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Marxists use "controlled opposition" to create political drama - people like Kessler, Hitler, and "weev" who are politically ambiguous. Links from new NYT left-racist editor Sarah Jeong to "weev" are like fresh deer-track to us commie hunters. #Marxist

One might ask how actors such as "weev" are controlled. I'm not going to say right now, but you will figure it out by the end of this thread. It's a Question you can think about.
First, some background on who this woman is, who was just hired as an editor at the Failing New York Times. Note that she is being hired as the LEAD WRITER on technology. I kid you not. But wait - it gets better.

Take a look at her background described in the previous link. This woman has passed through so many KGB-CIA recruiting centers and Marx-pounce watering holes, that it would be an absolute miracle if she wasn't a full-fledged Obamacommie.

So it's not surprising that she has some left-wing baggage.

But then somebody found this little collection of nasty. Personally, I don't have a problem with left-racist speech. I believe in free speech - even for commies.


The Daily Caller has a great article on the discovery of her BEYOND TOXIC leftist baggage, and the reaction of a few "old white men".

If you see nothing else, David Burge's reaction is worth savoring.

But HERE we find odd links between Jeong and "weev". This gal had interesting contacts with somebody I regard as a PIED PIPER CONSTRUCT of the LEFT.

What I want this nugget of info to do is to SHAKE UP your ideas about right and left in a BIG WAY.

And THIS is where the rabbit-hole takes a REALLY weird turn. It turns out that this whole "yikes-level woman NYT tech editor hire who tweeted outrageously and had a relationship with weev" thing is DEJA VU, because it ALREADY HAPPENED.

I kid you not.

Just read the comments on that article, but read a lot of them, because there are MAJOR CONFLICTS right and left, no pun intended. This woman sounds like more of a conflicto than Bradley/Chelsea Manning.

Among many tweets bashing her left and right....

Take your pick on whose version of Quinn Norton's FIRING to read. Daily Caller...

...the evil HuffPo....

....or Wired Magazine.

Like they say, it's complicated.

After all - how does a den of commies like NYT hire a journalist with impeccable leftist cred, but also manipulative contacts on the pied piper right, and not have their "useful ambiguity" outed?

At this point you may be wondering why the NYT seems so desperate to put a WOMAN in charge of tech coverage. To some extent, Quinn Norton's would-be job description gives it away.

...to write about “the power, culture, and consequences of technology.”

It's ALL about CONTROL.

Yes. Women are incredibly useful in the dweeby male-centric autist tech area because....

They're WOMEN.

Sex sells, but in a world of the extremely thirsty, it sells DAMN NEAR ANYTHING.

This "journalism" award show. I simply FACE-PALM at the CONTROL.
When you read my discussion of women in tech, you have to TALK BACK to the leftist conditioning that any confrontation of their dogmas is "sexist". Remember - the left USES gender and USES race to ADVANCE POLITICS. The left advances CERTAIN women in or into tech to CONTROL IT.
Ah - sweet memories.

Yahoo, Obamacare website, tech partnership.

Yahoo, hack by DNC collusion nations, DOJ to the "rescue".

Yahoo, dossier, attack Trump.

This lady had NO CLUE. None. PC literally BLINDS people to who their friends and their enemies really are. It's SAD.
Circling back, remember that journalists are an essential part of leftist control. It is necessary for the left to control not just the conversation itself, but the SUBJECT OF CONVERSATION - what you CHOOSE TO TALK ABOUT.

Control that, and you TRULY control the conversation.
With that in mind, watch the first 10 minutes of this video (before an interesting main topic of secret societies). The speaker - a historian - talks about why the left loves to send its people into journalism - and has for CENTURIES.


By now, you understand why I DO NOT look to "TECH-MSM" for anything other than SMH at "FOMO on cool kid buzz". Frankly, I get a better sense of REAL technological direction talking to people on Twitter, Gab (@getongab), and CTH (@TheLastRefuge2).


