1. Since twitter deleted my Smallpox Thread, I'm doing it again. It's obviously important info they don't want you to see.
2. Smallpox was a 18th and 19th Century “filth disease”
Smallpox, cholera, plague, yellow fever, typhus, typhoid and others are a group of infections known as ‘filth diseases.” All were cleared away by improving hygiene and sanitary living conditions.
3. New York City
During the year, the City removed of 20,000 dead horses, mules, donkeys, cattle from the streets. The department also removed nearly half a million
smaller animals such as pigs, hogs, calves, and sheep
4. Its meat inspection unit removed 5.6 million pounds of spoiled poultry, fish, pork, and beef and carted 1,946 cubic yards of night soil (human excrement) from backyards and privies of the city’s tenements.

Those are the kind of conditions that smallpox lived in.
5. There were two primary types of smallpox
a. Variola minor: The most common form of smallpox. It accounted for more than 90% of cases. The death rate was less than 1% (<1%)
b. Variola major -
1.Flat type - rare; nearly 100% fatal
2. Hemorrhagic – more common that flat type; nearly 100% fatal
3. Modified – outbreak occurring in those who were vaccinated
7. Transmission
Smallpox is a large and heavy virus; it is not readily aerosolized nor does it
spread easily through the air.

(Remember when then President Bush after 911 put that fear of a smallpox attack on the American people ie stadiums, subways)
8. Dr. Charles Campbell of San Antonio discovered that smallpox was spread by Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug. In a paper presented to the Bexar Medical Society, he declared that vaccination does not prevent smallpox.
9. He stated that the disease is “neither infectious nor contagious,” and that the carrier was the common bedbug. After years of experimentation and thousands of observations, Dr. Campbell concluded: “Smallpox is transmitted only by the bite of an infected bedbug.
10. The severity of the illness was proportional to the degree of malnutrition of the infected person.

Dr Campbell was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1919 yet his history has been erased.
11. 1796: Jenner claimed that inoculation of cowpox virus provided protection
against smallpox infection.
That vaccination was created by scraping the gunk off of the bottom of a cow hoof. Making several cuts into the arm of a mother and placing the scum into the open wound.
12. When it began to pus 8 days later they would take that pus and inject it into the children. And YOU have been made to believe that THAT saved the world. #truth #health
13. “Smallpox inoculation was not derived from scientific experimentation but from a superstition practiced by the common people in India since the 6th Century. The fad having once become the fashion, the doctors adopted it as a fetish, which must not questioned.
14. Once the people realized it was a curse not a blessing, they revolted against it. However, the doctors continued in vigorous defense of the superstition as they were obtaining a large revenue from the practice.
15. The fee-hunting doctors were incessantly hounding the legislatures for more stringent compulsory laws so they could inflict and repeat this degrading
practice to increase their revenues."
16. People around the world protested and they WON against the establishment.
But you won't hear these stories unless you read the history books from the doctors of those times.

17.Parents were outraged at what was happening to their children. They were deformed, dying and maimed because of a vaccine.

The government? They made so much money, they gave a grant to Jenner to come up with a new vaccine to make more money.

Children now receive 79 vaccines.
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These are the vaccines that contain aborted fetal cells:
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