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This is WAR. Attacks will intensify. The ones they attack the most (🙋‍♀️) are the BIGGEST threat. It's an honor & a compliment. But it's still super annoying and a waste of time. Thus, you'll be seeing less of me until these cannibals run out of the Adrenaline they just stole.
There are a lot of cannibals trying to triangulate & poison peoples' opinions of me & @cronsell. The only effect this has, in reality, is outing the manipulator as a bad actor. Truth doesn't need TACTICS. Truth can be stated plainly & defends itself. Be careful who you follow.
Pay close attention to PATHOLOGICAL BEHAVIOR & understand that sane, normal, healthy, innocent people don't feel compelled to behave pathologically, especially in the face of truth. Cannibals, on the other hand, are basically allergic to truth & will explode when confronted by it
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My father explicitly told me in 1994-5 that "The Family" were DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the 1993 WTC bombing. He said "Humans need tragedy in order to unite for good." He said "The Family" will perpetrate terrorism until the world wakes up & sees "It's us" (meaning THEM: #Hivites)
If that's not clear enough for y'all, allow me to spell it out for you:

"The Family" (aka Hivites/Bloodlines) are responsible for ALL "Islamic Terrorism" including BOTH WTC BOMBINGS (because 9/11 was a controlled demo/bombing, not just an accident).

We will never forgive this.
Did I mention that one of the WTC original architect's grandson was a classmate of mine at #Hivite/CIA grooming school, Roeper? This grandson specifically told me in 1999 that the WTC was designed to WITHSTAND IMPACT & BURNING FUEL TANK OF A 747. Now WHY would he know/say that?
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Cannibalism is the source of all evil, not fear. This is a platitude that says nothing at all and is designed to keep you spun up on vague concepts and false dichotomies. This is #HiviteTactics. I'm officially done with Yeezy
Remember, this is the same person that instructed us to reach out to someone we're on bad terms with to say "I love you" which is terrible advice for survivors. He's peddling #Hivite dogma and playing a game with y'all minds. #ByePhoenicia #CannibalsAreAnimals #StayCoolOldScool
He just wants you to buy his shoes and fetishize his "wife" This is not someone to admire, IMHO.
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Y'all, consider the very real probability that the good guys have cannibals within their ranks actively working to bring this down. This is why source matters not. Actions & evidence. Behavior & data. These are helpful to focus on. No need to figure out who is good/bad.
Attack the source is a logical fallacy. A cannibal can bring down another cannibal just as well as a special operator human. Do we have room in our hearts to accept this? Do we understand why this might be necessary? Are we capable of moving beyond false dichotomies to find truth
BEHAVIOR is what matters. Not in the past but right now. The guilty can choose to stop eating humans and fight to end the cannibal cabal just as much as one of us can choose to fight them. I think there is a significant possibility that a group of cannibals are working to end it.
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@POTUS The recent National Preparedness month declaration was not a coincidence. This is WAR. #WeThePeople have a Constitutional obligation to be ready & able to defend ourselves/communities. Remain vigilant & alert, but also faithful & brave. It may get weird for a bit. #WWG1WGA #QAnon
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I see the #Hivite divide, distract & sow discord agenda is working just as they intended. I must say, I'm rather disappointed in several accounts I've been following for a while who have displayed their prejudice & false beliefs in a way that shows me they are very deceived. Sad.
DRAMA IS A DISTRACTION. If you're not focused on eradicating evil forever and instead are focused on bickering about who is worthy of our attention and belief, you will meet my block button. I don't even care if you're a supporter or a survivor. Drama will meet my block button.
Hivites controlled me by dividing my mind, disrupting my thoughts, and poisoning my beliefs with lies. Anyone engaged in behavior that produces effects anywhere close to what they do is not healthy enough (at best) to interact with me. Be mindful of your assumptions & BEHAVIOR.
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I block concern trolls. Don't bother trying to convince me Q isn't legit and nothing is happening. It only reveals your disingenuous nature & lack of critical thinking skills (or presence of deception, which is it?) If you can't see the show you need new eyes #ByePhoenicia #QAnon
It seems concern trolling contrary to ALL available evidence is the ONLY move these #Hivite losers have left

Doubt for doubt's sake is the ENEMY
Fear for fear's sake is the ENEMY

Logic & critical thinking are your friends
Don't feed the trolls

#ByePhoenicia #QAnon @POTUS #MAGA
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For me, so far in my memory reconstruction, it seems like everything was just mind control; Pavlovian response conditioning through torture. But I remain open to the possibility that "demons" & "Evil entities" may exist. Per the Bible, ALL DEMONS SUBMIT to the power of CHRIST.
And whether these 'Demons' are objectively real ethereal entitles or simply subhuman people doing nasty sh*t to kids here on Earth, either way, invoking the name of Jesus & following Christ is THE WAY to escape this hell on earth. I know because I did it. Thank you God!
If I am ever feeling doubt, wondering if these "witches" are cursing me at any given moment, knowing that they target me on ritual dates with focused malice, I simply say aloud "Demons have no power over me. I am protected by Christ. In the name of Jesus, take a blessing & leave"
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"Leviathan" as a concept is important to #Hivites. It represents primordial chaos (aka the Goddess before creation, the "creatrix") according to the Bible, & the State of Nature in which man is unbound & unprotected by society/laws, per Thomas Hobbs, a philosopher in the 1650s.
Leviathan is also the name given to a monster that presents the external threat #Hivites maintain is required to unify man against a common enemy for mutual self protection. (Da Alienz anyone?)
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"Define Psychological Projection
A theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive&negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others"

