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ROOSEVELT BETRAYS AMERICA! prowhite.media/blog/f/rooseve…
"They sought the #war, they provoked and maneuvered to get it. They pressed the young peoples of #Germany,# Italy and #Japan wherever they could. They wanted war, a real world #war — and now they have it.
"Not only two worlds of ideas are at #war here, but the whole world.
"This #war reaches every corner of the world. The plutocrats are on the line; they have to defend themselves.
"The Jews and their hired lackeys, #Churchill and #Roosevelt, must themselves step into action.
"The field is cleared, and now we face our real enemy, (((the men behind the scenes))) who over the decades plunged the world into disorder, #war, and revolution, but whose own valuable #capitalist lives were naturally too valuable to sacrifice in #war.
[...] We will consider the grounds that moved (((Mr. Roosevelt))) to drive his people into #war.
"Aside from his deep hatred against us Germans in general and #NationalSocialism in particular, there naturally are domestic causes and imperialist intentions that led the #warmongering clique in New York to chase after #war until they finally caught it.
Let us begin.

I. Racial confusion in the USA.

We #NationalSocialists know that every action is in some way racially determined.
There is no doubt that on the one side of this struggle stand absolutely unified peoples and nations, while on the other side there are various nationalities led by the ****, the prototype of racial decay.
"#Germany, #Italy, and #Japan are unified nations, whose #national unity is based on blood.
"The other side has only unions: the union of the states of North America, the Union of Soviet Republics and the Union Jack, the union of the English empire.
"The United States was settled by nearly all the races of the earth, of which the European contingent was the largest.
"The common English language does not say much, for the English language won over German by only a single vote majority.
"Just as we could not have spoken of the North Americans as Germans had that happened, neither can we today speak of Anglo-Saxons or English.
"The *** would have us believe that a new race develops when other races are mixed. He even gives it a romantic-sounding name: “the melting pot of the races.”
"That is, however, biologic nonsense.
"Such a bastardization process does not lead to a new and valuable race, but rather a corrupt racial mixture in which the bad characteristics come to the fore,
"and in which finally parasitic manifestations appear, such as we see in American insanity and in the ruthless business style of the #rulingclass in North America.
"The USA became the home of the gangsters, the insanities of Hollywood, the stockbrokers of New York, the orators of Washington: in brief, the land of truly unlimited possibilities, namely those of insanity and criminality produced by its racial mixing.
II. The World View Foundations

"The USA once conducted a war of independence against the British Crown. The Declaration of Independence of those freedom fighters even today is thought to be the beginning of North American freedom and independence, celebrated annually.
"But one today hears voices on both sides of the ocean about reuniting the Anglo-Saxon world.
"Churchill even makes the idea the center of this Christmas message in Washington. The sly old fox is quite right. The USA has decayed into the English world of Puritanism and Calvinism.
"The hypocritical lying capitalist world of Manchester and Oliver Cromwell is today the world of Roosevelt, Morgenthau, Knox, Stimson, and their consorts.
"One can even say that the *** rules more fully, ruthlessly and completely in New York than in London.
"Remember the oft-cited quotation from Calvin that the masses of workers and craftsmen must be kept poor so that they will be obedient to God, and will work only when they are driven to it by necessity.
"This is a central theme of the capitalist economy, resulting in the theory of the “productivity” of lower wages.
"The misuse of the concept of God runs like a red thread through English history. God was always the ground for any crooked dealing.
"The notion of the Old Testament’s chosen people fits in here as well. This clearly proves the similarity in English and Jewish thinking. We find such nonsense repeatedly by the leading English circles over the centuries.
"The original claims of chosenness, of God-willed wealth and God-ordained poverty, of dark secrets and mystic superstitions was begun by Oliver Cromwell and became the foundation of the English Empire.
"One can read the following about the English saint in Volume II of Wilbur Contez Abbot’s Writing and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell:
'They could hardly say anything to Cromwell without him putting his hand to his heart, raising his eyes to the heavens and calling God as his witness. He will weep and lament and moan, all the while sticking the knife in your ribs.'
"Does that not remind one of our contemporaries Churchill and Roosevelt when they together sang “Onward Christian Solders” on the since-sunken “Prince of Wales”? Or when they sing in a Methodist church in Washington. They are Cromwell’s pious, hypocritical successors.
"Oliver Cromwell always called on God on the midst of his atrocities, his bloodthirsty orgies against the Irish and the Scottish, and viewed his devilish soldiers as the chosen people of God.
[Was Oliver Cromwell a ***?] google.com/search?q=was+o…
"Churchill and Roosevelt have learned the methods of the bestial hypocrite Cromwell by heart, and have proven that nothing, absolutely nothing has changed in the English-American world over the past three hundred years.
"That is the lying capitalist world that calls God as its witness to every shameful act and enslaves and exploits humanity in its dreadful superiority.
"Its father was Calvin, its sword Oliver Cromwell and its benefactors and successors are Churchill and Roosevelt. They are so proud and self-confident that they call the USA God’s Own Country. As the **** use Jehovah, they use the Lord God!
III. The Actual Nature and Real Strength of the USA.

