Let’s talk about this article.

“What It Means That the Far Right Sees Pedophiles Everywhere” by @MilesKlee melmagazine.com/what-it-means-…
2) OK so obviously the first problem with this article is that its anchor image is a man-boy love fest. I will chalk this up to a bad choice of images, since it actually proves the opposite of what the article is saying: Pedos (criminals) are trying to go mainstream.
3) Having read the article I do believe the intent is sincere, meaning the author is not trying to advance the cause of pedophilia. So let's engage the content sincerely as well.
4) Is it true that "the far right sees pedophiles everywhere?"

1. Pedophiles actually ARE everywhere, objectively speaking.
2. This is an underreported crime for obvious reasons.
3. Concerns cross parties.
4. Pedophilia is part of a larger concern.
5) This is a link to human trafficking related arrests made since President Trump was inaugurated. Each entry links to an original story. Not fake news. qmap.pub/kids
6) Arrest incidents nationwide since the inauguration are up a lot -- roughly 232% by my count. I say "roughly" because it depends on how you count arrest incidents, and I'm not going to debate methodology unless someone else has bettermedium.com/@DrDannielle/h…jV2W8BPBuM
7) In the article I wrote about this, I covered how the Trump administration has made some very noteworthy progress when it comes to human trafficking, including the shutdown of Backpage and busting #NXIVM (rich well connected people).

8) I don't think the parents of children lost to pimps really care who is President. They were trying to shut down that website for a very long time, and powerful lobbyists prevented this.
9) It is undeniable that other Presidents, Republican and Democrat, have made significant progress on human trafficking but it is also undeniable that the MAGA movement has seized on "Democrat pedos" for political ends, which is factually incorrect as well as divisive.
10) @MilesKlee it seems to me is really trying to make the point that it's simply hypocritical for Trump supporters to try and own an issue that (from his perspective) implicates the very person we deem a champion.
11) I think this is by now a silly debate. If they could've gotten President Trump on anything, they would have.
12) Klee tries to argue that Trump supporters are somehow "projecting" the result of our own emotions onto the Left. I don't really find that credible, because there is no evidence of that as far as I can tell. I am open to being corrected however.
13) I do think that during the campaign, pedophilia was politicized to keep Hillary out of office. There is no question about that. This crime crosses all parties, all nationalities, all classes, etc. etc. etc.
14) There is a difference between what Trump supporters worried about in 2016 versus what we worry about today. Back then it was that a coterie of pedos would occupy the White House. (We really did worry about it.) Now we worry that EVERYONE is somehow dirty.
15) But we have soiled the pure water of inquiry by politicizing the issue. So naturally we are going to get pushback from people calling us "far right." (I am a Jewish person with a fairly large nose and can assure you that "far right" people do not affiliate with me.)
16) Klee is having trouble believing @SaRaAshcraft when she says that she is a victim of Tom Hanks (for example this Tweet: )

I think most people can understand that someone NOT already engaged in this movement for truth would be incredulous.
17) The article I wrote quoted lots of sources showing that human trafficking is a disease on the march. This is not an "obsession" of some really weird people who sit around all day dreaming of being pedos themselves. It is a fact.
18) Consider that we are dealing with an UNDERREPORTED CRIME because the victims are frequently MURDERED or otherwise repressed. This is what we do estimate:
600-800K human trafficking victims worldwide
70% female
50% minors
$32 billion business - bigger than drugs
19) If you think about it, it *is* offensive to Democrats to just label them as pedos for not going along with the wacky-sounding ideas they're being exposed to.

Of course!!!!!
20) So the million dollar question is really this: Do we have the guts to investigate our most trusted institutions and our most vaunted leaders, to find out what they are hiding from us all? Are we willing to consider that multiple Presidents who have been accused...are guilty.
21) This is not a funny thing, it is not a self promotion thing, it is not a "crazy debunked conspiracy theory" thing, it is not about QAnon, it is about one thing and one thing only: SAVING THE KIDS.


This graphic may be true or not true - you have to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. (Human smuggling, prostitution and exploitation are included in the QMap.pub/kids figures.) The numbers should really come with data notes that can be verified.

• • •

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