abortion, the 1st one (in my waking life) was too traumatic
Randomly, without me asking him too, my dad consulted an attorney to find out if taking the $15K would count as "blood money." Who does that? Who even thinks of something like that? WTAF? Ultimately I decided to have the abortion because I didn't want the child to grow up like me
My parents fought for custody & my family life was awful growing up. When Rafel (after offering me $15K to have an abortion, mind you) threatened that he & his parents would sue for custody if I had the child, I realized I would never be free of this abuser if I chose to keep it.
I finally got pregnant again at 33. I didn't know at the time it was during a fertility ritual in my father's basement. It was their tactic to get me to marry a handler & recent initiate who is a COMPLETE & TOTAL PSYCHOPATH. W/in 2 wks of the wedding, I miscarried. They killed it
Did I mention my ex-husband's parents live on the same street in Portland, OR as 1 of my worst childhood abusers, Bill Funk? What are the odds? NOT A CHANCE this is a coincidence. The Hive mentality is real. The Portland Hive & Detroit Hive set up 2 of their bees in the ATL Hive.
#HiviteTactics This is how they operate. Welcome to my life. Welcome to #TheGreatAwakening. I've never told these #SurvivorStories before. I never understood the significance of these events in my past until this year, after waking up to the reality of #RitualAbuse & #MindControl

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Oct 9, 2018
Q says that their need for symbols will be their downfall. This is true, because it's how we see them. But in truth, their fatal flaw is most definitely NARCISSISM & the inflated sense of entitlement that comes with it. They aren't even be able to consider their own failure. WOW.
"...people will imagine that peace is assured for them, & then calamities shall spring up on the earth - the sword, famine, & great confusion" 2Esdras16:21

They won't even see it coming. They will assume a false sense of security, because they've always been protected. NO MORE
The sword = The word of God / Truth
Famine = no more supply of innocents to eat
Great Confusion = their own incredulity coupled with the intense brain fog & cognitive impairment of complete adrenal failure.

This is GOD's doing. It is already written and WILL come to pass. #QAnon
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Oct 7, 2018
Wow. I just found the paper that got me into the University of Michigan. The subject matter is astonishingly apprapiate for this moment in our history. #WWG1WGA There is more that unites us than divides us. It's time to evolve beyond identity politics & instead focus on behavior.
In this country we are all supposed to be EQUAL under the law. That means equal application of standards and punishments. No more justifying discrimination of any kind based on historical wrongs. Clean slate. New day. Political correctness is #MindControl #WWG1WGA #SayBraveThings
I think we all would do well to internalize these concepts and understand how antidiscrimination policies are often discriminatory and therefore unjust. People are people. Behavior is more important than identity. #QAnon #theGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
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Oct 7, 2018
I am so very proud of @cronsell in this moment. I wish y'all could witness him in real life. The soul inside this man shines so brightly.
#SayBraveThings is a profoundly life-changing concept. Remain true to yourself, listen to your BODY, honor its messages, CARE for yourself/body, reject deception in favor of TRUTH. Have courage & conviction to LIVE your truth, no matter what others think/say/do. #TruthIsEvolution
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Oct 7, 2018
Traumatic memory is transmitted as many as 3 generations beyond the person who experienced the trauma. This is science, not fiction. Inter-generational abuse is a CURSE on the children's children's children. WARNING: "The sins of the father shall be revisited upon the children"
Deut 5:8-9 "You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall now bow down to them or worship them; ...
"... for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and fourth generation of those who reject me"

This is in the BIBLE folks, before anyone understood DNA or the science of reproduction. The truth is the truth is the truth.
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Oct 7, 2018
2 Ezra chapters 14-16. Consider "sword" may mean sword of truth.

#theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #ByePhoenicia #BurnDownBabylon #ItEndsNow
@POTUS #theStorm is here.
@POTUS I believe this is talking about cannibals, the World they built, what they will suffer and who among them will survive. The famine is here because they are already starving. Their inability to eat causes brain fog/confusion. Truth will end those of them who survive #theStorm.
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Oct 6, 2018
@McV_Awakening My dad claimed the Hivites have been tasked by God to commit as much evil as they can imagine until humans "wake up" and stop falling for it & see them and shut them down. So basically, this is a test. If we pass, "God" returns, which in the story is Enki (EA) from Sumer tablets.
@McV_Awakening He could have just said things like this to confuse me & get me to accept abuse. He's a confirmed liar and a mind control master, so his word should not be taken at face value. The research I've done, however, also points to Anunnaki/Sumer/Temple of Inanna as the root of Hivites.
@McV_Awakening Basically their (Hivites) entire existence essentially serves a function: Inoculation of humanity/consciousness to evil & clear demonstration of why cannibalism & deception should be avoided (because it kills the cannibal's body & harms the deceiver).
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