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Oct 8, 2018
Dig around under here for an education on the ChiComs. The fact that two victims likely worked for a semiconductor fab HERE that is sending a new plant to CHINA touched off many posts on how the ChiComs slowly and patiently subvert companies here to send the work overseas.
Wasn't there some team of semiconductor guys on that hackable Malaysian plane that went nutso? Just sayin'. I don't necessarily believe that any of these accidents are connected to the ChiComs, but I don't rule it out. Their Democrat gimps can yell "conspiracy theory" all day.
To catch spies, you have to THINK like a spy. That means entertaining the possibility that people ARE spies, and looking for them to exhibit expected behaviors. In the age of electronic hacks, it gets even more complicated.

The CONSPIRACY against Trump was REALITY. Accept it.
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Sep 15, 2018
I finally figured out my mission. So I guess this is a mission statement.
Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

"Let justice be done though the heavens fall."
I think this is why I'm in love with Rosie's avatar. Call me a sword and scale fetishist. Grrrrrr. Historic Justice is HOTTTTTT.
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Sep 13, 2018
Thank GOD I'm not the only person seeing this. No longer alone.

Were it not for Q's posts on the "Goog top" and that leaked video, I could NEVER have convinced people to understand just how SLOW and PATIENT real Soviet Socialism is. Socialism clings to people like RELIGION.
People have a false idea that to send socialism via a person, that person has to cosign to a devious plot about future events.

No. Somebody in the KGB realized that frustrated believer Pa Brin would do more good in America than in Russia, and let him leave like a virus carrier.
In fact, I'm sure this pattern was well proven and trusted by the time the iron curtain was lowered. Soviet orthodoxy needed restructuring, and it got it. Collapse of orthodoxy powered diaspora of the infected. Rejuvenated "new" socialism advanced to be reborn everywhere. SMART.
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Sep 12, 2018
Gee whiz - does the @nytimes really think THIS is a conspiracy theory? I mean, it SOUNDS really plausible. Guess we'll know soon - right?
How about THIS one? Sounds really plausible that Sally Yates might need a lawyer. Just sayin'. It's not like she hired Quisp & Bigfoot. I'm calling this "almost believable". If @nytimes wants to call this a conspiracy theory, they could say WHY, since "Q" says LAST WEEK.
OK - time to throw the @nytimes a bone! There is NO WAY that "Zipper Lips" Comey is talking to people! NO WAY WRAY! Surely this "Q" person is wrong about Jim Comey. I mean, it's not like Comey would just up and give memos to some strange prof at Communism University! RIIIIGHT?
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Sep 3, 2018
@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent People - this PDF from the top-post-linked article is EXPLOSIVE. I'll put the link here, and then explain.

Short version: I remembered this stuff was in the news decades ago as a murder weapon. It seems that some people at FDA remembered it too.

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent This stuff is basically poisonous because of the "N-nitroso" group. Chemists learned to be wary. At around the time it was used for murder, both the acute and long-term toxicity of this stuff was just being understood. Wikipedia is a good read here:

@MyManJimmyJack @Bagatino @rising_serpent The story in the PDF is basically this - WE found, WE investigated, WE made the Chinese company give us the information, WE figured out an excuse (we think) that THEY changed a process, then we say "fix it" and "don't let it happen again". FDA explains it's not THEIR fault.
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Sep 1, 2018
Not seeing any real changes with the *apparent* disappearance of the QFD shadowban per shadowban.eu. Methinks socialism is up to the usual socialist trickery - that Twitter engineers have implemented any of several very rudimentary ways to fool the test site.
My recommendation to @Jim_Jordan, @RepMattGaetz, @DevinNunes, and @RepMarkMeadows is to ask very specifically about what coding has been done to deal with THIS monitoring site, as well as other, similar sites. Should be interesting, but the most important site is THIS ONE.
I suspect that there are layers and layers of deception and trickery here. Possible avenues of evasion include "see - no difference!" and more, but the bottom line is THEY HAVE THE CODE AND YOU DON'T. That is always the way they win. THEY HAVE THE CODE.
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