"The *** in the USA. The original citizens of the USA were anti-Semites, and the emancipation of the **** in America took a long time.
"But just as a young and growing organism is more easily infected by parasites and bacteria than a more mature and stronger one, so too the North American national body was overwhelmed by **** from everywhere in the world.
"According to American statistics, over 5 million **** lived in the USA in 1926. They were concentrated in the big cities.
"Since public opinion in democracies, and especially in the USA is made in the big cities, and since the **** in the USA control all elements of public opinion such as the press, publishing, radio, parties, clubs and so on,
"one can affirm that the **** control public opinion in North America. The following table presents the distribution of **** in the USA:
"The increase in the number of **** since the turn of the century is particularly clear in the case of New York. The number of **** there has increased as follows:
"Some areas of New York business life are ***ish monopolies. They have taken over the clothing industry and a substantial part of the cigarette industry. They are heavily involved in some light industries. The big New York department stores are owned by ****.
"The American magazine National American gives the following illuminating figures:
"The following **** have key positions in the economy, government, legal system, state and local governments, labor unions, etc.:
"That is how it is: He who is fed by the **** dies, particularly when the national body is still so young, disunified and weak as the USA.
"We see all the manifestations of the **** that always accompany the ****. For example, the USA is the leading country for lodges, secret societies, the Ku-Klux-Klan, sects and spiritualists.
"There are about 4,178,000 Free Masons in the entire world; 3.3 million of them live in the USA. All leading men of the government, from the president on down, belong to lodges, and all the lodges of course belong to and are led by the ****.
"There are 49 major lodges in the USA with 16,518 branches. One cannot even count the sects and secret societies.
"We see that the *** has understood how to break the USA down into individual particles and atoms, killing any kind of national life.
"The parties belong to (((him))) entirely, for over half of those in Congress — 213 members of the House — and more than half of the Senators, 48 in all — are Free Masons.
"Gangsters and criminals along with stock brokers are other manifestations of decay brought about by Jewry.
"The legal system in the USA is fragmented and disunified. The benefactors are the plutocrats, corrupt politicians and businessmen without consciences. Judges are elected to their offices for a limited time. It is clear than they are dependent on the corrupt parties.
"Major insurance swindles, corrupting juries, and making false statements under oath are the order of the day.
"According to Century Magazine of July 1910: 'American lawlessness begins in children’s rooms and schools and ends in courthouses and lawmaking bodies.'
"The legal uncertainly is called a “national burden,” which is made even worse by the fact that cooperation is also lacking in the police system. It is not surprising that crime rates are higher in the USA than anywhere else in the world.
"The following figures from 1939 demonstrate the fact. There was:
Leading gangsters in Chicago included John Dillinger, who was overpowered and shot by the police at a theater at the close of 1934 and Al Capone, who had a bodyguard of 185 men, each of whom he paid $300 to $400 a week.
"Two thirds of Chicago unions had to pay protection money to these criminal orgs. Al Capone was so connected to America’s leading men that he went to jail not because he was the leader of a gangster organization, but because the federal authorities caught him for tax fraud.
"He lives as a multimillionaire today in a palace on a sunny beach in Florida.
"The Coster-Musica scandal aroused considerable excitement in the American business world at the end of 1938. Coster-Musica had carried out swindles on a widespread scale, including drug smuggling, weapons sales, and crooked dealings, and was a member of many prominent clubs.
"Coster-Musica had been in jail for fraud as yearly as 1906. He was convicted in a huge financial scandal in 1913. Given his connections to “high society,” he did not serve time in prison.
"His company collapsed when the fraud was discovered. 13,500 stockholders lost over $100 million. He committed suicide because he feared his well-placed friends were no longer able to protect him from the wrath of those he had cheated.
"American capital developed in the course of the 18th and 19th centuries either through land speculation, railroad enterprises, or big industry.
"The ship owner Girard, J. J. Astor, Peter Golet, and the Schermerhorns, Fealds, Vanderbilts, Goulds, Sages, Morgans, Hills, Carnegies, Roosevelt, Morgenthau,
"and so on were typical of those who amassed their wealth with bribery, cheating, plundering, lawbreaking, tax evasion, swindles, extortion, and piracy.
[The truth about #capitalism.]
"They are all the same, Dillinger, Al Capone, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Morgan, and so on: gangsters, pirates, stock traders, businessmen.
"They have a single ideal: money-making, and still more money-making. American lawlessness and the double morality of Calvinism and Puritanism conceals it all.
Sad. Read the rest here:

Roosevelt Betrays America! prowhite.media/blog/f/rooseve…
IV. The Dollar Devours Everything

"There is not a country in the world where money is as important as it is in the USA. The ideals of family, fatherland, culture and manliness are all dominated by the desire to “make money.”
"While the peoples of Europe bled during the World War of 1914-1918, North America knew but one principle: to earn as much as possible through the war.
"The enormous sums earned by the North American armaments industry are shown in the following table.

Net Profits of the American Armaments Industry 1914-1918 (Figures in Dollars)

Avg profits in the last pre-war year--Avg profits during the 4 war years
"The stock prices climbed into the heavens. A rise from $20 to $1000 was no rarity. And these crazy profits did not stop after the World War.
"The armaments tycoons bought back the airplanes, weapons, and munitions for a song, and then sold them at a fat profit to other customers. Profiteering without end.
60 Families Rule America

"F. Lundberg’s book appeared in 1937, and is seen by American politicians as a reliable source. He begins with the blunt assertion:
"This hollowing out of democracy was possible only because enormous fortunes developed in the United States that have no parallel in the rest of the world.
"The extent of the wealth controlled by the “golden ring,” the sixty richest families in America, is astonishing.
"Stock majorities are guided, holding companies established, the various interests are so concealed and covered up in a way that enables them to become suddenly public when it is necessary.
"With amazing lack of scruples, huge fortunes are made in ways that put gangsters and pirates to shame.
"Old Rockefeller used to say with Puritan hypocrisy, after he had taken someone’s money, that “God gave me my wealth.”
"J.P. Morgan the elder, however, displayed a deeper knowledge of the source of his wealth. Half in jest, half seriously, he claimed that one of his ancestors was the famous Caribbean pirate Henry Morgan.
"He named his black luxury yacht the “Corsair,” and loved to fly the Jolly Roger, the skull and crossbones, above the Stars and Stripes when on the high seas.
"His son is said to continue the custom, except that as the American financial agent of the British government during the [first] World War, he preferred to fly the Union Jack above the Jolly Roger.
"Corrupt bureaucrats over the decades understood how to transfer billions in public property to people who understood how to give a golden handshake.
"Some of these bubbles collapsed, giving the citizens of the United States a look at the swamp of its government.
"For example, the major scandal with oil reserves under the government of Harding — 1921 to 1923 — might have had something to do with the president’s mysterious death.
"The extent and subtlety of the corrupt system in the freest land in the world was revealed a few years ago when a Senate committee investigated the list of favorites to whom the J.P. Morgan Company sold cheap stocks in 1929.
"Beside the many financial potentates were names like Calvin Coolidge, who had been president until 1929, William H. Woodin, Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary in 1933, W. G. McAdoo, Treasury Secretary under Wilson and Senator from California, Ch. F. Adams,
"Naval Secretary and Bernard M. Baruch, organizer of the war economy during the World War and also one of Roosevelt’s most influential Jewish advisors.
"The number of cases in which the power of money was enough to blind the eyes of justice is legion. Nowhere are as many scoundrels running around loose as in the United States.
"When a scandal stinks so badly that one of the “greats” must be punished, for example, Samuel Insull or Van Swerigen, it is always a fringe figure, an agent of the leading families, never a member of the “golden ring” itself.
"Senator Norris, with the healthy instincts of a Nebraska farmer, was outraged when in the 1939 scandal the two most heavily implicated figures, the Interior Secretary Fall and the Industrialist Sinclair were acquitted.
"He said sarcastically: 'We should pass a law that says that a man who is worth $100 million may not be brought to trial. Then our laws would at least correspond to reality.'
"This unimaginable wealth stands in contrast to enormous poverty.
"In the end, those who are betrayed are the millions of workers and farmers, the broad masses of the people.
"The American people will be the victims of this #war as well. They will pay the price for the increased profits of the upper ten thousand. 21,000 new millionaires came out of the last #war, and the previous ones became a lot richer. The same will happen in this #war.
"The American armaments industry will earn a lot and the poor stupid people will pay the bills. It will also have to pay a price in blood, and not a small one.
"Just as in England, the people have a limited role in the “democracy.”
"Unfortunately, the common impression that American workers have a high standard of living is a myth.
A Third of the Population Lives in Poverty