"These people are SICK" get it? The truth is killing them. Their supply of human food (CSF, blood, Adrenochrome) is cut off. They are DYING & DESPERATE. They are GOING EXTINCT #ByePhoenicia

#NewQ #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #HivitesGetLit #ItEndsNOW

'Narcissists' are renowned for using 'psychological projection' to blame other people, even when it is entirely apparent that they are the ones in the wrong.
#QAnon Post 1925 Aug 19 2018 13:03:32 EST


But they are PHYSICALLY UNABLE to confess
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Lots of typos today. I despise touchscreens & auto-NOT-correct. Glad Twitter doesn't allow edits but definitely realizing this week has taken a toll, mentally & physically. I won't be able to sustain posting like this for much longer. But it's such a BIG week, it's hard to stop.
Honoring my body, it's needs & limitations, is what led me out of the darkness of my old life into the healing I am enjoying now. Remaining true to myself & uncompromising in my commitment to #SelfLove & #SelfCare got me away from all who were harming me Thank God #SayBraveThings
My body is the only part of me that experienced EVERYTHING. I refuse to make it endure anything it doesn't want to now. So if you see less of me for a bit don't worry, I'm here. Just realizing I've overdone it the last few days. It's all worth it though! What a time to be alive.
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He doesn't know it, but David Icke saved my life. I watched his film on Pedophilia, the Catholic Church & Satan. It was this film that made me realize the abuse was Luciferian. Speaking to my mother about it made her recoil. I fled the next day. Thank you Mr Icke. #SayBraveThings
I have only one disagreement with David Icke. I believe the "Reptilians" narrative is false, a metaphor for "the reptile brain" - the oldest, most basic animal instincts. The cult glorifies this. I think "da alienz" is a cult-approved disinfo narrative to distract from #Hivites.
I am not saying I believe Mr Icke willing perpetuates cult narratives. I am saying I think they haven't killed him because he's telling a lesser truth they are willing to let be known. I'm glad he says as much as he does, but it's still 80% truth 20% disinfo, IMHO.
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I wonder how many spinal taps I've had in my life. It should be ZERO based on my waking life. But now I know they took my CSF. I have a particular memory of a ritual when my mother is there, I was 16, she told me "Whatever you do don't look & remember to open the purple envelope"
When I was young & would go to the doctor, if I was going to receive a shot or they were going to take blood (aka a needle was present), she would say "Whatever you do, just don't look." Thus, this memory involves a needle & given all the elements I remember, it was a spinal tap.
Also, the "remember to open the purple envelope" is a mind control trigger, just like "Whatever you do don't look" - it is a code that initiates a forget program. When I ran, she sent me a card in a purple envelope that said "I'm happy my memories come easily to me" 6 times. Hmmm
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Chris & I I have already gone into great detail about the mechanisms of the CSF withdrawal and adrenal failure of the #Hivites. Please go through our threads from the last week instead of asking us to repeat answers to question that have already been addressed. Thanks!
Y'all, I'm noticing a lot of you fall into a #Hivite trap with this CSF stuff. I know it's confusing, but literally EVERYTHING you want to know about how this is done/whether it's possible can be found by doing RESEARCH. Don't ask other's for their version of truth = it's a trap.
I get that no one is really talking about or publishing info on Hivites using the CSF in cannibalistic ways. But you can find all kinds of medical information on adrenaline, cortisol, CSF etc by doing your own research. Stop appealing to "authorities," even me & Chris.
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"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old activist who ran on abolishing ICE & making Medicare a universal program, defeated Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) in an upset."

#HiviteTranslation: Old guy is about to be toast, new guy gets the Hivite vote => nominee.…
The old guy's name is CROWLEY FFS.

The new guy is running on their same old platform:

Get everyone on mandatory universal healthcare (the better it is to kill them with) & use marginalized/poor brown people to fight middle class white people in a fake race/religious/civil war.
This has been the goal & the same #Hivite agenda since at least the late 90s. My dad said Obamacare failed because it wasn't universal or mandatory. They are deliberately arming/organizing criminals in prisons, gangs, & foreign countries to RISE UP against #WethePeople EVERYWHERE
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A word of caution to others:

Since it's the weekend, #Hivite minions who have day jobs to cover for their illegal income are off of work. They are here, on twitter & 8chan, posting vile images of actual murder & organ harvesting, specifically to TRIGGER survivors like me. Beware
We are also approaching a full moon on 6/28/18 & several other occult "holidays" in the week ahead:

6/23 Midsummer’s/St. John’s Eve Fire Festival
6/24 Lighting Midwinter Bonfires
7/1 Satanic & Demon Revels (blood), Druid sexual association w/ demons
7/1 Sacred Heart of Jesus
Thus, we can expect, as I've said many times before, escalation of violence & tactics, escalation of psychopathic & abusive communication, escalation of targeted harassment of victims/survivors, & as #QAnon warned, physical & digital "Attacks will intensify." Stay vigilant y'all.
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Remember y'all, it's a ritual date, so the #hivite shills are likely going to be more active here on Twitter. Plus, Q warned us "attacks will intensify" and "riots being planned" so just keep all of this in mind when you interact with people today. PROTECT YOUR SOVEREIGNTY & MIND
A bad actor can only steal your PEACE & POWER if you LET them. YOU are in control of YOU. Your critical mind & the TRUTH are your weapons, you have to guard them so the enemy can't hijack them. YOU are in the best position to protect YOURSELF. Stay RATIONAL & LOGICAL in all ways.
We have EVERYTHING on our side. The truth, the law, time, majority opinion, morality, logic, & the evidence. We cannot lose. Truly we cannot lose. The #Hivites already LOST on 11/6/18 & they knew, on that day, they were FINISHED. #ItEndsNOW #ByePhoenicia #HivitesGetLit #QAnon
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Wow! The search results wiki page for #MindControl has a WEALTH of information:…
"Artichoke" and "Bluebird" are both trigger words for me. I believe I have been subjected to both of these.…
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People need to consider one thing when thinking about Session/Cannabis regs: #HIVITES are all over the legal weed industry. They may be laundering money for child sex trafficking and other illegal activity through that industry. This is a FACT. (1)
While it may be very difficult for prosecutors to get convictions on the trafficking/laundering charges, allowing federal prosecutors to charge them with cannabis violations could potentially disrupt the flow of $$$ and Children to the #Hivite cults in these areas. (2)
I am fully in support of 100% legal cannabis with an added clause that patients should have a right to grow it themselves. But I can see value in today's decision by @jeffsessions to combat the #Hivite cabal by freeing prosecutors to charge bad actors with weed related crimes (3)
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Starting a thread dedicated to symbols, signals, codes, & other signs that would tip someone off to #Hivite pedo cult affiliation. There's a LOT to include & many of u already know some. Post them in here for all to see #Pizzagate #QAnon #MAGA #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #HivitesGetLit
Anything to add here? Collecting known cult symbols/signals in central thread here. Thanks for your input!
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I don't believe you. I think you're threatened by the truth he is exposing and your only option is to discredit him or claim his account was hacked. I call bull shit on you brother.
See, here's how your claim breaks down, in my mind.
1. Tom's an adult. He can speak for himself. Unless he's dead, he either posted these things himself, or he is perfectly fine with the content.
2. If his account was hacked, why wouldn't he just log in and delete these?
3. If Tom is telling the truth through this movie (which I happen to KNOW he is), then you and "The Family" aka the #Hivite cult you all belong to, would have a VERY strong desire to discredit him. Your motives don't lend credibility to your claim, & in fact make me believe Tom.
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This is super important to understand about the #Hivites - They HIDE in EVERYTHING. They POSE as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Freemasons, Jesuits, New Agers, Born Agains, Scientologists, Mormons, Zionists & all other "identities" deliberately to hide the TRUTH about themselves.
The reality is, they are none of these things. They push identity politics as a method of CONTROL. They want us to "otherise" as part of a divide & conquer agenda. The more we latch onto identity politics, the more their power & control mechanism works in the world. It's a trap
The TRUTH is, this hidden cult is LUCIFERIAN. They have a hierarchy of control based on child prostitution & ritual human sacrifice, which they use to control their members & to consolidate civic, political, financial, & social control in the hands of the few at the top. #Hivites
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Word to the Wise:

Appeals to external authority are a logical fallacy.

Make sure you do your own research & know the answers for yourself based on reason, logic, critical thinking, personal experience, & your own inner knowing. Don't outsource your info gathering to others.
With that said, I appreciate that many of you would like my opinion, especially about #Hivite behavior, symbols, mythology, etc. But don't just take my word for it! I can provide insights about my personal experiences, but y'all can find out most general info by doing research.
Much of what I know about the broader mythology, the different Gods/Goddesses, etc comes from doing research myself. I would take elements of my memories &look them up. Then using logic, I was able to piece things together. I highly recommend everyone take this approach too.
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Not only is the tax bill going to spur the creation of small businesses nationwide, there are going to be a lot of opportunities in ALL industries once all these #hivite bad actors are removed from society. 2018 will be a happy new year for many of us. Opportunity abounds! #MAGA
Just think about it, there are going to be SO MANY vacancies to fill in news media, film/tv production, music, IT & tech businesses, politics, finance, communications, infrastructure, law, medicine, not to mention counseling and mental health services for all the rescued victims!
We are going to need full time parents to step up and take on the monumental task of helping to raise these rescued children, and we will need teachers and rehab specialist for our schools.... It amazes me how much BETTER our society is going to be once this YUGE job is finished.
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