"Roosevelt’s words clearly show the results of his efforts at “reconstruction.” And he was by no means painting too dark a picture.
"His statements are supported by numerous reports and statistics from official sources that prove conclusively that the common European idea of the comfortable life of the American worker is in no way accurate.
"That is also clear to anyone who walks through the numerous side streets in New York and Brooklyn, or who visits a sharecropper in the “cotton belt.”
"Unemployment is unimaginable. Despite the New Deal and the Social Security Administration, despite the land’s riches of every variety, despite vast and fruitful soil, despite technology and the much-praised American progress, Roosevelt has not succeeded.
"Capitalist greed has leveled the forests and produced drought and wind storms. Everything has become desert, and whole regions have been ruined. The world knows that the misery of the American farmer is a catastrophe that the government is unable to do anything about.
"American workers know nothing about such social benefits as old age care, care for the handicapped or accident and health insurance. Roosevelt’s New Deal has attempted to copy the German model. The copy is a bad one.
"The renowned social apostle is bluffing here as everywhere else. Despite complicated regulations, only a small number of workers enjoy a decent retirement.
"Insurance against accidents, industries mishaps, and illness simply does not exist.
"Women, children and young people are exploited in the most shameless fashion in “God’s own country.”
"To give only one example, girls in the tobacco industry in Ohio still work unlimited hours under dangerous conditions for $10 a week.
"After four or five years, most are sick with tuberculosis and are thrown out on the street because the owner would otherwise have to pay unemployment insurance.

Ohio 1930 Depression
"Thousands of new and cheap workers are waiting at the door, willing to sacrifice their health for low wages.

1. USA 1930
2. Germany 1930
"The best Americans, such as the famed American political philosopher Daniel Webster, the theoretician of the Whig Party, predicted the effects of a similarly deficient social system in these words:
'The freest government will not long survive if wealth is concentrated in a few hands while the great masses of the people become dependent and poverty-stricken.'

Roosevelt Betrays America!


.@DineshDSouza conveniently forgets to mention the horrors of (((CAPITALISM))) compared to Germany's NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

Maybe that's because he came to America when he was 19 -- and knows NOTHING about the HARSH and CRIMINAL HISTORY of (((Capitalism))) in America.
V. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Complete Bankruptcy

"Everything that Daniel Webster feared and despised has come to pass in the USA. Even worse! The idiocy and criminality have increased, and no one sees a way out.
"Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed a New Deal in 1933 as a way to end the misery. Since this invention of Mr. Roosevelt’s Brain Trust has caused so much confusion, I wish here to briefly summarize it and comment critically on it.
"The New Deal is a collection of economic policy measures that Roosevelt implemented from 1933 to 1935, of which recent measures are a continuation.

The central points are:
"The “New Deal” presumes cooperation between employers, workers and the government.
"This could only result because of the severity of the crisis, and the traditional American individualism immediately sabotaged it as soon as enormous public expenditures seemed to lead to improvements in some areas.
"The “New Deal” was an expression of federal economic leadership. But it lacked the necessary bureaucracy, which had until then not existed in the USA.
"The political conditions necessary for the “New Deal” economic policies were also lacking. The party and Congressional systems remained unchanged, as did the other institutions (the Supreme Court), which meant that business and labor circles influenced the legislative process.
"The “New Deal” tried to have a planned economy without effective planning. The various measures were not coordinated with each other.
"The result: bureaucratic infighting, the influence of political moods, the pressures of election propaganda, the power of unemployed voters, the misuse of tax moneys for these purposes, 'the use of social misery for electoral purposes.'
"The “New Deal” was thus a confused liberal system. 'The capitalists presented themselves as socialist!'
"Fact: Roosevelt amassed $40 billion in debt prior to the beginning of the war.

"The number of unemployed rose, after initial declines from 1938-1939, significantly, until the unimaginable figure of 11,300,000 was reached.

"Roosevelt’s policies have failed utterly.
VI. The Background to Roosevelt’s Policies

"The background to these policies is not easy to see. There are two primary explanations current in American circles:
First Explanation:

1. Roosevelt is a member of the plutocratic class.
2. The social conditions in 1932-1933 presented the danger of revolution.
American capitalism sent one of its best humbugs to preach salvation to the masses.
3. He succeeded by using all the tricks of American propaganda.
4. The capitalist clique was ready to intervene at the proper moment. The program was torpedoed at the proper moment by means of a bribed Supreme Court.
"The measures had served their purpose, namely to conceal the growing social misery. To guarantee armaments profits, the humbug Roosevelt was put to work on foreign policy. The methods were hate propaganda, #war hysteria, and armaments.
Second Explanation:

1. Roosevelt, a plutocratic son, is a confidante of American Jews and Free Masons.
2. The catastrophic economic situation in 1932-1933 offered the Jews the opportunity to take over both the industrialists and the workers.
3. Roosevelt was put to work with his plan of salvation. Labor and management became involuntary captives of the “New Deal,” and helped bring about its failure.
4. Foreign policy was the only way out. The Jews were out for revenge against Greater Germany. Once again, hate propaganda, #war hysteria, and armaments.
"Both views are true. Roosevelt, the son of plutocrats, served American capitalism, and as a Jewish product served them, too. Since American capitalists are mostly Jews, both are in the end the same.
VII. Ancestry and Relatives of F. D. Roosevelt and his Wife.

This picture of current conditions in the USA would be incomplete without considering the ancestry and relatives of the #warmonger Roosevelt.
"I will therefore discuss the matter briefly here. I hold to strict facts, without making any assumptions.

"When Roosevelt became president, not only millions of Americans, but people around the world asked “What does Roosevelt want?”
"Many hoped that the new American president would combat the need and misery, gangsterism and plutocracy, the power of Jewry.
"Those who put their hope in him did not realize his Jewish connections.
"Roosevelt disappointed their hopes and went in the opposite direction. Roosevelt has sworn allegiance to Jewry.
"Jewry has had two centers in recent decades: New York and Moscow, London, Paris, Prague, Warsaw, Geneva, and other Jewish centers were of secondary importance.
"In Moscow the Jew ruled with GPU methods: murder and the most blatant exploitation.

[I Speak For The Silent - Prisoners Of The Soviets] books.google.com/books?id=BjR9C…
" In New York, he used his financial strength. To win over America for the Jewish war against Germany, Jewry infiltrated plutocratic circles.
"They believed that they had finished off Europe for good through the Treaty of Versailles, since they had defeated Germany, the heart and soul of the continent, once and for all.
"They believed they had eliminated it as a factor. The plutocrats wanted to inherit the wealth of our ancient part of the world.
"They thought the time had come when for a few dollars they could buy all the European culture that had been built with so much effort and sacrifice over a time span of 4500 years.
"Who could stop them? The American newcomers were already imagining themselves in possession of our splendid and immortal cultural values.
"In a few years everything would be forgotten and everything would be Americanized.
"That is what these (((cultural ignoramuses))) thought, who themselves have no culture or traditions.
"They are mistaken!
"Their time is far distant. In fact, it will never come! This war that Roosevelt and Churchill are waging on behalf of Jewry will end with the victory of the young peoples who the plutocrats have mocked as have-nots, whose last possessions they wanted to steal.

"A new world order is coming! 🥺 Jewry will have nothing to say about it. 🥺 The power of the plutocrats will be broken forever. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭
"The judgment on (((Roosevelt and Churchill))) will be as follows:
"Not only have they plunged foreign peoples into a world #war, they have sacrificed and betrayed their own people in the interests of Jewry."

Roosevelt Betrays America!



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